The Best Aim Trainer For Destiny 2 A Complete Guide

best aim trainer for destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a giant online MMO with competitive game modes. With such a competitive environment your skills need the best aim trainer for Destiny 2.

The player base is strong and has only been growing, so it may interest you to train your aim to get an edge over other players.

So how exactly do find the best aim trainer for Destiny 2. Destiny 2 itself doesn’t really have a built-in aim trainer but you can play game modes like the crucible, which is similar to Deathmatch.

So to find the best aim trainer for this game, we have to look elsewhere.

These game modes allow you to respawn constantly and practice your aim against other players.

However, if you want to truly improve your aim, you should focus on the different fundamentals of aiming by using an aim trainer.

Only an aim trainer can really allow you to break down your aim into different sections and train on the ones that are weak. Here are the 2 Best Aim Trainers Head To Head.

How To Improve Aim With The Best Aim Trainer For Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 players have a lot of mobility including flying and sliding.

Since this is a fast-paced game it will require you to have good click timing and tracking ability.

Click timing is the ability to aim your crosshair onto an intended target and click accurately at the correct time.

Tracking is the ability to keep your crosshair on an opponent as they are moving across your screen. In Destiny’s case, that is when they are running, flying, or sliding.

With all these movement features it is important that you use the best aim trainer for Destiny 2 that you can possibly find.

To improve your aim you would want to use an aim trainer and select a map that trains your click timing or tracking.

You can also combine this with the crucible game more to get a good mix of in and out-of-game aim training.

It is important to have some level of aim training within your chosen game that you want to improve on.

This will allow you to get used to hitboxes, movement speed, player models, weapons, and your own movement.

Improving aim is all about consistency and volume of training.

The more you train and the more consistent you are, the better your aim will be. I suggest using the help of aim trainers daily to either warm up your aim or to train it for 20-25 minute sessions at a time.

Improve Your Aim At Destiny 2 Without An Aim Trainer

Good aim also comes down to a lot of other mechanics.

In Destiny 2 you can use sliding to your advantage because this will make your hitbox lower and throw your enemies’ aim off.

When players are aiming at head level as you do in FPS games, sliding will make them have to adjust very low to the ground.

Slide into gunfights to throw your enemy’s aim off. Everyone wants good aim, here was an article about people cheating to improve their aim.

Jumping is another movement mechanic that some players use to throw their opponents’ aim off. However, this increases your bullet spread and makes you a fully exposed target to hit.

If you jump, you will lose your accuracy. If your enemy jumps while in a gunfight then make sure to take your time lining up the shot because they are exposed and have inaccuracy. Double jumping is also another way to get killed.

When you do this you float in the air for extended periods of time just asking to be shot.

If you get caught off guard then instead of jumping use the slide mechanic or blink if you are a warlock. Blink is an evasive maneuver to help you escape to cover.

Aim for the head. Having good crosshair placement is the key to good aim.

If you consistently place your crosshair at head level, you will find yourself hitting more critical headshots and getting more kills.

Aim your reticle at head levels around corners in case players come around those corners and step right into your crosshair.

This is also very important with snipers. Hitting a headshot with a sniper can be incredibly difficult, but if you preaim head level and wait for your opponent to come around the corner you will have a much easier shot.

Kovaaks Click timing, Tracking

The first aim trainer that I suggest is Kovaak 2.0.

This aim trainer has been used by many Destiny 2 players to improve their aim for the longest time. Kovaak 2.0 has a wide variety of maps that focus on click timing and tracking at different difficulties.

This aim trainer is very popular in the FPS community and has professional players that use it from every major FPS sport.

If you are using Kovaak’s make sure to change the sensitivity scale option to Overwatch.

Currently, there is no Destiny 2 option however, Destiny 2 shares the same yaw value as Overwatch.

Take notice of how effective your aim is at different distances. For example, if your tracking aim suffers at a long distance then you can go onto tracking maps that have a longer range.

It is also good to warm up using Kovaak’s and I suggest using a wall map like Jumbo Tile Frenzy.

This will warm up your wrist because it forces you to flick in all directions with efficiency and speed.

Use the map 1 wall 6 targets TE in Kovaak’s to improve click timing in Destiny 2.

This exercise is great for practicing aiming for the head of targets. The scenario puts you at a medium distance away and provides small models that simulate heads.

You can practice on this map for 10 minutes before moving to the next one.

Another good map for click timing is called 1 wall 5 targets pasu_reload. This is a harder version of the previous scenario.

The dots are small moving targets that simulate the heads of moving opponents in Destiny 2. I recommend doing this exercise after the previous one because it will require some warm-up.

You also want to practice your close-range engagements.

Players in Destiny 2 move a lot because you can move and shoot in this game.

Practicing on the map called: close long strafes, is perfect to train your tracking aim in close-range engagements against other players and monsters.

The bot will strafe left and right while alternating randomly and has a long time to kill.

There are scenarios in Destiny 2 where your target will be elevated or floating in the air.

To practice this scenario we are going to use a map called: Air Invincible 2. The dot will slowly move around in the air. This will train your mid-range tracking aim to aim for the head against jumping or floating players.

It is important to practice your tracking skills at all ranges and all sizes.

Thinner targets will be harder to track and will result in better improvement of aim.

Tracking is very important in Destiny 2 because players are constantly moving around.

Monsters also have a long time to kill depending on your gear, so tracking is very important if you have to keep your crosshair on the target for more than 1 second.

If you don’t have good enough tracking you will lose most of your gunfights.

Aim Lab Routine

Aimlab is another aim trainer on the rise and has a lot of players already using it.

This is also an option if you want to train your aim for Destiny 2. There are a range of maps that cover the main sections of tracking and click timing.

Tracking is specifically important for Destiny 2 because certain players and monsters can have a lengthy TTK, so the better your tracking is the faster you will be able to drain their health bar.

It is important to have a routine that covers all aspects of your aim so you don’t fall short in any situation.

Aimlabs has multiple sections of maps to train parts of your aim. These are: flicking, tracking, speed, precision, cognition, and perception.

Routines for Flicking are great for people who are trying to improve their sniping in Destiny 2. Routines for tracking are great for auto rifles or SMGs.

To improve your click timing aim in Destiny 2, start with the map Gridshot Ultimate.

This is a great map to practice quickly aiming at heads.

Click timing is very important in Destiny because if you can hit a headshot you will deal significantly more damage or outright kill the opponent.

Players who can aim for the head have an advantage going into every gunfight with players who can’t.

You can also use a map called: spider shot for click timing.

This map has only 1 dot at a time that you have to shoot and they spawn in a larger area.

This will help with bigger adjustments to the heads of opponents. Click timing is very important and it is the most fundamental part of aiming.

Make sure you practice on these click-timing maps for a decent amount of time if you want to see improvement in your Destiny 2 aim.

Click timing maps are great to begin your training sessions with as they are a good source for warm-up and are generally easier than doing a tracking map first.

Tracking maps should come after the click timing maps because your aim will be crisp.

Another good way to improve your click timing is by having dynamic targets that move.

This map called: motion shot is perfect for that. The dots will spawn and move around your screen, you have to click them only once to destroy them. It will practice your headshot ability when aiming at moving targets in Destiny 2.

The good thing about this map is that the dots spawn high and low. Which will train your vertical click timing as well.

Having good tracking aim is super important for Destiny 2 players. Players and monsters are constantly moving around your screen at all elevations because they can slide or jump.

This map is called: switch track. This map spawns dots 360 degrees around you at all elevations, making it the perfect tracking tool.

You have to keep your crosshair on these dots for a certain amount of time before they disappear which is the same as players in Destiny 2 that have a time to kill.


It is easy to overtrain your aim in aim trainers. Be careful to not overdo it, as this will lead to pain in your fingers, elbows, shoulders, or wrists.

Overtraining can be detrimental to your aim and actually make your aim worse.

I suggest taking frequent breaks when using aim trainers and you should be careful of playing sessions longer than 25 minutes.

Listen to your body and don’t push it too much for the sake of getting better aim because this will hurt you in the long run.


Both Kovaak 2.0 and Aimlab are great options for those trying to improve their aim at Destiny 2.

These aim trainers have a wide variety of maps that can focus on every single aspect of your aim.

Try these out and see which one you prefer better for improving your aim. Destiny 2 is a highly popular game and aim shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

Focus heavily on your tracking aim alongside all the other aspects, as this is one of the main skills that is required for good aim in Destiny 2.

Mix in these aim trainers with the use of the Crucible mode because purely aim training outside of the game won’t be that efficient.

Make sure to not overtrain while using these aim trainers by giving yourself sufficient breaks and not playing for extremely long sessions.

Overall these are two great aim trainers to get you started in improving your aim in Destiny 2.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.