3 Insane Aimlab Valorant Playlists That Create Aimstars

aimlab valorant playlist

Valorant Aimlab playlists are a great way to improve your aim. Aimlab playlists are basically custom aim routines. In this post I will go over 3 of the best Aimlab playlists for Valorant, a long with one bonus playlist.

Aimlab is a free aim trainer available on the Steam store. It is the best free aim trainer in my opinion. Try this playlist if you want to improve your aim.

Aimlab is important for aim training in Valorant because of how difficult it is to practice your aim in Valorant, there’s only a small shooting range with little customization. That is why I use playlists to train my aim instead.

The deathmatch servers are also terrible; they only last 9 minutes at a time and finding players takes an eternity.

It’s simply not the most successful way to improve your aiming skills. Using an aim trainer, on the other hand, is a far more effective tool. When I first started to play Valorant, I was able to hit Diamond 2 in three days after using Aimlab for a while.

During that time I also made a playlist which consists of my favorite routine. Valorant also locks your resolution to 16:9, so if you’re used to playing stretched resolution, you’ll find your aim is awful on Valorant.

My Aimlab Valorant Playlist is uploaded on the workshop and under the playlists filter on the left side. I will go more in depth on how to find it and set it up etc.

Does Aimlab Help With Valorant?

Yes, Aimlab works, as do all other aim trainers. However, like many others, I prefer Aimlab because it is a free alternative with nearly everything you can ask for in an aim trainer.

It’s easy to train your aim; the more you practise your aiming skills, the better they will become.

Aimlab provides you with a variety of different categories, each of which is structured to target a particular element of your aim. Use a Valorant playlist to train your aim effectively by utilizing routines.

If you are really struggling with training your aim and you aren’t seeing results with these playlists. Then it’s time to change things up.

Whether that is a few sensitivity tweaks or change in peripherals. Changing your mouse and mousepad can often be all it takes give your muscle memory a refresh. Ever sit down on a friends setup who has completely different settings and then you begin to dominate?

Sometimes I get into slumps where I feel like my aim isn’t improving no matter how long I use Aimlab, the best fixes for this I have found is to take a day off aim training, change my mouse or just hop on Kovaak’s instead. I wrote an article about Kovaak’s vs Aimlab side by side comparison here.

Whether it’s flicking, tracking, speed, or precision, there’s something for everyone. Aimlab has it all; each category has a dozen or more activities to choose from, all of which can be completed at various levels. Or compiled into a different playlist.

This means that anyone, whether a novice or an expert, will benefit from using Aimlab.

Why Aiming Is Important In Valorant

Valorant is a shooter with a tactical bomb defuse mode. All bomb defusing games, such as CS:GO, need a lot of aim. This is due to the fact that the game mode is extremely difficult to master and the mechanics have a high skill ceiling.

It is the most punishing game mode, most often a headshot will instantly kill you.

This is why most players that play Valorant or CSGO use Aimlab, and they don’t just use it once, they use it nearly everyday. Either as warmup or for hour long aim training sessions.

Nearly everyone creates a training routine to follow, in this case an Aimlab playlist for Valorant.

Nobody wants to wait for the next round for two minutes as their teammates scream at them for losing an entry frag. In Valorant too, aim is essential, and in a 5v4 scenario, if you lose your gunfight and die, the other team will almost always turn the round to a victory.

So, if you don’t want to risk your gunfights, focus on your aim training with Valorant playlists.

Is Aimlab Sensitivity the Same as Valorant?

Is aimlab valorant sensitivity different? This is a very common question. The response answer is: no, assuming they’ve set their game profile to Valorant.

It should be the same as long as you have the right FOV, game profile, and follow the steps below. Be sure to read the FOV portion of the guide in the next section of Aimlab playlists for Valorant.

How Can I Improve at Aimlab?

There are 4 main ways to improve your aim in Aimlab

Train your aim in actual games too. Use the in game training range of Valorant and then do deathmatch

  • Train for longer sessions: 30min – 1hour
  • Train consistently: every single day, use a playlist.
  • Switch up your mouse and try something new.

Read All aimlab ranks here.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good Aim

Depending on who you ask, the word “good aim” can mean different things.

If you can win the majority of your gunfights against worthy opponents who have thousands of hours in the game, you can begin to consider that you may have good aim.

However, it is an eye test and it takes a good aimer to see one.

A lot of your success will come from having the right Aimlab playlist.

If you are starting from zero and train consistently with the same settings and peripherals everyday for 30min-1hour… You can expect to have “good” aim within a month.

Good aim, would be above average aiming skills in this situation. I believe that achieving Immortal level aim in Valorant is very easy, and when you are that this can be considered good aim. It takes time to develop good aim, and it varies from person to person.

I recommend using a playlist on Aimlab for Valorant specifically. A lot of flicking and minimal tracking scenarios. Reason being that movement speed in Valorant is sluggish and requires less tracking. If a jett dashes, you are going to need flick aim, not tracking aim.

If you haven’t played many shooter games before and haven’t put in a lot of time on Valorant, it might take you a half-year to master your aim with these Aimlab playlists.

However, if you have at least a little experience with shooters and have a few hours in Valorant under your belt, you may be able to improve your aiming in a month or two.

It all depends on the amount and type of training you do. It also depends on your peripherals. Get a good mouse. You can find the one I use in my gear list here.

Is Aimlab Better Than Kovaak’s?

Both aim trainers have a plethora of features and can be customized by the user. They also have a sufficient number of exercises that take into account all aspects of your aim.

I’m a huge fan of Aimlab and how it uses AI-driven statistics to inspire users to do activities that will help them develop their weaknesses.

However I really appreciate the wide variety of exercises that the community has contributed to Kovaak’s to make it a very functionable aim trainer.

If you haven’t used an aim trainer before, I suggest starting with Aimlab since it’s free

Aimlab is not only free, but it also has a lot of features that Kovaak’s does not. However, if you want to take your aim seriously and become a high-level professional player, I recommend paying a small fee and using Kovaak’s.

How To Download Aimlab Playlist?

Go to steam library, then click aimlab, then click on the 3 dots to the right, select workshop, select playlist, press the green + on the one you want. It will be downloaded the next time you launch Aimlab.

  1. Alternatively you can open aimlab, select custom, then select workshop, choose playlists. Now you can search for whatever playlist you want, for example: Valorant.

How Do I Use Aimlab for Valorant

This Aimlab routine consists of four Aimlab Valorant playlists, each tailored to a different skill level. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master are the four levels of proficiency.

If you’ve never used a target trainer before and are a silver or lower valorant, I recommend starting with beginner.

You can begin with intermediate if you have some experience and are gold or higher in Valorant. When you feel like the current routine is becoming too simple and you’re scoring well, go up a notch.

If the Aimlab playlist that you are currently using is still demanding, give it two weeks before moving on to the next playlist.

BEGINNER Aimlab Playlist for Valorant

Read the best aimlab valorant routine here.

If you are a beginner, chances are you have a trash mouse. If you want to fast track your aim training, I highly recommend you get a quality mouse like this one. This is the most affordable and best option you will find.

However, there are a few people who can make it work with a dollar shop mouse.

Here is the beginner Aimlab playlist, specifically for Valorant but it can translate to other tactical shooters too.

Flicking Task linetrace (15min) Focus on flicking with precision to all of the targets and use your muscle memory rather than consciously aiming. This will build up dexterity and improve your reactions to visual stimilus without having to think.
Flicking Task spidershot (10min)
Focus on speed more than precision as the targets are bigger and spawn sporadically. This task will improve your close range flicks to small targets such as the heads of enemies. Static flicking tasks where the objects don’t move are perfect for Valorant as the game has very slow character movement.
Tracking Task motiontrack (10min)
ensuring that you proceed as slowly as possible to preserve the highest level of precision possible.

Break for 10min

Speed Task spidershot (10min)
Precision Task spidershot (10min)


INTERMEDIATE Aimlab Playlist for Valorant

If you’re at least gold in Valorant, you can use this routine. The majority of the exercises in this Valorant playlist are flicking exercises with tracking, speed and precision thrown in for good measure.

Flicking is critical in Valorant since movement is slow and you must respond quickly if an enemy spots you.

You won’t have a chance if you don’t have good readjusting aim or flicks. Aimlab is a great way to practice these areas of aim.

Flicking Task microflex(15min)
Flicking Task reflexshot(10min)
Tracking Task strafebot (10min)

Break for 10min

Speed Task microshot (10min)
Precision Task reflexshot (10min)


ADVANCED Aimlab Playlist for Valorant

Gridshot will be your key exercise in this Aimlab playlist; it’s a perfect way to warm up and boost your micro flicks if you already have good aim.

Training micro flicks, such as in the gridshot exercise, increases micro adjustments. A new exercise in this routine is the timing shot, which enhances the ability to shoot targets that are walking into your crosshair.

The success of this mission is dependent on reaction time and vertical crosshair placement.

Flicking Task gridshot (15min)
Flicking Task timingshot (10min)
Tracking Task spheretrack (10min)

Break 10min

Speed Task motionshot (10min)
Precision Task motionshot (10min)


MASTER Aimlab Playlist for Valorant

This playlist is much harder and requires a lot of precision. Speed is also important within all the tasks as some of them have disappearing orbs or moving AI.

Flicking Task spidershot 180 (15min)
Flicking Task sixshot (10min)
Tracking Task freetrack (10min)

Break 10min

Speed Task strafeshot (10min)
Precision Task circleshot (10min)


Aimlab Playlist Training Schedule

Use these playlists at your own pace, but this is what I recommend.

  • Do at least 1 playlist per day as either a warmup or separate to playing normal ranked games/scrims.
  • Play these Aimlab playlists consistently every day for results.
  • Stick with the same settings, sensitivity and peripherals (unless you are struggling you should change)
  • Use sufficient breaks: I recommend 30min – 1 hour break after doing a playlist, before playing Valorant.

Aim Gets Worse After Using Aimlab

If you notice that your aim has gotten worse after using an aim trainer, it’s most likely due to overtraining. Unless you’ve inputted settings into Aimlab that don’t match your desired game, aim training can’t make your aim worse.

Firstly I recommend using an Aimlab Valorant playlist to keep consistency in your training.

This will allow you to measure results in your aim accurately.

In that case, you’re practicing on a different sensitivity, which will make your in-game sensitivity weird. Read this article on setting up Aimlab correctly for Valorant.

The majority of the time, though, this problem arises because you practice target for too long or play games immediately after aim training.

Since practicing your aim exhausts your wrists, if you play a game right after an hour of training, your aim will inevitably deteriorate because you have no control over your tendons.

Choose a playlist that suits you, start at beginner if you need or change the duration of the playlists and exercises. Nothing is set in stone, these are purely guidelines.

For the best results, make sure to take enough breaks during and after aim training.

Does Aimlab Have Valorant?

Aimlab is an aim trainer on steam and Valorant is an FPS shooter from RIOT. Aimlab has a Valorant game profile which makes the sensitivity the exact same as Valorant, however there are little to no Valorant game models in Aimlab.


Aimlab is an excellent platform for improving your aim in Valorant. I think Valorant’s target training is terrible, and you need an external aim trainer to really progress. Before I found out about Aimlab, I was considering CS:GO bot training for Valorant.

Your shooting skill level is also greatly influenced by the gaming mouse/mousepad you use. The most cost-effective and high-quality choices available are in my Gear List or on the sidebar.

Aimlab is not only popular and full of features, but it is also completely free. When following these playlists for Valorant make sure you don’t over train, because they can last a long time. Stop training when you need to.

However, it is built that way in order for you to have the best long-term goal possible. Maintain continuity with these Aimlab Valorant playlists for the best performance.

Feel like Aimlab isn’t doing it for you? Read this article on some of the best aim trainers on steam.

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