Is aimlab free?

Is aimlab free? Aimlab is not completely free as there are micro transactions, however it is free to download and play on the steam platform. You will be able to access all of aimlab’s features, maps and weapons for free. Although the base game is free, there are micro transactions, DLCs and cosmetic items that you can purchase in game. These can be purchased through the in game or steam store.

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You can purchase items such as the “Aim Lab -Elite Supporter Pack” or the “Aim Lab – Holiday Charity Skins.” Both have a price of $10.36 usd. Some DLC packs include player skins, weapon skins or bot skins. There are even DLC packs that feature items made from famous streamers or professional esports players such as the fl0m pack, mendo pack and bugha pack.

Is aimlab free?
Aimlab cosmetic player skin

You will be required to make an account within aimlab and in addition to having a steam account. For completely free, players will be able to access dozens of maps, weapons, shooting ranges and exercises on aimlab. Aimlab also offers all of it’s statistical aim analysis functionality for free which allows players to track their progression.

Aimlab also has a free ranking system, read more about it here. This system acts as a elo based MMR system where players are designated ELO points based on their realtime performance. The higher your score and proficiency in certain exercises, will mean a higher rank.

You can download aimlab on the steam store here.

Aimlab also has a workshop and community content section of the game which is also completely free and accessible upon downloading. Within the workshop are hundreds of exercise playlists, custom maps and game modes made by the community to prepare you for different scenarios in other FPS games.

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