What Is The Best Aim Trainer For Tarkov, Top 3 Picks

best aim trainer for tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a highly competitive survival first-person shooter set in Russia. That is why I have found the best aim trainer for Tarkov.

Since this game revolves heavily around the strength of a player’s gear, players are always trying to find ways to get an upper hand over one another.

Tarkov is an intense survival game with a low TTK or time to kill. You could go 10 minutes without seeing another player then in a single moment you get a startling engagement with another player.

If you lose your gunfight, you lose all your gear that you set out with.

Learning good aim is important for a game such as this where survival is necessary.

Why Is Aiming Important In Tarkov

Aim is very important in Tarkov because if you lose your gunfight with another player, you lose all the gear that you entered with.

The common playstyle in this game is to be slow and methodical so you don’t take any unnecessary risks that put you at a disadvantage.

You better have good aim if every player is going to be ready for you. This is why you should use the best aim trainer for Tarkov if you want to compete well with other players.

Tarkov has a unique aiming style which can only be found in one other game called Rainbow Six Siege.

The large industrial parts of most Tarkov maps create very close-range engagements in hallways and corridors.

It also has large open fields in which players can take advantage of high-powered optics.

One may find themselves with high-powered optics in close-range industrial engagements which is quite similar to what Siege players do. Tarkov’s new giant map will definitely be a change.

Best Aim Trainer For Tarkov

You can also use the help of aim trainers to train your aim for Tarkov. However, there are no aim trainers that can fully simulate the movement, weapons, and models of Tarkov.

These aim trainers will improve your aim and muscle memory regardless.

I suggest using both an aim trainer and offline mode within Tarkov to practice against scavs.

Kovaak’s is a great and reliable option for training your Tarkov aim on an aim trainer.

This aim trainer is used by many players for every single game out there.

It definitely will improve your two most fundamental parts of aiming, click timing, and tracking. Here is a comparison of aim trainers and Kovaaks.

Click timing is the ability to click on a target at the correct time that your reticle is on it.

Tracking is the ability to keep your reticle on a target while they are moving.

Both of these parts of aiming are consistently used in Tarkov and both can be trained using an aim trainer.

To improve your click timing using Kovaak’s, find maps that have static or moving targets that you can kill in one click.

Also, find maps to improve your tracking, these maps will include a target that takes longer to kill and is moving across your screen back and forth. Efficiently training your aim is about having a good mix of both types of these maps.

Players are not always stationary in Tarkov, they are constantly on the move either trying to get loot or get to the extraction. To aim at moving targets will require tracking aim.

A good map to practice tracking aim at Kovaak’s is called cata ic long strafes. This will allow you to practice against a medium-range bot that is strafing back and forth.

It also goes up and down stairs to practice your adjustment to elevated moving targets.

Sometimes in Tarkov, you can be overwhelmed with scavs.

What do you do when 4 scavs peek at you at the same time as you enter a hallway or room?

This map is called 1 wall 9000 targets and it is great for that exact scenario when you are faced with multiple enemies.

This exercise will allow you to practice shooting at multiple targets as quickly as possible.

Escape from Tarkov is a very slow-paced game and it is not as intense as a lot of battle royales.

To train your aim according to this, you should prioritize practicing against stationary targets.

This exercise is called 1 wall 5 target TE and is perfect to train your headshot ability on still opponents.

Some of these dots are high and some are low. This allows you to train your vertical adjustments too if players are above you are below you.

Aimlab is very similar to Kovaak’s and has been very popular throughout 2020 by FPS players. In my opinion, Aimlab is the best aim trainer for Tarkov.

This aim trainer can focus on different aspects of your aim in the exact same way. However, it will be easier for you to find maps to practice parts of your aim.

Aimlab provides a list of categories that include things like flicking, tracking, and precision.

Use the same strategy when practicing in Aimlab by covering multiple areas of your aim when training.

A good map to practice click timing on static targets is called gridshot. This is one of the most popular maps in Aimlab. It allows you to practice your headshot ability very fast and efficiently.

I recommend doing this for 10 minutes before doing other exercises. Gridshot should be the main exercise that you start with because it will warm up your hands and make your aim crisp for the harder maps.

Sometimes in Tarkov, you have to react fast.

If a player pops out of nowhere or you run into a scav, speed is important. Aimlabs has a map called Spider Shot Speed for this exact scenario.

3 dots will appear and you need to shoot them as fast as possible to get a good score. Speed is also about accuracy and that contributes to your score too.

Being precise is very important in Tarkov. Players can be barely poking their heads out of cover to shoot you or they could be a small target very far away.

Aimlab has a map called spidershot precision.

Spider shot precision is good for training your accuracy when it comes to headshots in Tarkov. The dots in this map are a lot smaller than the other maps, so it will force your aim to improve and become more precise.

How To Improve Aim In Escape From Tarkov

You can improve your aim within Tarkov, even though it is not the most efficient way to practice aiming.

The way you can train your aim within the game itself is by going into an offline raid.

To do this you want to select the map Factory, then enable offline, enable PVE, turn scav difficulty to easy, and set the scav amount to horde. These are the best settings you can use to train your aim within Escape from Tarkov itself.

There are two main ways you can practice your aim mechanics while in offline mode.

The first is to practice your spray control on a weapon of choice. Find any wall that does not have too much clutter on it, stand a medium distance away, and then start spraying.

Try to control the weapon’s recoil while you do this. There are a lot of tricks to Tarkov, here is an article that gives you good tips to stay alive.

Step 1: Choose PMC
Step 2: Select Factory
Step 3: Copy These Settings
Spray Control Practice

The second way to practice your aim is to run around and find scavs to aim at.

Most of your engagements can be in close-quarter combat which is a great simulation for the real game. Don’t forget to bring your favorite optic with you to practice.

To become more efficient at training against scavs, you should focus a good amount of your time on hip firing.

Against real players, you may encounter each other at surprising times. When this happens you won’t always have time to aim down sights.

So practicing hip fire against scavs is a great way to prepare for real players.

You can start off by practicing with a laser sight to get a feel for where your bullets will land while hip firing. Then when you are familiar with where the center of your screen is without a reticle, you can progress to having no laser sight and blindly hip firing.

After practicing hip firing, start practicing your ADS or aim down sights.

This is the final mechanic that you need to practice for your aim. Use an optic that you will actually use a lot of the time against real players.

One incredibly important thing when it comes to being skillful at Tarkov is having incredible awareness to spot targets super fast. The best way to improve visibility and eyesight in Tarkov is to have a high-quality gaming monitor.

A lot of Tarkov players use gaming monitors to improve their vision. I personally use the 240hz monitor from Zowie on Amazon.


Tarkov allows you to train your aim against scavs in offline mode.

However, using the external assistance of an aim trainer such as Kovaak 2.0 or Aimlab is a good idea.

I suggest mixing both aim trainers and the offline scav mode for the best improvement in your aim.

Aim in Tarkov is extremely important and can make a difference if you run a successful raid or get sent back to the home screen.

Players are very competitive and are trying their best to survive in this open world set in Russia.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.