9 Best Valorant Aim Trainers For Godlike Aim

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Recently I have been looking for a good Valorant aim trainer to improve my aim and have experienced some aim trainers that are good for Valorant and some that aren’t. So I decided to make a helpful list of the best aim trainers that I found improved my aim the most on Valorant.

Most of us want to improve our aim by using a good Valorant aim trainer, but some are better than others and not all them improve your aim.

There are a lot of aim trainers out there, even on steam, so it is difficult to pick out what ones will give you the best results for your aim in Valorant. I have tested many aim trainers for many days each and there are only a few that I think are worth your time.

This article will cover all the best aim trainers for Valorant, all the features of the aim trainers, settings and exercises that you need to improve your aim.

Lots of people including myself, look to aim trainers for Valorant, rather than using the in game resources that we have.

This is because Valorant deathmatch servers only last 9 minutes and the way that maps are designed and just how many campers there are, makes it hard to kill players consecutively and get in a lot of aim training.

Deathmatching on Valorant is good, but as the primary source of aim training, it is not efficient enough, which is why aim trainers are a useful tool. When I first started playing Valorant, I reached diamond 2 in a few days purely by practicing on an aim trainer which I will cover in this article.

Aiming In Valorant Is Important

Valorant is a hardcore tactical shooter, it is a game with a very high skill ceiling and will punish you for small mistakes. Gunfights can last a fraction of a second and it only takes one headshot before you are eliminated from the round.

Because of how the chokepoints are designed on Valorant maps and the fact that the gamemode is 5v5, makes it that if you consistently lose gunfights for your team, your team will constantly be at a disadvantage.

This is where aiming comes in, losing gunfights has a lot to do with aiming, which is why Valorant aim trainers are so popular. There are certain aim trainers which have Valorant game profiles and settings to allow for the transfer of Valorant settings.

There are more than 5 chokepoints for defenders on each map, which means already you need to gain map control and get info on multiple areas with abilities.

Now imagine that you are playing 4v5 forever, the defense becomes incredibly weak and once that weakness is identified, the attackers can abuse it until the other team adapts, now they have control of the game and they can manipulate the defenders however they want.

Don’t lose the majority of your gunfights by practicing your aim.

What Are Aim Trainers

Aim trainers are 3rd party programs and games that simulate games such as Valorant for you to practice your aim against targets throughout many different exercises.

Some aim trainers are good and some are bad, there are a few Valorant aim trainers which I find helpful because these have the Valorant game profile within the settings menus.

Aim trainers consist of many different exercises, these are like mini games which focus on training different parts of your aim. For example a tracking exercise will have a target moving from left to right and your task is to track the target as precisely as you can with your mouse.

This will improve what is called your tracking aim which is used when tracking the heads of enemies within Valorant as they are strafing or peeking corners.

How To Use an Aim Trainer

Choose one of the Aim trainers below which have a Valorant game profile, then you can practice on various tasks or exercises within the aim trainer which will focus on the different aspects of your aim.

These are: tracking, flicking, click timing, micro adjusting, speed, and precision. The main ones that you want to focus on for Valorant are flicking and micro adjusting.

These two are important to practice in any aim trainer because Valorant relies a lot on headshots and because the player movement velocity is very slow compared to other games, you don’t need to put too much focus into tracking.

Although it is definitely good to practice, you should focus more on flicking and micro adjusting. Flicking will help you flick and readjust to the enemies heads.

Flicking doesn’t just make you better at quickly reacting and flicking to an enemies head, it also helps you readjust very fast and shoot the target without having to flick, instead you flick towards the target but you will not always accurately land on their head.

Once your crosshair is in the vicinity of their head you will use your micro adjusting aim to quickly make a small adjustment and delete them like an aimbot.

All this can be done in one swift fluid motion with the use of a Valorant aim trainer.

There are many aim trainers on steam, I wrote an article about my top 6 aim trainers on steam here.

Some Valorant Professionals That Use Aim Trainers

Here are some professionals that use aim trainers for Valorant: Tenz, Aceu, Sinatraa, Scream, Mixwell, Davidp, soulcas, yay, android, hiko, l1nk, kryptix, ec1s, lucker, nitr0, pyth and many more. Read this article: List of Pros That Use Aim Trainers.

Do Aim Trainers Work For Valorant?

Aim trainers offer players a valuable tool for honing unique skills in terms of mechanics, allowing them to gain a competitive edge.

The aim trainer trend has been prominent over the last 2 years. Over the last few years, these tools have become increasingly common. After weeks or months of practice, several players have been posting their impressive results and highlights on YouTube.

If you use an aim trainer, you can refine your aim over time. Your outcomes are entirely dependent on the aspects of your goal you concentrate on. Tracking, flicking, and click timing are all components of aim that you can focus on.

Using an aim trainer is beneficial, but it should not be relied on solely to improve your performance in a particular game. Strong mechanics are advantageous, but they are just one aspect of a game. In addition to good mechanics, competitive games demand that players have a good sense of the game and a good understanding of the game.

Good aim consists of many factors such as peripherals, consistent settings, amount of practice and aiming posture. I wrote an article here about how you can change your posture to maximize your aiming.

1. Aimlab

This is a great aim trainer because it lets you choose Valorant as the game profile and instantly you have near exact settings. This aim trainer is currently free on the steam store. The majority of players use either Kovaak’s or Aimlab, if you want a side by side comparison of the two then read my article here.

It comes with a variety of exercises covering all the areas of aim: tracking, flicking, speed, perception, cognition and more. In these categories there are many exercises to choose from. Each have different target sizes, speed and movement.

This aim trainer is great for warming up on Valorant. You can quickly jump into an exercise called spidershot which will warm up your flicking and click timing really fast.

Flicking exercises are really important for Valorant because you have to play against agents such as Jett who have fast abilities.

The aim trainer will show you a basic demonstration and explanation of the activity before you choose an exercise. This page is highly detailed and helps in the comprehension of the exercise. Unlike other aim trainers, which only have a title and not allow you to visually understand what it is like.

This aim trainer has been marketed primarily towards Valorant. Although it comes with many good features, the program is a little clunky and slow. There are too many screens to have to navigate through to play a game. Not to mention some exercises have loading times.

You can also browse the workshop for more content such as maps and weapons, however this feels really clunky.

One thing this Valorant aim trainer lacks is the customization of exercises.

The targets’ pace, size, and timings can all be changed, but there isn’t anything else you can do. Other aim trainers have a larger selection of activities created by the community, who have created very innovative scenarios to simulate different games.

Check out my aimlab routine for valorant in this article here.

How To Setup Aimlab For Valorant

Set your game profile to Valorant within the aim trainer and the settings should be exactly the same, as long as you have the right FOV, game profile, and follow the steps below.

Make sure your game profile is set to VALORANT for proper sensitivity conversion.

Set FOV to 103, Valorant for game profile, and aspect ratio 16:9 on 1920×1080 resolution to keep the aim trainer Valorant settings consistent.

Maintain a 90-degree ADS FOV.

If you use a different resolution/aspect ratio in Valorant, make sure the aim trainer values are adjusted to fit.

2. Kovaak’s

I’ve been using aim trainers for over two years and this aim trainer is without a doubt my favorite. The range of exercises is this aim trainer is the biggest advantage over other aim trainers for Valorant specifically. This is due to the community’s active participation in uploading exercises that everyone can use.

It’s a very clean and optimized aim trainer, everything works smoothly and you can get a lot of FPS. There are so many exercises to choose from, there is without a doubt one for every type of encounter you want to practice for.

This is a good aim trainer because you can convert the settings over easily and the game just feels great.

Aim practice translates across really well and as long as you don’t move around the game feels exactly the same as Valorant.

I was able to train very specific parts of my aim, such as micro adjusting, with the large range of exercises, which would be difficult to do in actual games.

This aim trainer:

  • Allow users to match their game settings such as sensitivities.
  • Has a good leaderboard system.
  • Variety of training exercises.
  • Includes many customization options to change the exercises to simulate a game scenario.
  • Provides statistical information, things such as accuracy
  • Along with the leaderboard, you’ll see the results after you’ve completed an exercise. Following the completion of an exercise, you will land on a statistics and results page. Loss, kills, shots hit, shots fired, damage done, kills, final score, and high score are some of the data. This final screen is very insightful, and it even allows you to rate the map.
kovaaks valorant settings

Setting Up Kovaak’s

I did a full article about this here.

But this is the TLDR:

  • First press escape and navigate to settings.
  • Press the “main” tab if not already presented.
  • Under sensitivity scale choose: Valorant.
  • In Horizontal Sensitivity, type in your Valorant sensitivity.
  • Check vertical sensitivity locked to horizontal.
  • FOV measurements set to Valorant.
  • FOV type in 103.

3. Aimbeast Aim Trainer For Valorant

Normally, I find aim trainers to be clunky and a big ugly, but Aim Beast is the cleanest and smoothest I’ve ever tried.

All is incredibly sensitive, and your aim is as fluid as a hot knife through butter. Map customization and development were given a lot of thought by the developers. This is another one of my go-to’s for a Valorant aim trainer.

It’s by far the smoothest aim trainer I’ve played out of all the aim trainers I’ve tried. As soon as I move the cursor, it feels incredibly smooth and sensitive.

The user interface is also very clean and minimalistic. Because of how clean it is, it feels like you’re playing a portal game. The walls and textures, as well as the shaders that soften everything, are all really cool.

Users can construct their own exercises using a very simple and open map creator tool. You can rearrange the boxes, adjust the texture of each surface, and spawn various targets. Like many of the other top aim trainers for Valorant, it also comes with playlists.

The map maker was one of the features of this game that piqued my interest. The map builder is extremely simple to use and allows you to adjust a number of map settings including bot movement patterns, character movement attributes, layout, and boxes.

You can adjust the textures and outlines of nearly every object on the map to your taste, which is a pleasant feature.

The range and quantity of exercises have been a positive experience for me. This is without a doubt one of my favorite steam-based target trainers. Many players have left positive reviews on Steam, with many praising the game’s cleanliness and optimization.

This is definitely a good aim trainer for Valorant.

4. AimTastic Aim Trainer For Valorant

This game is somewhat different from other aim trainers in that it focuses heavily on moving around an exercise map rather than being still.

The majority of the drills are designed to improve your aim in conditions where you must navigate the area. When walking down a corridor, be prepared to shoot targets that emerge from doorways.

The game also includes all of the normal aim trainer classic target maps, such as tile frenzy. This is a good simulation to practice in for Valorant.

If you want to develop your aim, this free Valorant aim trainer is also worth a shot. Instead of spheres or player models, archery targets are used in this game, which is a pleasant change.

Most goal trainers are static, asking you to stand still and shoot at targets on your screen; however, aimtastic is different. It allows you to navigate through specific maps while practicing your aim.

This is another aim trainer that I recommend for Valorant.

5. Beat Aim Trainer For Valorant

If you get really bored while aim training for Valorant, try this game.

Much like beat sabre, this is an aim trainer for Valorant that also happens to be a musical game. The developers of this game have concentrated on making goal training enjoyable, which is a major issue.

No one wants to spend the hours it takes to boost their target by grinding aim trainers, but if they can have fun while doing so, they could. The game includes AI-generated maps, which is a first for both of these aforementioned games.

This game reminds me of a 3D version of Osu where you can actually practice your aim. People have been wondering for years if Osu can help you better your goal, and now we finally have a similar game that can. Because of its uniqueness, I believe this will be a very successful game.

6. Aiming.pro

This is the first aim trainer that has proper video courses and guides for aim training. You can find it here. Which include up to 20 videos and 60 lessons.

It is also a good choice, it has over 100 training drills such as tracking, flicking and target switching. It also includes worldwide leaderboards and skill comparison to see where you stand.

Analytics are also a feature of this aim trainer, just like a lot of aim trainers, tracking data and seeing progress is very important.

All your sensitivities and settings can be matched to whatever game you are training for.

7. 3D Aim Trainer

Another free aim trainer, which is good quality too. There are already 8 million people signed up. The exercises range from flicking, clicking, tracking, target switching to strafe aiming. There are also aiming courses, the game looks decent and allows you to sync to whatever game you want.

Most importantly this aim trainer is browser based, meaning it is very lightweight and you don’t need to download anything. Although this can be seen as a negative because it is not as full fledged as the other aim trainers, it can be a very promising choice for some people.

There is also a data hexagon much like aimlab, which is the most popular trainer on the market. It’s good to see smaller projects following in the footsteps.

Other browser based aim trainers include: aimtrainer.io and overwolf aim trainer.


I hope you find this list helpful, there are a lot of aim trainers which can improve your aim for Valorant.

Nearly all Valorant professional players use Aimlab but that is because a lot of them are sponsored. I suggest you try out the top 3 on the list, starting with the free aim trainers and if the free ones aren’t good enough then you should try paid ones such as kovaak’s.

I think kovaak’s is the best paid aim trainer because of how detailed the aim trainer is.

These are the main aim trainers for Valorant that I recommend, there are a few others but most of them are very small projects and are may not be worth your time.

Make sure to train everyday if you want to improve your aim, and keep the same settings. That is the biggest part, keeping consistent with everything is what will give you results. It’s not hard to improve your aim, just try out a few of these trainers for Valorant.

If they don’t work, then you should use the Valorant shooting range and then play Valorant deathmatch for 30minutes afterwards. This will really help your aim.

Thanks for reading! Also, don’t forget to check out my gaming gear list if you need some ideas or inspiration about what gear you should use to improve your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best aim trainer?

The two most popular aim trainers are Aimlab and Kovaak’s 2.0, they have analytics, many exercises and integrated settings.

How do you train aim for Valorant?

You train aim for Valorant by practicing on aim trainers, playing Valorant deathmatch or using the in game shooting range.

Do aim trainers work for Valorant?

Yes, aim trainers work for Valorant because you can set your game profile to Valorant on most aim trainers, this will make the aim trainer settings the exact same as Valorant.

Do pro players use aim trainers?

Yes, nearly all Valorant professional players use aim trainers and a lot of other professional players in different games do too.

Are Aim trainers worth it?

Yes, because they improve your aim depending on how much you train, but there are many free aim trainers which are just as good as the paid ones, such as Aimlab.

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