FREE Apex Codes (October 2023) | Redeem Apex Legends Codes

Are you looking for Apex Codes to redeem in October 2023? Well, you have come to the right place.

Codes can be redeemed quick, but there are a lot that are still working which we will include in this post. Grab them before it’s too late, most can only be used once.

Apex legends is a large battle royale competitive shooter game. It has hundreds of weapon, player and item skins which can be purchased in the in game store or redeemed through an Apex code.

The Apex Legends code system was a one-of-a-kind feature that was included in the game to reward players with in-game loot and energy codes that allowed them to do more.

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Apex Legends Codes OCTOBER 2023

Quickly grab your Apex codes before they get redeemed. We’ll update this list every month.

2N5W-F7NN-V65W-WVGF50T Apex coins
3EAA-G9TE-JZBR-MUS8100T Apex coins
5S44-W26Z-5HHQ-GNLX100T Apex coins
996C-JD7U-G9QC-GWX82 hours of leveling boosting
9HXB-8Q8R-R4QM-YCJH100T Apex coins
B6JU-4NJV-AADQ-5ELD100T Apex coins
BBYL-ZGJ9-EBFF-DJ37100T Apex coins
C4FP-SUXH-BPCY-LCNZRandom free skin
C4ME-EXHK-BVMG-T78L500T Apex coins
CFKT-LEB6-45C5-HJ7A100T Apex coins
CJAE-9EN7-ZS8R-C57A100T Apex coins
CVFD-NSUX-CDAW-H8G9600T Apex coins
DCZA-SA3X-MVML-HRLB100T Apex coins
E3WW-E2X9-JWJ6-TB3B30T Apex coins
GY2K-RPHZ-CZ94-5BEV100T Apex coins

More Apex Codes October 2023

Here are some more Apex codes that you can redeem.


PS4 Apex Codes

  2. 5EBQ-4KN2-H5PC
  3. GLX8-BCNQ-5RQ6
  4. H7L9-3RN7-HP96
  6. B7EX-2BNG-K6L4
  7. HHD6-3PN9-L56D
  10. ENLT-LLN8-9NTR

Xbox Apex Codes

  3. K9R79-RGTR7-R27JQ-PR4RT-PFH4Z
  5. DG49J-DV2MJ-JR34F-M799T-G7WYZ
  11.  H2H79-3FK7Q-VX4CT-T7HGY-4447Z

How To Earn Free Apex Codes

There are several legitimate websites where you can complete surveys and other tasks to earn points or cash, which can then be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards. Once you have these rewards, you can use them to purchase Apex codes or other items of your choice. Here are some popular and reputable websites:

  1. Swagbucks: This is one of the most popular sites for earning rewards. You can earn points (called Swagbucks) by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, including Amazon and PayPal cash. I actually redeemed a $5 amazon gift card after a short amount of time with this website.
  2. Survey Junkie: As the name suggests, this site focuses primarily on surveys. After completing surveys, you earn points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.
  3. InboxDollars: This site pays you in cash, not points. You can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, and even reading emails. Once you reach the minimum payout amount, you can request payment via check, PayPal, or gift card.

Redeem Mass Effect N7 Charm

There is a weapon charm from mass effect that you can redeem through a code. You will need to signup for an EA play subscription or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

If you have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can redeem this item by:

  • Signing in to your Xbox live account
  • Navigating to the Game Pass section
  • Look for the perks tab
  • Choose Apex Legends perks.
  • Choose the N7 weapon charm and redeem the code.

How to Buy Apex Codes

You can either buy Apex Codes or find them online for free when there is an event. We will be collecting all codes that get posted online for free, however you can also buy them on amazon.

All codes available for purchase have an option for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

You can choose between 1000, 11500, 2150, 4350 and 6700 coins. These coins can be used to purchase a battle pass through the in game store and are only usable on origin.

The Cost for each coin package is:

  • $9.99 for 1000 Apex Coins ( PC, Xbox One and Nintendo switch)
  • $19.99 for 2150 Apex Coins ( PC and Nintendo switch)
  • $39.99 for 4350 Apex Coins ( PC, Xbox One and Nintendo switch)
  • $59.99 for 6700 Apex Coins ( PC, Xbox One and Nintendo switch)
  • $99.99 for 11500 Apex Coins ( PC, Xbox One and Nintendo switch)

How do I redeem an Apex Code?

Here’s how you can redeem your codes on every platform.

Some special codes that are a part of a promotional campaign can only be redeemed on particular websites.


  • Go to EA’s website
  • Navigate to your profile, then account settings
  • Look for the Redeem Product Code tab
  • Input your code and press next.


  • Go to MIcrosoft’s redeem website and login.
  • Enter the code and redeem it.


  • Go to the PlayStation store and login.
  • Press on your Avatar at the top.
  • Look for the Redeem Codes tab in the drop down menu
  • Enter your code and redeem it.

Nintendo Switch

  • Go to Nintendo’s redeem page on their website and sign in.
  • Enter the code and click next then enter your password and press redeem.

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Now, we hope that this list of apex codes will be a fantastic resource for you to play and enjoy this game.

You can either use the redeem codes for the cans, monster energy collab or the new skin codes. Make sure you redeem the codes on the account you wish to use them on as they wont apply to all of your accounts.

We’ve already gone through how to obtain the codes and how to utilise them effectively in-game.

You can use these skins and in game items to flex to other players or your friends.

Now that you have your skins, it’s time you level up your aim with the best aim trainer for apex.

The Monster Energy collab has ended, and people that were able to purchase qualifying products before the end date received free loot.

Make sure you keep every receipt from any qualifying products in the future and redeem your codess to earn even better rewards.

Check out our gear list here.

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