How To Not Be Inconsistent At CSGO 3 Simple Reasons Why You Are Inconsistent

inconsistent at CSGO

I have been through the phase, just like everyone else, when you are inconsistent at CSGO. Counter Strike is a very challenging game and to be consistent requires a lot of play time. How come one game you can drop 30, but you can’t hit anything in the game right afterwards.

Everyone seems to get this problem only in CSGO , which is because it is a hardcore tactical shooter. The tactical shooter game mode requires you to always be on point no matter what, and if you fall behind slightly, your opponent will take advantage of that. However, there are players that are consistent at high levels in CSGO and you can be consistent too if you learn these tips.

You are most likely inconsistent at CSGO because of decision making mistakes, aim that varies game to game or not enough experience to counter the common scenarios you find yourself in. Think to yourself: Do I make poor decisions? is my aim consistent? am I experienced at CSGO?

Each one of these issues has a particular approach that you can use t0 fix them and I will show you how. By no means is CSGO an easy game, this is why so many people have consistency issues. Even the best players in the world, excluding a handful, are inconsistent throughout the year.

Here is how you can fix those issues mentioned above.

Not Enough Hours Of Playtime

Each round in CSGO is a collection of different scenarios played by players with different playstyles. There is only so many things you can do in each area of each map, which means you will experience a lot of the same scenarios over and over.

For example, if you are an AWPer playing catwalk on CT Dust 2, at the beginning of the round you can get boosted and look into lower tunnels before the Ts can get there, you can also peek top mid from the cutout on your right without the lowers players spotting you. When you are running around the catwalk corner to hold the lower tunnels angle, you will either be met by a T that just turned the corner as well, you will see an xbox smoke coming in or see nothing at all.

The xbox smoke cuts off your tunnels angle, but it also provides you with cover to peek wide to barrels at top mid. If there is no T rushing cat and no xbox smoke, you can hold the lower tunnels angle. The only thing that can happen next is either the T in lowers will swing into your angle, he will throw a bounce flashbang off the wall, which you can hear and dodge, or rarely his teammate from top mid will throw a flashbang for him.

See, a lot of playtime will make your memory a library of common scenarios. Each scenario that you see, you will be prepared for because you have faced it many times before. It only takes 2-3 times of experiencing a scenario before you can think of the ideal counter to it. However, if you don’t experience these scenarios on a daily basis, you run the risk of being met with constant unfamiliar situations. Which will result in some bad performances from game to game.

Incomplete Aiming skills Makes You Inconsistent At CSGO

If you wan’t a good aim training routine for CSGO, then read this article. Either you need to train your aim on a more regular schedule, or you need to bolster certain parts of your aim which are weak. First, lets talk about aim training schedules. Consistent aim is built by training your aim everyday. Whether you do that by playing pugs/matchmaking or using aim_botz/aim trainers, both are fine.

Here is a Kovaaks aim routine for CSGO

Here is an aimlab aim routine for CSGO

As bad as it seems, sometimes skipping a day or two will make your aim really inconsistent. Only a few players can pull off not playing everyday, these are often the ones with a lot of playtime already stacked up and on they used the same settings the entire time. At the end of the day, it all comes down to having good muscle memory, some people need to play everyday to keep their muscle memory for CSGO in check. If you currently have inconsistent aim, I suggest you try:

Warming up for 10-15minutes on aim_Botz/aim trainers before you play CSGO matches.
Train your aim daily, for at least 15-20minutes however you want, I prefer aim_botz then deathmatch.
Always include a couple CSGO pugs or scrims each day to apply the aim that you have trained on real players.

Some Aspects Of Your Aim Are Weak

Now the second part, some aspects of your aim are much weaker than others and this is what causes your inconsistency. You may feel like you are inconsistent because you are losing a lot more gunfights in certain games. Perhaps, in those games you are presented with more aim duels that demand your weaker skills such as tracking or spraying. It could also be because you are versing much more skilled opponents during different games that have very complete aim. Use CS:GO’s top aim training maps to fix incomplete aiming skills:

Think about where you fail the most. Is it flicking, tracking, spraying, rifling, using pistols, AWPing, micro adjusting or simply readjusting to moving targets.
To improve flicking: Use aimlabs/kovaaks to find flicking exercises and do those for 15minutes a day. You can also practice flicking in Aim_botz by placing your crosshair away from a bot and then flick 1 tapping them constantly.

To improve tracking: Use aimlabs/kovaaks in the same way to find a tracking exercise to do for at least 15 minutes. In CS:GO itself, go onto the CS:GO workshop and search for Reflex, find a map where you are in the center and bots are running around you in all directions. Practice tracking and shooting the heads of these bots.
To improve micro adjusting: Find a fast strafing map on Kovaaks or in CSGO download tr_trainingcenter from the workshop. Shoot at the buttons to find and choose a weapon, then enter each map until you find the one with a car and a few doors. This map is great because the bots constantly ADAD strafe. If you have trouble finding that, go on to a deathmatch server that is running Pistols, everyone will be ADAD spamming there.
If you want to focus on different weapons, isolate them and train them in an aim trainer or a CS:GO bots map, then in deathmatch.
If you just have bad aim: download and play Aim_botz for 15 minutes, just headshot the static bots. Then jump into deathmatch to apply this aim for 20minutes and your aim will be much sharper.

Inconsistent At CSGO
Inconsistent At CSGO


Everyone deals with inconsistency and it is a simple fix. Identify which weakness you have that I described and then follow the tips on how to improve upon those. Playing regularly is one of the best cures to inconsistency, as long as you are playing the correct things. Over time you will learn a lot of the common scenarios that you will face in every game. After that its all about your mechanical skill and you just need to improve the weaknesses in your aim. Consistently training your aim and playing more hours, is a surefire way to fix inconsistency at CSGO fast.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.