Best Aim Trainer For Apex Legends: 7 Great Picks

best aim trainer for apex legends

Apex legends is one of the hardest battle royale games to master in terms of aim. Which is why you should use the best aim trainer for Apex Legends to improve your aim.

There are many obstacles players face when they try to improve their aim.

Such as insufficient resources in the game to improve aim.

This includes not having actual game like models to practice against in game, leaving the only option to hot drop in real matches as the only way of practicing.

If you can only train your aim in the game then you have to wait for a queue to pop to drop in a highly contested area, die and repeat.

This can be extremely frustrating if you constantly die within the first few seconds of landing. However, there have been different ways apex players have been dealing with this issue which we will cover today. Read the Top 6 Best Aim Trainers On Steam.

Aiming In Apex Legends Is Hard

There are many factors that make Apex more of a difficult shooter than it’s competitors.

The first reason is because of the long TTK or time to kill.

Players can find shields scattered through the map which makes their TTK much longer.

However, the player health and shield in this game take longer to shoot through than other games like Fortnite.

Players also have certain abilities which can increase running speed.

The game is already a fast paced shooter with many mechanics that let you maneuver over and around obstacles with ease.

One of these mechanics is sliding, which is heavily used by many players.

What Is Apex Legends?

Apex legends is a futuristic battle-royale shooter game made by EA.

The game is a free to play, class based FPS set in the titanfall universe. 60 total players will drop onto an island through the means of a dropship and scatter with their designated squads.

The goal of this game is to be the final squad remaining to be crowned champion.

This game like every battle-royale has the circle system where a circle gets incrementally smaller on the island and anyone that is outside of the circle will be damaged and killed.

Although Apex is a unique game, it has fallen short to other battle royales such as Fortnite.

Improve With The Best Aim Trainer For Apex Legends

A player can improve his aim by training his aiming skills sufficiently and consistently.

One can do this either with an aim trainer or with a game’s built in shooting range.

You only have to train your aim for a minimum of 20 minutes a day before you start seeing results in aim improvement.

To improve your aim make sure you train the aspects of your aim that are weak. Here are all the different aspects of aiming.

Tracking: this part of your aim is most important in Apex Legends because people are very mobile and fast. Tracking simply means that you trace your target accurately with your crosshair as they are moving across your screen.

There is also dynamic tracking which means both you and your opponent are moving at the same time while you are tracking them.

Flicking: this skill is another important part of aiming that is in conjunction with having fast reactions. Flicking means you flick your crosshair from it’s initial position onto an enemy.

Target switching: the most basic form of aiming. Target switching measures how accurately a player can place their crosshair onto a target.

It is also important to keep in mind that each of these specific skills can be trained on specific maps within aim trainers.

For example on kovaak’s:

Tracking map: track master 100
Flicking: Jumbo Tile Frenzy
Target switching: 1 wall 6 targets TE
Read my article on a comparison between Aimlab and Kovaak’s here.

What Is The Best Aim Trainer For Apex Legends?

For a player to effectively improve their aim in this battle-royale it requires many factors.

The ability to train weapons that have the same recoil patterns as weapons found in game.
Allow the player to train against similar hitboxes and player models as Apex legends.
The player should be able to train against models that have player like speed and agility as found in game.

The ability to train certain attachments on weapons which can be found throughout the map in Apex legends.

Allow the player to train flicking, tracking and target switching skills.

In my opinion, Kovaaks is the best aim trainer for Apex Legends. An Apex Legends player by the name of Pinguefy recently tried kovaak’s aim trainer as a means to improve his aim over the period of 1 month.

At the beginning of the month he reported that his aim was subpar in terms of things such as tracking.

The video does a great job at explaining the end results and how it affected his aim in Apex Legends after 1 month of kovaak’s.

He said that the smoothness of his aim increased, his confidence in his flicks was a lot higher, his tracking and his ability to perform headshots improved.

Although this is a great testimony to whether kovaak’s is a good aim trainer for players looking to improve at Apex Legends, there may be a more suitable aim trainer out there.

Players are constantly using the slide mechanic for mobility in Apex.

So it is important to train tracking models that are moving as fast as a sliding player.

A good map for this would be cata ic long strafes thin.

This map provides a model that is strafing back and forth up and down a landscape. Perfect for tracking sliding players down hills.

It is also common to face a player in Apex that is ADAD spamming in a gunfight.

This means strafing left and right while shooting. Since you can move and shoot in Apex, this is a common thing players do. A good map for practicing this skill is called ground plaza invincible 8.

The model on this map is basically ADAD spamming exactly like players do. This will help with tracking targets strafing back and forth.

Players in Apex are also constantly jumping or grappling. You will struggle to aim at these players if you don’t practice your tracking.

A good map to practice this exact scenario is called: Bounce 180 tracking small invisible fixed. This map will practice the skill of timing shots when players are transitioning the jump up or down.

Regular gunfights in Apex nearly always involve your opponent moving.

For this example we will assume they are just strafing at a normal pace while dueling you.

To practice aiming for this skill, you will need to improve tracking at a slower speed. The map to use for this is called: Thin Gauntlet V2.

This exercise will improve your slow tracking ability on a thin target.

The model on this map is thin, so it will be harder to track and train your aim more. The thin target will mimic a standing player.

Another map called Air Dodge will allow you to practice vertical and horizontal tracking while incorporating your own movement.

This simulates another aspect of Apex when both players are moving and jumping around.

This exercise focuses a lot on your tracking and will prove very useful in a lot of scenarios you find yourself in the game.

Another map to improve tracking in a 1 on 1 gunfight is called Igc3 Reborn. I recommend you move around while trying to track the other target.

The target will move at player like speed around different obstacles. This is great once again for tracking in a duel.

Apex Aim Trainer On Steam

Not too long ago an aim trainer called “Apex aim trainer” became accessible on the steam store.

The aim trainer simulates Apex Legends as much as possible and far more than any other aim trainer. It also provides more aiming resources than the in game training mode itself.

Apex aim trainer allows the players to train the same types of weapons found with Apex Legends itself.

Weapons such as the volt, r301 and a dozen others. These weapons have bullet spread and recoil pattern that is very similar to the actual guns in the real game.

It also allows for players to train against moving player models that are similar size and Apex.

The trainer also has a feature where you can change the movement of these “bots” to simulate movement very similar to the game.

However, some players said the movement in the trainer was faster than Apex which is a great practice tool because it makes it easier to aim in Apex.

Not only that, the trainer allows for the player to train certain weapon attachments such as scopes, stocks, magazines and barrels.

These attachments in the trainer actually affect the guns in the same way as in the real game.

This is important because the attachments in game can change the bullet spread and the aim drift of the weapons.

Which is an important factor to consider when training your aim.

On top of this, the trainer also shows red arrows around the reticle and weapon scope which simulate the visual clutter experienced in the game.

Apex Legends has a lot of visual clutter when going into gunfights and to be able to simulate this in a practice environment is great.

The settings within this aim trainer also take into consideration the different scope sensitivity multipliers in apex legends.


The best aim trainer to use for Apex Legends is called Apex aim trainer.

Apex Legends is one of the few games that don’t have a proper shooting range where players can shoot actual player-like models with similar movement ability.

It is also difficult for aim trainers to simulate such a fast paced game.

When training your aim it is important to simulate the real game world as much as possible in another aim trainer.

This aim trainer provides many features that simulate what the battle royale is actually like in real game situations.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day, also don’t forget to check out my gaming gear list to see my favorite equipment that has improved my aim.

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