Top 6 Best Aim Trainers On Steam

Best Aim Trainers On Steam

Aim trainers are quickly becoming some of the most popular games on steam. I have been testing all of the best aim trainers on steam to see which one is best for my aim and I made a helpful list of ones I found the best.

Most of us want to play an aim trainer to improve our aim, but some are better than others.

When aim trainers get onto steam, there is a good chance that it will be a quality game, however this isn’t always the case and there are only a few that I think are worth your time. I make sure to look at all the features the trainer has, amount of exercises, settings, which games it will improve your aim on and more.

Kovaak 2.0 Is One Of The Best Aim Trainers On Steam

Kovaak’s is one of the best aim trainers on steam. This is the first aim trainer to blow up with popularity and for good reason. Nearly everyone on my steam friends list was playing Kovaak’s at one point. I enjoyed the variety and volume of exercises from the community.

Kovaak centers it’s exercise database around the community, allowing people to upload their own exercises to the thousands that are currently on there already.

In fact, the customization of these exercises are endless. Creators of these maps can adjust everything from map layout to the speed and strafing patterns of the targets. Leading to really creative exercises that simulate hundreds of in game scenarios that you will actually find yourself in.

There is also a playlist mode that allows you to line up your favorite exercises and create a daily routine. Read this article for a Kovaak’s CS:GO aim routine.

Unlike some other aim trainers, this one has player sized target models rather than spheres. Which is what gives the aim trainer a lot more realism, it’s difficult to feel like you are aiming in an FPS game when you are shooting at spheres.

For me, Kovaak’s will always be the best aim trainer ever made. It provides you with what other aim trainers cannot, exercises that simulate real in game situations.

kovaaks valorant settings


When I tried this free aim trainer, I was impressed. For a free game on steam, this aim trainer had it all. The main focus of Aimlab is to help the user improve their aim with AI focused statistics. Things like your accuracy, speed, strengths, weaknesses and how to improve those areas where your aim lacks.

It will even direct you to exercises that you should do to be better, all based on data analysis. I really like the professional design, even though it is a little less cleaner than Kovaak’s or aimbeast. One thing I do hope they improve, is the amount and customization of exercises.

There are simply too little exercises that can train your aim and there is not much customization for users to simulate real game scenarios either.

Kovaak’s excels at this where Aimlab can’t. However, there are a lot of other features such as playlists, the workshop where you can use guns from other games and in depth statistics. This may be the best free aim trainer on steam right now. Read the full review.

Read the best aimlab routine for valorant here.

Aim Beast

Usually I think aim trainers feel a little clunky, but Aim beast is the cleanest and smoothest aim trainers I have ever tried. Everything feels super responsive and your aim is as free as a hot knife through butter. The devs really paid close attention to map customization and creation.

They made a really easy and accessible map creator tool for users to create their own exercises on. You can change the layout of the boxes, the texture of every surface and spawn different targets. It also comes with playlists like a lot of the other top aim trainers out there.

I have had a good experience with the variety and amount of exercises on Aimbeast. This is definitely one of my favorite aim trainers on steam.

Many players on steam have left very positive reviews, a lot regarding how clean and optimized the game feels. Here is an article with more aim trainers that are best for FPS games, although these are not the best aim trainers on steam, they are helpful.

Apex Aim Trainer

For anyone that plays Apex Legends, this Apex Aim Trainer is a must play. Available on steam, players who play Apex can greatly benefit from this well thought out aim trainer. It simulates the character models, movement and weapons of Apex very closely.

It even has different weapon attachments that actually affect your gun the same way it does in Apex. We all know that aim training on the training area in Apex is sort of pointless, but it was the best we had, until now.

The bots move around and strafe just like in the real game, which is one of the things that no other aim trainer can really replicate. I like the fact that the devs of this aim trainer really honed in on one game to replicate.

No other aim trainer allows you to have custom attachments and weapon models that directly simulate a real game. Let alone have those attachments function like the do in a game. One of the biggest problems with aim trainers is that it doesn’t fully simulate a real game, so your aim will not transfer over fully.


Playing this game is a lot different to other aim trainers, this one focuses heavily on simulating moving around in a game world.

Most of the exercises are based around training your aim in situations where you have to traverse the map. Be prepared to shoot targets coming out of doorways while walking down a hallway. The game also features all the classic aim maps that Kovaak’s and the others have, such as tile frenzy.

For a free aim trainer, this one is also worth a try if you want to improve your aim. Archery targets are used in this game instead of spheres or player models which is a nice change.

Most aim trainers are static and you have to stand still and shoot at targets that appear on your screen, this is where aimtastic is unique. It forces you to navigate through certain maps while aim practicing, just like in real games.

Beat Aim

If aim training feels boring to you, this game might make you start training again.

Beat aim is an aim trainer that is also a musical game, a lot like a beat saber. The devs in this game have focused on trying to make aim training fun, which is a big problem.

No one wants to spend the hours it takes grinding aim trainers to improve their aim, but if they can have fun in the aim trainer then they might. The game features AI-generated maps which is actually a first for all of these aim trainers.

To me, it feels like this game is the 3D version of Osu that you can actually improve your aim on. For years people have been asking if you can improve your aim on Osu, well now we have a game like Osu that will definitely improve your aim. I believe this will be a very popular game because of how unique it is.

Aim trainer terms you might not understand.

Exercise: the specific map in the aim trainer where you train your aim. Also known as a scenario for Kovaak’s and task for aimlab.

Tile frenzy: one of the most popular exercises where you have to flick at multiple cube targets that constantly spawn in a giant grid.

Training range: a built-in aim trainer that some games have, these training ranges are usually limited and may only have static player models to practice on.

Models: are the targets that you practice on that simulate real player models in games.


In conclusion, Steam offers an impressive range of aim trainers to help players improve their precision, reflexes, and response times. Topping the list is Kovaak 2.0, acclaimed for its comprehensive training regimen and sophisticated metrics. Aimlab, Aim Beast, Apex Aim Trainer, Aimtastic, and Beat Aim further add to the diversity of options, each with unique features catering to different skill levels and game genres.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gamer, these aim trainers on Steam provide a valuable tool for honing your aim and elevating your gaming performance.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.