Do Pros Use Aim Trainers The Truth With 36 Pro Players

do pros use aim trainers

Do Pros Use Aim Trainers? Aim trainers have become extremely popular over the course of 2020, causing many pro players to use aim trainers to hone their skills for competitive play.

There are pro players from every big shooter esport game that use aim trainers on a daily basis.

These games include CS:GO, Fortnite, Rainbow six, Valorant and Overwatch. Nearly every professional player has at least tried an aim trainer before, this is because of their dedication and focus towards their aim.

If you want good aim, not only do you need the right tools but you also need the right amount of dedication.

Aim training should be a daily focus for players that aspire to having pro level aim, this can be achieved with an aim trainer or within game resources.

Aim trainers are used by some of the best players in each esport such as Zywoo (CS:GO), Tenz (Valorant) and Bugha (Fortnite).

Aim trainers are also good to warm up aim not only train aim. It is important to warm up your aim and muscle memory before hopping right into games, this will increase your chance of having sufficient mechanics.

Aim trainers provide opportunities to train skills that otherwise are difficult to train in certain games.

It is important to note that some of these players are sponsored by the aim trainer companies. There are also many aim trainers that are free to use online. Here are some of the best aim trainers for FPS games.

These pros have developed incredible natural aim from the large volume of hours they play in regular matches and aim maps. Some games have aim maps available for download.

For example CS:GO has workshop maps that users can upload their own maps to use as aim training tools.

The best practice for your aim is playing in the exact scenarios which you want good aim. Which for most is ranked games or official games. These pro players have played countless hours of these gamemodes where they have perfect aim.

This is because of the sheer amount of aiming volume over others they have in a real match environment.

You only get pro level aim when all aspects of your aim are trained. Aiming at its core consists of Flicking, tracking, target switching and spraying. If you only practice flicking then you wont have good aim in every other scenario where you don’t have to flick a target.

Aim is also not just completely mechanical. Pro players are so in tuned with the game they know where every angle and corridor is. They know the exact timings of where a target can pop out from and where to place their crosshair.

Even if you have incredible aim it won’t help you when you have an opponent aiming at the back of your head.


Aiming is also a factor of how comfortable you can grip the mouse in a grip that is effective.

For example having fingers on the side of your mouse to provide stability improves aim. If you don’t have a grip you are used to you should try fingertip gripping with a small mouse.

A small mouse is required because it will be easier to move the mouse around with your fingers. A fingertip grip provides the most amount of micro adjustment because there are 5 fingers instead of 1 wrist joint focusing the mouse direction.

It is recommended to have a lighter mouse as well for this grip. Having a good mouse to fit your hand is important, I recommend the Glorious model O on amazon for people with smaller hands and the Zowie EC1A on amazon for larger hands.

Settings and mousepad

Good aim comes with comfort and familiarity to settings. The longer you play on the same DPI and sensitivity, the better your aim will be.

When picking a sensitivity make sure it is not too high and not too low. The higher it is the longer it may take to get used to controlling such a sensitivity and if it’s too low it will be near impossible to make small adjustments in time.

Also having the right mousepad which isnt too slow and isnt too fast will help you having good control over your mouse. I have found this balance with the Glorious XL mousepad from amazon.

List of pro players in each game that have been seen on aim trainers.

Tenz aimlab (VALORANT)

Bntet aimlab (CS:GO)

Coldzera aimlab (CS:GO)

Aceu aimlab (VALORANT)

Fl0m aimlab (CS:GO)

Sinatraa aimlab (VALORANT)

NBK aimlab (CS:GO)

Kscerato aimlab (CS:GO)

Tfue aimlabs (FORTNITE)

Mongraal aimlab (VALORANT)

Scream aimlab (VALORANT)

Mrsavage aimlab (FORTNITE)

Bugha kovaak 2,0 (FORTNITE)

Elige kovaak 2,0 (FORTNITE)

Clix kovaak 2,0 (FORTNITE)

Shroud aim booster

Pine aim hero (OVERWATCH)

Ethan aimlab (CS:GO)

Mixwell aimlab (VALORANT)

Davidp aimlab (VALORANT)

Shox aimlab (CS:GO)

vF serious kovaak 2,0 (OVERWATCH)

sayaplayer kovaak 2,0, aimhero (OVERWATCH)

Soulcas aimlab (VALORANT)

Yay aimlab (VALORANT)

Android aimlab (VALORANT)

Hiko aimlab (VALORANT)

Apex aimlab (CS:GO)

Zywoo aimlabs (CS:GO)

L1nk aimlab (VALORANT)

Kryptix aimlab (VALORANT)

Ec1s aimlab (VALORANT)

Luckerrr aimlab (VALORANT)

Woxic aimlab (CS:GO)

Nitr0 aimlab (VALORANT)

Pyth aimlab (VALORANT)

Some pros are sponsored to use aim trainers

A portion of these professionals have been sponsored by companies to use their aim trainers.

Although this is a marketing tactic, many of these pros have decided to stick with the aim trainers for daily use such as Tenz. You can see pros on their livestream train their aim on tools like Aimlab before they hop into their games.

This can be seen on a daily basis for some players, which proves that these aim trainers are liked by a lot of professionals and is a valuable tool to use to your advantage.

Some games have better tools than aim trainers
Aim trainers can be extremely convenient in games that don’t have the necessary tools to practice every aspect of your aim. For example in CS:GO it is not as common for pro players to use aim trainers unless they are sponsored.

Nearly no pro player in CS:GO consistently uses an aim trainer without being sponsored.

This is because CS:GO and the steam workshop provide a wide variety of training maps that players can use to train every single aspect of their aim from flicking to target switching and tracking.

The best way to practice your aim for a specific game is by shooting the targets in that specific game.

This is because the movement, target model and all the mechanics are the exact same when you’re training in the same game.

However, if you switch to an aim trainer, the resolution, sensitivity, movement, target model and field of view can all be completely different, which is why a lot of people don’t see a direct translation in their aim from aim trainers to games.

However, in games like Fortnite, there are a limited amount of tools that you can use to train your aim which is why it is very popular for pro players to use aim trainers. When Kovaak 2.0 first came out it was widely used by a lot of the Fortnite community because players wanted to get an edge over each other.

Valorant is another game in which aim trainers are very popular among professional players.

A lot of these professional players only use Aimlab for example to train their aim and nothing else within the game.

This could have been because there was no deathmatch mode in Valorant for a while or because Valorant’s bot target range is not as good as some players would like. The target range in Valorant only consists of a few floating targets and a single training area with limited options.

So do pros use aim trainers?

A lot of pros that come from CS:GO and moved to Valorant are used to maps like “Aim Botz” which provide a wide range of options to let users practice every aspect of their aim.

Perhaps this is why they are dissatisfied with Valorant’s target range and have moved on to programs like Aimlab

How much do pros use aim trainers each day?

The amount of time pro players use aim trainers or train their aim in general is completely different for each person.

Some pro players like pyth from Valorant have said they just warm up on Aimlab, other players like Tenz can be seen training their aim for hours on one day and none the next.

Training your aim is up to what the individual decides. If your aim is really lacking in a lot of areas then spend more time training your aim each day. Consistency is key and every day you miss will make your aim suffer.

Another thing to consider is if you play other games on different sensitivities, this can affect your aim because you have to constantly adjust to different sensitivities across games.

There are free online tools that you can use to convert your sensitivity across games but sometimes there isn’t a way to have a 1:1 ratio because of other factors like resolution locking.

Valorant resolution locks to 16:9 and doesn’t allow 4:3 stretched, so if you are a CS:GO player that moves to Valorant, even if you convert your sensitivity there will be no way for sure to have a 1:1 ratio because the resolution and FOV are locked.


Do pros use aim trainers even if they are not sponsored?

Yes, Aim trainers are used by a majority of professional players across all FPS games.

A lot of professional players are sponsored to use these aim trainers and others genuinely use it to improve their aim on a daily basis. Some pros play more than others each day, training time is completely up to the individuals.

Aim trainers have been used but professional players in games such as CS:GO, Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch and Rainbow six.

World champion players such as Bugha use Aim trainers on a consistent basis.

These tools are a great way to improve your aim no matter what level you are at. A lot of players who aspire to have better mechanics can improve from these tools, not all of these tools are paid, some of them are free.

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Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.