Valorant ELO Check in 5 Easy Steps

Valorant elo

How to check Valorant Elo in 5 easy steps. Valorant is an extremely competitive hardcore shooter and that leaves a lot of players in elo hell when they play matchmaking. Every player has a certain elo, just like other games, however in Valorant players can only see their rank and not their elo.

Knowing how much elo you have is very important because it tells you how close you are from ranking up or deranking. It also allows you to calculate how many games you have to win or lose in order to rank up or down. The higher the elo, the higher the rank you will have.

Each rank has a set elo which is invisible, you gain elo by winning games and lose elo by losing games. Once you pass the elo threshold of a certain rank, you will be awarded that rank for the time being. If you beat a team with a higher average rank than your teams average rank, you will gain a lot of elo for that win and only lose a small amount if you lose and vice versa.

This is how pretty much all competitive shooter ranking systems work. So in this guide i’ll show you the quickest and only way to actually check your elo in Valorant. This is purely informational and not my program, if you have any issues caused by this program you can contact the developer himself.

Valorant MMR and why it’s important to ELO

Valorant like many other games, uses an MMR system (match making rating), basically its a ladder that consists of all players competing at a given time. Each player is ranked based on their elo, the person with the highest elo is rank 1. When you win games and your elo grows, the players you beat will have their elo decreased.

This will allow you to climb the ladder and overtake other player’s positions when your elo surpasses them. MMR and ELO are the invisible driving factors behind your ranking in Valorant and these mechanics of the game are running in the backend, however I’ll show you how to reveal this soon in the article.

How to check your Valorant elo

Valorant elo checker
  1. head over to this github respository and download the file
  2. Extract all the files from the .zip file
  3. Install .NET core from microsoft if you havent already then install the x86 version
  4. Launch the ValorantStreamOverlay.exe, click settings and put in your account details
  5. Set the refresh to 30 or 60 seconds and press Apply
  6. Restart the app and you will see your elo.
Valorant elo checker

Valorant Elo Checker

The Elo checker will use your username and password to prompt the Riot API login token, it will then read the game data from your Valorant ID which has Elo data stored in it.

After doing all the steps above, you should see a screen with your rank, elo and other numbers. The RP value is the points you have in this current rank. The Elo value is your total player elo and your rank is your rank. It also shows green and red points in the bottom right which is the recent wins or losses you have. These wins and losses will show you how much elo you gained and lost in your last 3 games.

Is the Valorant elo checker safe?

Use at your own risk. The opinion of the Valorant community is that this program is safe and has been compatible with Riot Vanguard. Many players have used this before and various programmers state that the code does not look malicious.

Since the program needs your login details, if it was truely malicious, it would still require email confirmation to change your password and steal your account. No complaints have surfaced from Riot’s end regarding this program.


Knowing your elo in valorant is super important, but you can’t do it without the help of a secondary program. Once you know your elo, you will have a much clearer idea of how far away you are from ranking up or down and this can give you valuable information to use.

You can now go in game and play accordingly, if you are at risk of losing your rank you can play safer.

Now that you are ready to play competitive, quickly take a look at my “best valorant aim routine” article here.

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