The Best Aimlab Valorant Settings To Use

Here are the best aimlab Valorant settings for you to use to improve your aim fast! Having the right settings in aimlab that match Valorant is super important, otherwise your aim will feel off after playing aimlab. Avoid this rookie mistake and use the right settings. It’s super easy to setup the right aimlab Valorant settings and you can begin to train your aim like the pros. Also aimlab does help you improve your aim, it’s not a myth, it’s just how aim training works.

Aiming in Valorant is one of the most important factors of the game, it’s not the most important, but it is a necessary component of every great player. Only having good aim and no brain will only take you so far. Only being smart but having no mechanical skill will also limit you. Train your aim properly and efficiently like I will explain and you will have the first piece to the puzzle of being a great player.

Make sure you check out my Valorant Aimlab routine for every skill level here. If you follow these routines you will be an aimstar in no time.

Does Aimlab Help With Valorant?

Perhaps you are wondering if you are actually wasting your time while you are training your aim on aimlab. One thing is for sure, regardless if you believe it helps or not, using the wrong aimlab valorant settings will definitely make your aim feel off. Which is why it’s important to read this whole guide and arm yourself with the knowledge that not many people have. Which is the correct aimlab valorant settings to be using at the moment.

If you listen to this guide and successfully set up your aimlab settings correctly, you will be able to train your aim as much as you want in aimlab and YES it will directly translate. If you are having trouble translating your aim, I suggest investing in a different gaming mouse. Purely because some mice are just not suited to some people. I personally use this one from amazon.

Aimlab is an aimtrainer and aim trainers do help your aim improve, however training your aim within Valorant itself is the best way to train for sure, because everything is exactly the same. However in aimlab there can be some slight differences, because its on a different game engine, with different movement, different viewmodels, different targets etc. But, if you become a player that ONLY trains your aim in Valorant itself that can be a problem too.

The best way then, is to get the correct aimlab valorant settings, so that your aim will translate as much as possible from aimlab to Valorant.

Because there have been some people on reddit talking about aimlab settings for valorant and the information is not complete nor up to date, I have created this guide for you.

aimlab valorant settings

How Do I Improve My Aim In Valorant?

There are 2 main ways to improve your aim in Valorant.

  1. Use the in game training range and then do deathmatch
  2. Use Aimlab or other aim trainers.

If you choose the second option make sure you check out the right aimlab valorant settings down below. There is more to improving your aim that just playing aimlab, you must be training at the right time, for the right duration and using the right exercises. Just like in any other endeavor you can’t blindly play. One thing that helped me with consistency is actually getting a mouse bungee. This removes any cable drag from your mouse and will make you more consistent. The one I use is this from amazon.

Well, training at the right time put simply, is warming up at the right time and aim training at the right time. There is a difference, warming up can take a minimum of 5 minutes, while training your aim sufficiently can last as long as 30minutes to 2 hour sessions. If you do a 2 hour session and then play competitive/scrims/officials, your muscle memory will be fried, because your tendons have been overused. Same goes for the duration.

How do I use aimlab for valorant?

Picking the right exercises can be difficult, check out my full guide on an Aimlab Valorant routine here to improve your aim in Valorant.

Aiming is a big a thing in this game and like many others, such as CSGO. The reason is because it is hardcore shooter, and even though there is a lot of game knowledge, aiming still plays a giant role in execution.

aimlab valorant settings

Aimlab Valorant Sensitivity Settings

If you just downloaded Aimlab you should find yourself on this settings screen.
If you already have setup Aimlab then you can navigate to the settings option.

Some people ask is aimlab valorant sensitivity different? Assuming that they have set their game profile to Valorant, the answer is no. As long as you have the correct FOV, game profile and the steps down below, it should be exactly the same. Make sure you also follow the FOV part of the guide in the next section too.

Now the good stuff, the first part of your new aimlab valorant settings is your sensitivity.

  1. For correct sensitivity conversion you must make sure to set your game profile to VALORANT. Otherwise your sensitivity conversion will be all over the place. Basically it means, if game profile isn’t set to valorant, then it doesn’t matter if you have the same sensitivity value in aimlab and valorant, because it will feel different.
  2. Then input the exact sensitivity you have on Valorant into the sensitivity field on the right hand side. Under the hipfire settings section.
  3. Make sure your FOV matches, which I will cover in the section: aimlab valorant settings FOV

aimlab valorant settings

Aimlab Valorant Settings FOV

What is Valorant FOV for aimlab?

Set it to 103, Valorant for game profile and aspect ratio 16:9 on 1920×1080 resolution, this will ensure the same aimlab valorant settings.

Also keep the ADS FOV to 90.

If you use a completely different resolution/aspect ratio in Valorant however, make sure you change the aimlab values to match.

Go and train hard. Also did you know that you could be wasting your time training if you have $2 shop gaming peripherals? Like your going up against people with quality gear. If you want to level out the playing field, I suggest you have a look at my peripheral gear list. It will give you a good idea of some affordable peripherals.


The right aimlab valorant settings can be a little detailed, but is definitely worth it. If you want to be able to have all your hard work in aimlab translate directly into Valorant, then make sure to follow this guide. Aimlab does make your Valorant aim better and you can improve your aim using an external aim trainer. The sensitivity in Aimlab is different than valorant by default but there are options to make them exactly the same.

However, the experience will not be completely the same because Aimlab runs on a different game engine than Valorant. All in all make sure you set the correct FOV, game profile, sensitivity and aspect ratio, then you should have the right aimlab valorant settings.

Training your aim can be for nothing if you don’t have the right peripherals for you. If you want to know how to get high quality peripherals that will improve your aim, then you should check out my gear list here.