What Aim Trainer Does Tenz Use? 1 Wierd Answer

what aim trainer does tenz use

Tenz is arguably the best Valorant player during 2020, much of his progress can be attributed to his robotic aim.

So what aim trainer does Tenz use?

Tenz has been an FPS player for a long time, he was noticed in the late stages of CS:GO where he got picked up by a team called Cloud 9.

During his time in CS:GO he showed his perfected aiming skills against some of the best players in the game.

Now he has moved to Valorant and his aim has come with him. In fact, he may be the best aimer in Valorant right now. He is known for his flashy jett plays and mechanical aim on his rifles.

What Aim Trainer Does Tenz Use? This One.

Tenz uses Aimlab. He has said on stream that he uses Aimlab to warm up his aim before he plays Valorant.

If you tune into his stream you can often see him playing tasks like Gridshot on Aimlab, before then playing the Valorant shooting range or hopping into a radiant game.

If you want godlike aim like Tenz, pay attention to how he trains his aim.

Tenz states that he doesn’t train his aim everyday, but when he has downtime or is in queue he will load up Aimlab or train his aim within Valorant.

The way I’ve seen him train his aim in Valorant, is by first shooting some bots on the training range.

He will play the training range located inside the warehouse, on hard difficulty.

Sometimes he will also warm up his flicks and snapping on the floating targets outside of the warehouse.

Afterwards he may jump into Valorant deathmatch for 20-30minutes. Read the Full Valorant Aimlab Aim Routine.

How Good Is Aimlab

Aimlab is one of the best aim trainers I have used and it’s free on the steam store.

There are multiple categories to choose from such as: tracking, flicking, speed, perception, cognition and more. Each category is filled with dozens of exercises to train every part of your aim. Aim is a skill which is made up of many factors.

If you want good aim in Valorant you have to train all parts of your aim.

Since Valorant is a slow paced shooter, practice your flicking and target switching a lot more than your tracking.

Most of the time when a character is moving very fast they are invisible like Reyna’s dismiss and Jett’s dash.

This is why flicking to their end position is better than tracking them when they are invulnerable.


So what aim trainer does tenz use? Aimlab is the aim trainer of choice for Tenz, everyday you can see him warming up his aim with Aimlab on his stream.

Personally I think Aimlab has more than enough tasks to train your aim and is one of the best free aim trainers.

Remember that Tenz also utilises the Valorant training range and deathmatch servers. Keep that in mind if you are aspiring to have mechanics as good as Tenz.

Tenz’s Gaming Peripherals

From his stream I have found out his gear list here:






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