The Best Aimlab Gridshot Guide, 5 Tricks To High Score

aimlab gridshot

Aimlab gridshot is perhaps the most popular exercise (task) on aimlab, it’s an aiming exercise which will improve flicking mechanics, speed and accuracy. This exercise is my personal favorite for warming up before playing ranked on Valorant.

The exercise consists of 3 ball targets that will spawn randomly on an invisible grid and will consistently respawn to allow for all 3 targets to be visible to you at once.

After 10-15minutes on this exercise, you will feel your aim become crisp and warmed up. Many professional players use gridshot in their training routines, such as Tenz who has reached 131k points. The average gridshot score on Aimlab sits between 60,000 – 70,000 points, however the best players in this exercise will be between 100,000 – 200,000 points.

The world record for gridshot as of 3/06/2021 is currently held by draco and I will reveal the score in this post. I will go into full detail about the world record below.

I have some great tips for you to get a high score and increase your points drastically in this blog post. You might even be able to reach 100,000 points if you haven’t already.

What Is The Average Aimlab Gridshot Score?

For most beginners the average score among the community sits around 60,000 to 70,000 points. Within 4-6 months many players will be able to reach over 100,000 points with consistent practice. For a lot of players that are very experienced with first person shooters and aim trainers, they may reach over 80K points in Aimlab gridshot as a beginner.

It is not uncommon for professional players and experienced aimlab players to place over 100K points.

Player Level Average Points

Beginner 50,000 – 70,000
Intermediate 70,000 – 90,000
Expert 90,000 – 110,000
Aimlab Gridshot World Record
As of 3/06/2021, Draco holds the world record for gridshot. Although there are many players on the Aimlab leaderboard with 180k+ points, they do not seem legit. However Draco has real footage of his world record score on gridshot. Here are his scores:

Mode Points

Gridshot Ultimate 157.9k
Gridshot Speed 172k
You can watch his world record for gridshot ultimate here, and his world record for gridshot speed here.

5 Tips To Improve Your Aimlab Gridshot Scores!

  1. Always switch to the targets nearest to your crosshair.
    Switching to the nearest target to your crosshair will save more and more time as you progress through the exercise and this will all add up at the end.
  2. Use a dark background and bright targets for better vision and reflexes.
    A lot of high scoring players use a black background for the environment/level and combine this with bright yellow or red targets. This will enhance your ability to react to targets that are spawning very fast. These can be done in the settings which I will cover below in this post.
  3. Warmup your wrist and preferably stretch beforehand.
    This exercise is extremely demanding on the wrist because it requires so many micro adjustments. These micro adjustments are often more efficiently done with the wrist. This means that with a warm and nimble wrist you will have more control over your accuracy and precision.
  4. Maintain consistent mouse settings and peripherals.
    Aiming doesn’t come easy. Your ability to aim is solely dependent on your built up muscle memory which you will improve over thousands of repetitions. If you change your sensitivity, mouse or mousepad too often, you will not progress as fast as you’d like.
  5. Practice everyday.
    The most obvious thing that will improve your score is practicing. If you want to reach over 100K points, chances are you will have to play a few sessions everyday. Results should show after a few days, but if you want to reach scores as high as this, you have to be patient or already very experienced with aiming. If you need an aimlab routine I have made one in this post here.

Aimlab Gridshot Settings For High Scores.

These settings will greatly help your brain to recognize targets faster and focus more.

For these settings we will change two things: target color and background color. All other settings such as sensitivity and resolution depends on the individual and their experience with it. There is no god setting that will be good for everyone.

  1. Change target color
    Navigate to settings -> game settings -> find “Target Color” in cosmetic settings. Change this to either yellow/red or Teal
  2. Change background color
    Navigate to custom -> graybox -> on the main element turn tiling to 0, smoothness to 1 and bring all the color tint sliders to around 50%.

Does Aimlab Gridshot Improve Aim?

Read all aimlab ranks here.

Gridshot is one of the best exercises that you can do to improve your aim in FPS games, whether that is Valorant or CSGO. It can be used as a warmup or to train your aim. To warmup I recommend at least 10-15minutes of Gridshot Ultimate or Speed. Here are some tips for valorant aimlab routines.


Aimlab Gridshot is one of the best and most popular exercises to improve your aim on Aimlab. It is great for micro adjustments, speed, precision, flicking and reflexes. There many players that have mastered this exercise with insane high scores. Hopefully you will also get highscores with these tips I have shared with you.

This exercise should be a staple in everyone’s aiming routine.

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