3 Best Valorant Aim Trainers For Godlike Aim

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Recently I have been looking for a good Valorant aim trainer to improve my aim and have experienced some aim trainers that are good for Valorant and some that aren’t. So I decided to make a helpful list of the best aim trainers that I found improved my aim the most on Valorant.

Most of us want to improve our aim by using a good Valorant aim trainer, but some are better than others, and not all of them improve your aim.

There are a lot of aim trainers out there, even on Steam, so it is difficult to pick out which ones will give you the best results for your aim in Valorant. I have tested many aim trainers for many days each and there are only a few that I think are worth your time.

This article will cover all the best aim trainers for Valorant, all the features of the aim trainers, settings, and exercises that you need to improve your aim.

Lots of people including myself, look to aim trainers for Valorant, rather than using the in-game resources that we have.

This is because Valorant deathmatch servers only last 9 minutes and the way that maps are designed and just how many campers there are, makes it hard to kill players consecutively and get in a lot of aim training.

Deathmatching on Valorant is good, but as the primary source of aim training, it is not efficient enough, which is why aim trainers are a useful tool. When I first started playing Valorant, I reached diamond 2 in a few days purely by practicing on an aim trainer which I will cover in this article.

Choosing a Good Aim Trainer for Valorant

When selecting an aim trainer for Valorant, a few key factors should be considered. Firstly, it’s important to identify the specific areas in which your aiming needs improvement, for example, flick shots, tracking, or reaction speed. Different trainers excel at improving different skills. Secondly, consider the customization options offered by the trainer. The best aim trainers often provide a variety of scenarios and targets to practice with.

This allows you to tailor your training to closely match the in-game situations you most frequently encounter in Valorant. Finally, think about the community reviews and the reputation of the aim trainer. Choosing a proven trainer with positive feedback from the Valorant community can help ensure you spend your training time effectively.

Remember, the best aim trainer for you will depend on your individual needs, your current skill level, and your commitment to consistent practice. Choose wisely, and see your Valorant gameplay go from good to great!

1. Aimlab

This is a great aim trainer because it lets you choose Valorant as the game profile and instantly you have near-exact settings. This aim trainer is currently free on the Steam store. The majority of players use either Kovaak’s or Aimlab, if you want a side-by-side comparison of the two then read my article here.

It comes with a variety of exercises covering all the areas of aim: tracking, flicking, speed, perception, cognition, and more. In these categories, there are many exercises to choose from. Each has different target sizes, speed, and movement.

This aim trainer is great for warming up on Valorant. You can quickly jump into an exercise called spidershot which will warm up your flicking and click timing really fast.

Flicking exercises are really important for Valorant because you have to play against agents such as Jett who have fast abilities.

The aim trainer will show you a basic demonstration and explanation of the activity before you choose an exercise. This page is highly detailed and helps in the comprehension of the exercise. Unlike other aim trainers, which only have a title and do not allow you to visually understand what it is like.

This aim trainer has been marketed primarily towards Valorant. Although it comes with many good features, the program is a little clunky and slow. There are too many screens to have to navigate through to play a game. Not to mention some exercises have loading times.

You can also browse the workshop for more content such as maps and weapons, however this feels really clunky.

One thing this Valorant aim trainer lacks is the customization of exercises.

The targets’ pace, size, and timings can all be changed, but there isn’t anything else you can do. Other aim trainers have a larger selection of activities created by the community, who have created very innovative scenarios to simulate different games.

Check out my aimlab routine for Valorant in this article here.

2. Kovaak’s

I’ve been using aim trainers for over two years and this aim trainer is without a doubt my favorite. The range of exercises in this aim trainer is the biggest advantage over other aim trainers for Valorant specifically. This is due to the community’s active participation in uploading exercises that everyone can use.

It’s a very clean and optimized aim trainer, everything works smoothly and you can get a lot of FPS. There are so many exercises to choose from, there is without a doubt one for every type of encounter you want to practice for.

This is a good aim trainer because you can convert the settings over easily and the game just feels great.

Aim practice translates across really well and as long as you don’t move around the game feels exactly the same as Valorant.

I was able to train very specific parts of my aim, such as micro-adjusting, with the large range of exercises, which would be difficult to do in actual games.

This aim trainer:

  • Allow users to match their game settings such as sensitivities.
  • Has a good leaderboard system.
  • Variety of training exercises.
  • Includes many customization options to change the exercises to simulate a game scenario.
  • Provides statistical information, things such as accuracy
  • Along with the leaderboard, you’ll see the results after you’ve completed an exercise. Following the completion of an exercise, you will land on a statistics and results page. Loss, kills, shots hit, shots fired, damage done, kills, final score, and high score are some of the data. This final screen is very insightful, and it even allows you to rate the map.

3. Aim Hero

Aim Hero stands out as a particularly effective aim trainer for Valorant for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a wide range of customization options, allowing players to replicate the exact conditions they face in the Valorant game. This ensures that the skills honed during training can be directly applied to actual gameplay.

Secondly, Aim Hero provides specific training modes designed to improve different aspects of aiming such as flick shots, tracking, and reaction speed, making it possible to target and enhance specific weaknesses in your gameplay. Lastly, Aim Hero has received highly positive reviews from the Valorant community, indicating its effectiveness as a training tool.

It’s also worth noting that Aim Hero has been extensively tested and trusted by professional players, further attesting to its reliability as an aim trainer. With its flexible customization, specialization in various crucial aim aspects, and stellar community reputation, Aim Hero proves to be a formidable aid for any Valorant player looking to improve their aim.


I hope you find this list helpful, there are a lot of aim trainers who can improve your aim for Valorant.

Nearly all Valorant professional players use Aimlab but that is because a lot of them are sponsored. I suggest you try out the top 3 on the list, starting with the free aim trainers and if the free ones aren’t good enough then you should try paid ones such as Kovaak’s.

I think Kovaak’s is the best-paid aim trainer because of how detailed the aim trainer is.

These are the main aim trainers for Valorant that I recommend, there are a few others but most of them are very small projects and may not be worth your time.

Make sure to train every day if you want to improve your aim, and keep the same settings. That is the biggest part, keeping consistent with everything is what will give you results. It’s not hard to improve your aim, just try out a few of these trainers for Valorant.

If they don’t work, then you should use the Valorant shooting range and then play the Valorant deathmatch for 30 minutes afterward. This will really help your aim.

Thanks for reading! Also, don’t forget to check out my gaming gear list if you need some ideas or inspiration about what gear you should use to improve your game.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.