Aimlab is a new aim trainer on the steam store, it is one of the best aim trainers you can get right now and it is completely free. If you want good aim, then try this Aimlab routine for Valorant.

Training your aim within Valorant is really difficult, there is only a small shooting range which has very little customisation. The deathmatch servers are horrible as well, they only last 9 minutes and it takes forever to find players.

It simply isn’t the best way to train your aim. However, using an aim trainer is a much more efficient way. After training my aim, I was able to reach Diamond 2 in 3 days. Valorant also locks your resolution at 16:9, so any player that is used to stretched is going to find their aim is really bad on Valorant.

The fix? Try Aimlab for free and see if your aim improves.

Does Aimlab Actually Work?

Yes, Aimlab works, all aim trainers work. Training your aim is simple, the more you practice your aiming skills, the better those skills will be. Aimlab provides you with various different categories, each one is designed specifically to target a certain part of your aim.

Whether that is flicking, tracking, speed or precision. Aimlab has everything, each category has a dozen or more exercises that you can do at varying levels. This means, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you can benefit from trying this free aim trainer. Kovaaks is also another great aim trainer, if you want to see how Aimlab stacks up against Kovaaks, then read this article.

valorant aiming after aim trainer

Why Aiming Is Important In Valorant

Valorant is a tactical bomb defuse mode shooter. All bomb defuse games like CS:GO are extremely aim heavy. This is simply because the game mode is very punishing and the mechanics have a high skill ceiling.

No one wants to sit out for 2 minutes waiting for the next round while their teammates yell at them for giving away an entry frag. Aim is very important in Valorant too, because if you lose your gunfight and die, the other team can nearly always convert the round to a win in a 5v4 situation. So, don’t lose your gunfights and improve your aim.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good Aim

The term “Good aim” could have different expectations depending on the person.

However, for this case good aim will be above average aiming skills. I believe that getting Immortal level aim in Valorant is extremely easy and this could be considered good aim. Mastering good aim takes time and it depends on the person.

If you haven’t played many shooter games before and don’t have many hours on Valorant, it may take you half a year of dedication to get good aim. However, if you are at least mildly experienced with shooters and have some hours stacked up in Valorant, then good aim could be something you get within a month or two. It all depends on how much you train and how you train. It also depends if you choose the right peripherals for you.

valorant aiming after aim trainer

Are Aimlab Routine For Valorant Good?

Aimlab is perfect for Valorant. There really are no good ways to train your aim in Valorant except for deathmatch which is extremely slow paced and each game only lasts 9 minutes. Compared to in CS:GO you can sit in deathmatch for hours at a time.

CS also has many workshop maps that are actually good and helpful to your aim. Valorant on the other hand has nearly nothing, only a few floating targets and a small shooting range against bots that you can barely customise. So, in my opinion if you want good aim in Valorant you should definitely try Aimlab.

How To Set Up Aimlab For Valorant

If it’s your first time launching Aimlab, when you see the entrance screen that allows you to choose settings, choose the Valorant game profile and enter your sensitivity.
If you have already been through those pages for another game profile, you can change it here, in settings under controls.
Choose Valorant under game profile, put in your sensitivity from Valorant and change the field of view to 103.

valorant resolution in aimlabs for aim routine

To change your resolution just go to graphics in settings and choose any 1920×1080 and 16:9 display ratio.

You don’t want to stretch with 4:3 because in Valorant you can only use 16:9.

valorant resolution in aimlabs for aim routine

The Aimlab Routine For Valorant

Now for the routines, there are 4 routines, each one for a different individual’s skill level. Beginner, intermediate, advanced and Master. If you have never touched an aim trainer before and are silver or under in valorant I suggest you choose beginner.

If you are somewhat experienced and are gold or above in Valorant, you can start with intermediate. Move up a level every time you feel that the current routine is getting easy and you are scoring highly. Take 2 weeks on each routine, if it is still challenging, before moving on to the next one.

BEGINNER Aimlab Routine For Valorant

The beginner routine is designed to help players that are just getting started with competitive FPS shooters and or aim trainers. If you have never used an aim trainer before, this is the routine for you. Also if you are an older player I suggest you begin here too.

Flicking Task linetrace (15min)
Flicking Task spidershot (10min)
Flicking Task linetrace (10min)
Tracking Task motiontrack (10min)

Break for 10min

Speed Task spidershot (10min)
Precision Task spidershot (10min)

INTERMEDIATE Aimlab Routine For Valorant

Follow this routine if you are at least gold or higher in Valorant. These exercises consist of majority flicking exercises with tracking, speed and precision mixed in. Flicking is very important in Valorant, since movement is very slow, you need to react very fast if an enemy spots you. If you don’t have good readjusting aim or flicks, then you wont stand a chance.

Flicking Task microflex(15min)
Flicking Task reflexshot(10min)
Tracking Task strafebot (10min)

Break for 10min

Speed Task microshot (10min)
Precision Task reflexshot (10min)

ADVANCED Aimlab Routine For Valorant

Gridshot is going to be your main exercise, this is a great tool to warm up your already established aim and improve your micro flicks. Micro adjustment improves by training micro flicks, such as in the gridshot task. Timing shot is also a new exercise in this routine, it improves your ability to shoot targets that are walking into your crosshair. This task hinges on reaction time and vertical crosshair placement.

Flicking Task gridshot (15min)
Flicking Task timingshot (10min)
Tracking Task spheretrack (10min)

Break 10min

Speed Task motionshot (10min)
Precision Task motionshot (10min)

MASTER Aimlab Routine For Valorant

These exercises are much harder and require a lot of precision. Speed is also important within all the tasks as some of them have disappearing orbs or moving AI.

Flicking Task spidershot 180 (15min)
Flicking Task sixshot (10min)
Tracking Task freetrack (10min)

Break 10min

Speed Task strafeshot (10min)
Precision Task circleshot (10min)

valorant aiming after aim trainer

Aim Gets Worse After Using Aimlab

If you experience worse aim after using any aim trainer it is most likely due to overtraining.

Aim training cannot make your aim worse, unless you have entered settings that don’t match your game.

In that case you are training on a different sensitivity and it will make your in game sensitivity uncomfortable, so check the setting up your game section at the top of this page.

However, most of the time this issue happens because you train aim for too long or play games right afterwards. Training your aim exhausts your wrists a lot, so if you play a game right after training for an hour then of course your aim will be worse because you have no control over your tendons. Make sure to take sufficient breaks during training and after for the best aim results.


Aimlab is a perfect tool to get better aim at Valorant. I personally think training aim within Valorant is horrible and you need an external aim trainer to really improve. I was even considering training on CS:GO for Valorant before I found out about Aimlab. This aim trainer is very professional and complete, it is also free. Make sure you don’t over train your aim when following these routines, they do last a long time. But, it is designed like that for you to have the best aim possible in the long run. Keep consistent with these routines as that will yield the best results.