The Best Aimlab Apex Legends Routine 3 Levels For Everyone

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Aimlab Apex aim routines can be a lot easier than using the normal Apex training grounds to improve your aim, it certainly was for me.

Aimlab is an aim trainer which allows you to practice any aspect of your aim. Flicking, tracking, precision, speed and many more.

I have found training my aim in Apex training grounds to be a little difficult because there is not much variety and only a lot of static bots.

So here is an Aimlab aim routine for Apex legends that I made for everyone who wants to improve their aim in an easier way.

Aimlab is one of the best free aim trainers you can get right now. It is available on steam.

Apex revolves a lot around tracking, probably more than any other game, so I made sure to include tracking as one big component of this routine.

Do Aimlab Routines Improve Apex Aim?

Aimlab is an aim trainer, which are designed to train your aim. Some prefer using in game training ranges, others prefer only sticking to aim trainers. Either way Aimlab will improve your aim, but the amount depends on the person.

It also depends on the game, in Apex, tracking is very important and Aimlab is one of the best ways to improve your tracking because of the exercises it provides.

Personally I have always been using in game shooting ranges to improve my aim in different games and have had incredible results, but there comes a point during my training where I can’t improve certain aspects of my aim because there is no way to train it within the game.

For example practicing micro adjustments is very hard to do in a training range that only has static bots or bots that strafe in a predictable way.

I also had trouble practicing tracking with in game shooting ranges, which is a really big part of having good aim in Apex legends.

Players are constantly wall bouncing or sliding, that’s why I recommend using these Apex routine in combination with some of your current training methods.

That’s where this Aimlab playlist for Apex comes in.

Skeptical of Aimlab? Kovaak’s is another popular aim trainer that has a lot of players that can vouch for it’s ability to improve their aim. I did a full review on Aimlab vs Kovaak’s in this article here.

How Important Is Aiming In Apex?

Just like in Apex legends, aiming is very important in every game, it is one of the big components to being a good player. Aimlab is one of the few aim trainers which can help you achieve this.

Apex has different mechanics to other games, players have a very long TTK (time to kill) compared to 5v5 hardcore shooters, which means you must hit consecutive shots without missing much to win gunfights. That’s why tracking and precision is important. Both of which are exercise categories within Aimlab.

Apex Legends also has very fast movement mechanics compared to other games, players have different movement abilities, they can grapple, wall bounce, zipline, slide and run very fast. This makes the game very fast paced and requires your aim to be on point to kill these fast moving targets before they kill you.

You can train your aim on any aim trainer, here is an article on the best aim trainers on steam.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good Aim?

Different games have different learning curves to master when it comes to aiming and movement mechanics. These two go hand in hand for good aim. Developing good aim over a period of time requires you to get a lot of different factors right. This applies to Apex and even Aimlab, as much as it applies to other FPS games.

Make sure you have consistent settings for very long periods of time, as this will develop your muscle memory a lot faster and allow you to master your sensitivity.

Especially for tracking aim, this can take a while to master. Read this article on 10 tips to developing perfect tracking aim.

The same applies for peripherals, as long as you have good gear that is tailored to your mouse grip and sensitivity, you should keep the same peripherals for months at a time before changing. The only exception to this is if your current peripherals are low quality or are uncomfortable.

For example if you have big hands and are using a small mouse, you are going to get cramps.

No matter how much you train use these Aimlab Apex routines, if your peripherals are uncomfortable, it’s going to take you a very long time to develop good aim. I suggest you use whatever feels comfortable to you, such as peripherals that are similar to the ones you starting FPS gaming on.

If you have a high sensitivity in Apex and an extremely low friction mousepad, your aim is going to be very hard to control and this will require a longer time to master compared to someone who has a lower more controlled sensitivity.

The most important part for determining how long it will take you specifically to develop good aim, is how much you train and how consistently you train your aim. If you aren’t training your aim a little everyday, you could be lengthening the time to get good aim by a long while.

The gaming peripherals you use can greatly impact how fast your aim improves. For example someone with a mouse that fits their grip style and their hand size perfectly will feel comfortable and will improve faster than someone with a mouse that feels uncomfortable.

I wrote an article on some of my best mice picks that I believe will make your aim better here.

Also players who train their aim for hours everyday are nearly always going to improve faster, in some cases they don’t because they consistently change settings.

Do Apex Aimlab Routines Work?

Aimlab routines are a great way to practice your Apex aim because routines and consistency is what ultimately builds good muscle memory. Aimlab routines are a series of exercises that are placed in a specific order and are called playlists.

These playlists can be downloaded from other players or created yourself.

A good playlist will consist of all the main aspects of your aim that are weak, for example tracking, and have a good enough amount of exercises.

Aimlab routines can help your Apex Legends aim a lot, especially if you are a player that just queues Apex matches without training or warming up.

These routines will improve your aim for sure, as long as you have the correct Aimlab settings to transfer your Apex aim across. I will go over setting up Aimlab in the next section.

How To Set Up Aimlab For Apex

As of February 9, 2019 Apex Legends Conversion support was added to Aimlab.

If you have opened Aimlab for the first time, it will take you through some setting screens at the beginning. A this stage it is important to set your game profile to: Apex Legends and make sure your sensitivity is exactly the same value as Apex. Also make sure you have the same aspect ratio and resolution.

If you have already setup Aimlab, you can find these options in the settings, I recommend you double check in case you have setup your game profile for another game.

Make sure your FOV is the same as Apex.

Doublecheck Your Aimlab Settings For Apex
Either tweak your settings if you are under or over shooting.

Use this sensitivity calculator


Use the mousepad test which I cover in this article. However, this time also do the test while zooming in to check your ADS settings too.

Here is a reddit post about Aimlab Apex settings.

The Aimlab Apex Routine

Read aimlab vs kovaaks here.

This routine for Apex consists of 3 main levels and bonus routine called the Master Routine. If you are just starting to train your aim and have never done it before, I suggest you start with beginner.

If you are an intermediate Apex Legends player and have already developed decent aim in Apex, I suggest you start with intermediate and if you are a high level Apex player, try Advanced or Master.

Use one routine for 7 days or until you are completely comfortable with the exercises and your settings, before moving on to the next.

I highly recommend you pick one of these Aimlab routines and then you train your aim within Apex for 10-20 minutes afterwards. Combining the two training types, will prevent any disassociation from Apex Legends mechanics. Remember Aimlab has different movement mechanics so stay still when you aim train.

BEGINNER Aimlab Apex Routine

Use this routine if you are a beginner when it comes to aim training or Apex. This routine consists of large targets and easy exercises to get you started, 30 minutes total.

GRID SHOT Ultimate: 10 minutes total. Focus on using this exercise to warmup your aim for Apex. Get used to what Aimlab feels like and practice your precision. Slowly get faster and faster as times goes on, while maintaining your accuracy.

CIRCLE TRACK Ultimate: 10 minutes total. Focus on your wrist and arm control of your mouse to keep your crosshair steady at the center of the target. Improve your slow tracking mouse control with this exercise.

SPHERE TRACK Ultimate: 5 minutes total. This one is a step up from the previous, take your time and focus mainly on accuracy, only 5 minutes for this one because it will test you as a beginner. It will force you to use a lot of your arm to track big movements.

SPIDER SHOT Speed: 5 minutes total. Warm down your Apex aim with this exercise, similar to Grid Shot, maintain your accuracy while increasing your speed.

Do this for 7 days consecutively if possible and you will see big results in your aim, missing one or two days or using them as a break is fine.

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you try this mouse on amazon.

INTERMEDIATE Aimlab Apex Legends Routine

This routine will help build wrist endurance, exercises last 10 minutes at a time. Know when to take breaks if you experience fatigue

SWITCHTRACK 10 minutes total. This routine starts of with warming up your tracking and really getting you used to controlling your mouse. Focus on accuracy and not losing the target.

SPHERETRACK 10 minutes total. This is good for all types of scenarios in Apex that demand you to use tracking aim. Pay attention to when the target slows down and speeds up, as this will be your signal of how much pressure you need to apply to your mouse while tracking.

SPIDERSHOT Ultimate 10 minutes total. A good exercise for your flicking and target switching aim, use both aiming styles, not just one or the other.

ADVANCED Aimlab Apex Routine

This advanced routine is more tracking focused.

SPIDERSHOT Speed 10 minutes total. Get used to your aim, while training for speed and precision. Spidershot is a great exercise to focus on speed while relying purely on your reflexes.

MOTIONSHOT Speed 5 minutes total. It is important to use this exercise because it will train you to flick to targets that are moving. This Aimlab routine is focusing heavily on moving targets because Apex is one of the fastest paced shooters.

ARC TRACK 5 minutes total. This will improve your tracking aim and smoothen out your aim when you must cover large areas of your mousepad. It will get you comfortable with your entire mousepad space. If you have a small mousepad this can be a problem. I use the Zowie GSR (From Amazon) which is quite a large control pad.

STARTRACK Standard 5 minutes total. Great exercise to practice shooting zipline targets and improve cognition. Focus purely on tracking the target successfully the entire way. This will be difficult at first, but it will greatly increase your ability to laser zipline targets at any range.

MICROSTARTRACK Standard 5 minutes total. This will help you against targets that change directions very fast. It helps with your small micro tracking mechanics.

MASTER Aimlab Apex Routine

If you have mastered your sensitivity, especially tracking then you should use this routine. This routine can also be used if you really want to up your tracking to the next level. As long as you are not a beginner, this routine can help anyone for sure.

GRID SHOT Ultimate 5 minutes total. With every routine, warming up is important, get blood flowing through your hands and start to feel your aim. Perfect if you juss wake up too.

SPIDER SHOT 180 Ultimate 5 minutes total. This trains your 180 degree aim for scenarios when you are in between teams in Apex. Different elevations and distances are included for more realism.

FREE TRACK 10 minutes total. A bot will move around you in a map, practice tracking the head of the bot while staying still and not moving. Movement mechanics are different in Aimlab, Apex may feel different if you move around while training in Aimlab.

REACTIVE TRACK 10 minutes total. This is a perfect exercise to practice your tracking against a target that changes directions unexpectedly with a lot of speed. The target will move on the X and Y axis, to train you for elevated targets or wall bouncers.

If Aimlab Makes Your Aim Worse, Do This

First of all make sure you have the right settings, Aimlab will only make your aim worse if you train on different settings when in Aimlab as opposed to in Apex Legends.

I explained above in this post how to double check your settings and make sure they are the same, this includes doing the mousepad test. I recommend doing the mousepad test if your aim is not improving or is deteriorating when using Aim trainers.

The other reason why you could experience bad aim after training is a very common one. When you use these Aimlab Apex routines, know when to take breaks.

Wrist fatigue indicates burnout of the nervous system, usually after 20-30 minutes of aim training you will start noticing that you are not as efficient as you were when you started the session.

Learn to take breaks during training and after training. After training you want to take a 1 hour break before playing any Apex Legends games. Warming up again for 5 minutes on GRID SHOT after your 1 hour break is recommended.

Stretch your wrists very often, a simple wrist stretch for 30 seconds a few times throughout the day will loosen up the muscles and prevent any injury.

You can also try out Kovaak’s which is one of my favorite aim trainers, I did a side by side comparison of Aimlab vs Kovaak’s here.


These Aimlab routines are purely designed to improve your tracking and flicking abilities. These are great routines to follow no matter what level you are in Apex or in aim training.

Aim mechanics can be improved with aim trainers such as Aimlab, this is why aim trainers are so popular. Training aim in Apex can be frustrating and difficult to focus on a certain part of your aim, which is why I made this routine for Apex players.

Remember to be consistent and train as frequently as you can, without missing many days.

Also if you don’t have a gaming mouse yet, that could be a worthwhile investment if you want a shortcut to take your aim to the next level. I wrote an article on my top mice picks here.

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