1 Simple Kovaaks CSGO Routine To Improve Your Aim Fast

kovaaks csgo routine

If you are looking to improve your aim in CSGO fast, you should waste no time and try this killer Kovaaks CSGO routine.

These routines have varying levels of difficulty, so it doesn’t matter what level of skill you are at currently.

Personally, I have been training my aim Kovaak’s for CS during the last 2 years.

I have seen a big improvement in my aiming, especially my tracking skills. CS:GO is all about headshots, so if you want to have an effective training routine, you need the correct exercises.

Doing 3 different Tile Frenzy exercises will get you nowhere. Targets need to be small to simulate the heads of players in CS.

How To Get Good Aim In CS:GO?

There are two main things you need for good aim in CS:GO. The first one is good crosshair placement. Niko is arguably the best aimer in counter strike and he has the best crosshair placement in the game.

He can keep his crosshair at head level regardless of the elevation of himself or the opponent. In his mind, he can also remember every possible angle an enemy can be positioned.

Good crosshair placement can only be trained within the game with either Deathmatch or playing matches. Sometimes the mouse cord can hinder your aim without you knowing, which is why some people use a mouse bungee.

The second thing you need is good aiming mechanics. This can be trained in Kovaak’s really easily. When training your mechanics It is important to train all parts of your aim, and have good variety in your routines like the ones below.

Some people prefer to use Aimlab because it’s a free alternative to Kovaak’s, Read my article on a comparison between Aimlab and Kovaak’s here.

Does This Kovaaks CSGO Routine Improve Aim?

Kovaak’s does improve CSGO aim and I have seen it for myself personally. After about a week of playing Kovaak’s, I already saw a difference in my tracking ability which was the weakest part of my aim.

In fact, there really isn’t a proper way to practice tracking in CSGO.

The closest thing you can do is to set up Aim_botz to have the players strafe side to side. But, the targets only move from left to right and are very predictable, this is not a good way to train.

However, on Kovaak’s you can train tracking in thousands of different scenarios. Kovaak’s can also improve target switching and flick shots. CSGO revolves heavily around pure mechanical skill, unlike some other games.

The Different Aspects Of Aiming

Aiming isn’t just one skill, it is a mechanic of the game that is comprised of multiple skills. Tracking, flicking, and target switching.

Tracking is when you trace accurately the enemy as they’re moving, preferably on the head. Flicking is when you flick your crosshair to a target that is far from the center of your screen.

Nowadays there are lightweight mice that make your flicks more natural and precise. Read my article about the top 5 lightweight mice.

If you can kill your targets with an awp or a flick headshot, you will survive a lot more in those situations. So it is important to practice flick 1 taps in Kovaak’s. Target switching is simply just readjusting your crosshair to the enemies’ heads.

The routines that I have created below take into consideration all of these different aspects of aiming so you can have the best aim in CS.

How To Setup Kovaaks For CSGO

Before you start using these routines, you need to set up your game properly to allow for aim to transfer between Kovaak’s and CS:GO.

  • First press escape and navigate to settings.
  • Press the “main” tab if not already presented.
  • Under sensitivity scale choose Quake/Source.
  • In Horizontal Sensitivity, type in your CS:GO sensitivity.
  • Check vertical sensitivity locked to horizontal, unless you have changed m_yaw in CS:GO. (nearly no one does that.)
  • FOV measurements set to Quake/Source.
  • FOV type in 90.
  • And you’re good to go. Now choose an aiming routine below.

Kovaaks CSGO Routine

I recommend nearly all players start with the beginner routine unless you have extended experience with using Kovaak’s. After following the beginner routine for 2-3 weeks you can then move on to the advanced routine when you feel comfortable.

BEGINNER Kovaaks CSGO Routine

1wall6targetsTE 500 – 15min – target switching
Focus on switching to different targets as fast as possible.
Try to kill as many targets as you can, as fast as possible.
Make sure you are still very accurate.

Thin gauntlet easy – 10min – tracking Focus on tracking the head of the model for as long as possible.
This exercise will improve your mouse smoothness and your tracking ability.
The thin model is perfect for simulating a real player in CS:GO.
Also, the speed of this target is similar to CS:GO strafing speed.

10minute break

Tamspeed 2bpes – 10min
Focus on fast target switching and 1taps.
Good for pistol rounds

Pokeball frenzy Auto TE wide – 10min – target switching
A perfect exercise for practicing medium-range headshots at all elevations.
Focus on precision and accuracy rather than flicks.
Try to readjust your mouse to the targets as fast as possible, in CS you don’t have much time to react.

Voxtargetswitchlick – 10min – fast 1taps – 10min
Focus on 1tapping each target as fast as possible.
Train your flicks instead of your tapping.
This exercise will help train fast headshots against strafing opponents.
Perfect for pistol rounds or deagle rounds.

ADVANCED Kovaaks CSGO Routine

1wall6targets small – 10min – target switching
Focus on precision and speed once again.

1wall6targets small never miss – 15min – target switching
Focus on precision and speed.
The goal is to be fast but extremely accurate at the same time.
These small targets will make you have more precise headshots in CS.

Thin aiming long invincible – 10min – tracking
This exercise will help your tracking a lot.
The speed of the target is much faster than CS, this will make players feel slower in the game.
Focus on tracking the head of the target as accurately as possible.

10minute break

Rexstrafescata Invincible – 10min – tracking
Focus on tracking the head of the target as it changes direction and elevation.

Dev Target Switch 360 – 10min – tracking
This exercise will help you track the heads of enemies in CS.
The target speed in this exercise is perfect for strafing targets.

Kovaaks CSGO Routine Perfect Warmup

Routine warm-up is separate from training your aim, you only do one at a time.

They have different uses and applications. If you want to warm up your aim instead of training it, then choose one tracking exercise and one target-switching exercise.

Play 15 minutes in total until you feel that you have good control of the mouse and you are completely warmed up.

If you need better control, perhaps look at getting a better mousepad.

When To Use The Kovaaks CSGO Routine And When To Warm Up

Choosing when to warm up and when to train is very important. Warming up aim is important if you are about to play an important match. This can either be an official match or a qualifier game.

It could even simply be pugs if you want. Sometimes people have monitors with a low refresh rate and it makes their aim sluggish, but in reality, if they had a 240hz monitor their aim would be on point and they wouldn’t have to warm up.

It all depends on what games are important for you.

You only want to warm up when you haven’t played for the last 2 hours or more.

Also, it is important to avoid training your aim just before you play matches that are important to you, because this will exhaust your muscle memory.

This is a situation where warming up can be more effective instead of training your aim.

If you want to do both, train your aim a few hours prior to playing games and give your wrist at least a 2-hour break from not playing.

Measuring Progress

Progress tracking is important for improving skills.

You can either statistically track your aim progress within Kovaak’s or you can simply go by feel. For tracking statistics, look at scores and accuracy.

Personally, I think going by feel is a much better measurement of progress. When actually playing CS, see if your aim feels any better.

The more clean headshots you can get in the game is a good indicator of progress.

How Often To Follow The Kovaaks CSGO Routine

I recommend you follow one of these routines daily. Generally, it is good to start the day with an aim training routine.

After completing a routine, you can take a 15-minute break and then start playing CS.

However, what I found worked for me was doing a Kovaak’s routine, taking a 30-minute break, and then playing CS deathmatch for 20 minutes to make sure my aim converts over.

After that, I would start playing CS. If you start with the beginner routine, you can move on to the advanced routine after a week of consistent daily training on the beginner program.

If you are serious about improving your aim, check out my gear list!

Kovaaks Makes My Aim Worse!

Aim trainers do not make your aim worse. Overtraining your aim whether it is in the game or on an aim trainer will make your aim worse.

Prevent overtraining by giving yourself sufficient breaks and stretching your wrists if you need to.

You can stretch your wrists easily by placing your palms and fingers on a wall, pointing down.

If you play CS right after you train your aim, you could experience poor aim because you have exhausted your nervous system, take a 1-hour break, and then do the small warmup routine that I explained.

Lightweight mice allow you to play longer and are gentle on the wrists.

What Aim Trainers Don’t Do

As I mentioned before, there are 2 parts to having a good aim in CS. Aim trainers can only do 1 part.

Make sure you play a lot of CS if you want to have good aim.

Apply the skills that you learn in Kovaak’s into CS and then improve your crosshair placement, angle knowledge, and peeks.


These 2 routines will improve all aspects of your aim for CS.

They are tailored specifically for what CS offers. Follow these routines correctly and at the correct times.

Make sure you take care of your wrist health and that you do not overtrain because this will just lead to diminishing results.

Improve your aim in Kovaak’s then play CS a lot to improve every other skill that aim trainers can’t teach you.

Be consistent and dedicated, you will see results soon.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day, don’t forget to check out my gaming gear list to see my favorite equipment that has helped me improve my aim.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.