Free Aimlab Routine For CSGO 4 Intense Levels

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If you want good aim in CS:GO, you should defintely try this free Aimlab routine for CSGO. Aim trainers are important in improving aim in FPS games, because they allow you to train all different aspects of your aiming skill.

Aim is made up of multiple different skills that can each be trained within an aim trainer.

Personally I have found it very hard to practice all different aspects of my aim in CS. The only resources I have to train my aim in CS are Deathmatch and Aim_botz.

Neither of which really isolate my tracking and micro adjusting ability. On the other hand, Aimlab provides specific exercises to target those weaknesses and more.

Is Aimlab Good For CS:GO?

Aimlab is a great aim trainer to use for CS:GO and it’s free. There are 8 different categories of exercises that you can choose from: flicking, tracking, speed, precision, cognition, perception and two AI modes.

CS aiming is a lot about flicking, snapping and micro adjusting. Aimlab has dozens of exercises for each of those parts. If you want great aim in CS:GO you should try these Aimlab routines tailored for CS down below.

I have found that I get better flicks when I use a lightweight mouse, I wrote an article about my top mice picks here.

Aimlab even allows you to have a stretched resolution and transfers your CS sensitivity across. You can even change your viewmodel and use different weapons if you like. Personally I have seen a big improvement in my aim after the assistance of these aim trainers.

There were weaknesses in my aim that I could not improve just by playing CS itself. Aim trainers are a great tool to cover your weaknesses. Read the Best Aimlab Aim Routine For CS:GO

How To Set Up Aimlab For CS:GO

First download AImlab from steam, it’s free.

Then when you open it, you will be taken through multiple screens to choose your settings.
Make sure you select game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the left hand drop menu.
On the right choose your CS:GO sensitivity, the values in Aimlab are exactly the same if you have chosen the CS game profile.

Change your field of view to 90 to match CS, even if you use different viewmodel_fov settings in CS, it doesn’t matter.
If you are an awper you can also choose ADS profile, set to AWP scoped. Then ADS sensitivity is the zoom_sensitivity_ratio CS command.

How To Choose Resolution And Set Up Stretched Resolution

The next screen you will see is the graphics screen.
Choose display mode fullscreen.
Choose your resolution. If you want stretched then click: display stretching ratio and change it to 4:3 or whatever you use in CS.
Then choose your resolution, mine is 4:3 stretched 1280×960.

Different Types Of Aiming

Before we talk about the different routines and exercises, it’s important to teach you the different parts of aiming. Each part of aiming has a different purpose and you can train each othem in Aimlab. Different types of aiming is more effective in different situations and with different guns in CS.

Also the quality of your mouse will either contribute to your aim or detract from it, if you don’t know what is best to use, here is my gear list.

For example tracking and flicking is more important with an AWP in CS compared to microadjusting. For pistols microadjusting is much more important than flicking.

This is because every pistol round can become an ADAD spam, where players strafe back and forth to mess up their hitbox.

The different types of aiming are: flicking, tracking, target switching and micro adjusting. Flicking is when you quickly readjust your crosshair to a target that is far from your crosshair.

Tracking is the skill you use when you trace a target that is moving or strafing. Good aim comes when you are comfortable with your gear, choose the right mouse because that is the most important part.

Target switching is when you readjust your aim to a target’s head. Finally micro adjusting is the movement of your wrist when you are trying to make small crosshair adjustments.

This skill usually happens when a player is strafing and you are trying to track their head. Instead of tracking you are using small micro flicks or micro adjustments to hit a single click on their head.

Did you know that Kovaak’s is another super popular aim trainer just like Aimlab, but a lot of people prefer it? I wrote an article detailing a side by side comparison of the two aim trainers here.


If you are a beginner when it comes to training your aim in general, choose the beginner routine. But, if you have some experience with training your aim within aim trainers or CS:GO itself, choose intermediate.

You can move up a level after every 2 weeks, as you feel comfortable.

BEGINNER Aimlab Routine For CSGO

Category flicking – task spidershot – 10min
Spidershot is a great exercise to get you started.
Focus on your precision and accuracy while slowly building up your speed.
In the early stages of aim training it is important to build accuracy, as this will be the foundation you lay for your aim.

Do not try to consciously move your crosshair and click accurately on the targets. Instead just naturally click on each target while trying to practice your small range flicking.

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you get yourself a high quality mouse, this one did the trick for me as a beginner.

Category flicking – task linetrace – 10min Line trace is a good exercise to get you familiar with the path that your crosshair will take to flick onto a target from the center of your screen.

This will increase your flicking path and accuracy. Take your time when tracing the lines, however, don’t do it too slowly. The more conscious you are when you are moving your crosshair, the worse your aim will be. Aiming should be a subconscious and natural motor pattern. Train it as such.

Category Precision – spidershot – 10min
Focus on being precise, the exercise will train your precision in all directions. You have to shoot the orb in the center of the screen to spawn another. Each target will change its size and throw in variety for your aim.

Category tracking – task motiontrack – 10min
Focus on keep your crosshair at the center of each target. Flick your crosshair onto the target as fast and accurately as possible.

This will improve your tracking speed, accuracy and smoothness. All of which are important to laying the foundation of your tracking aim.


At this point you are already familiar with how these exercises work, keep it up and try to improve your efficiency now.

Category flicking – task microflex – 10min
This flicking exercise has repercussions if you can’t flick fast enough. Microflex is a good exercise that teaches you to be faster with your flicks. Just like in real games where you have little time to react to an opponent.

Category flicking – task reflexshot – 10min
Focus on flicking accurately, the more accurate you are the better.
This will improve your mouse control greatly.

Category tracking – task strafebot – 15min
Make sure your mouse tracking is smooth and comfortable.
Focus on tracking at the same time, not dying.

Break for 10min

Category speed – task microshot -10min
Focus on the small microadjustments.

Category precision – task reflexshot – 10min

ADVANCED Aimlab Routine For CSGO

Category flicking – task gridshot – 15min
Speed is key with this one, a good way to warm up your aim as well.

Category flicking – task timingshot – 10min
A good exercise to practice holding angles with players strafing into your crosshair.

Category tracking – task spheretrack – 10min
Focus on make correct adjustments to your tracking when the orb changes direction sporadically.

Category speed – task motionshot – 10min
Focus on speed and efficiency.

Category precision – task motionshot – 10min
Focus on accuracy.

MASTER Aimlab Routine For CSGO

Category flicking – task spidershot 180 – 10min
Focus on small flicks with your wrist and bigger ones with your arm.

Category flicking – task sixshot – 15min
Shoot the orbs with as many flicks as you can in all directions.

Category tracking – task freetrack -10min
Polish up your tracking by tracking your crosshair in the center of the target’s head as much as possible.

Break 10min

Category speed – task strafeshot – 10min
Improve your strafing aim.

Category precision – task circleshot – 10min
Try and kill the targets as fast as possible with accuracy.

Reaching this level of aim is very difficult and usually these players have top gaming gear, if you don’t know what to get then check out my gear list!

Warmup Routine, When To Warm Up And When To Train

Sometimes it’s best if you just warm up instead of training your aim for a full session. For example, if you have a specific match to play that is important, you don’t want to train your aim just beforehand. Incase you exhaust your nervous system and make your hands tired.

When your hands are tired, your aim suffers a lot. I found this out the hard way. It is best from my experience to train your aim for a session a couple hours before you play normal games. Then warm up for 15 minutes, just before you play.

Doing this gave me the perfect balance of improving aim and having fresh aim ready to play.

How Often To Follow This Aimlab Routine For CSGO

I suggest that you try and stick with these routines every day, do a routine on a daily basis. Consistency is what makes good aim and inconsistency is what makes bad aim.

If you don’t train your aim everyday or atleast play the game, then your hard work will start to diminish.

Not many people can just pick up the game every once in a while and still have great mechanics. Usually it takes an hour or so a day of training your aim, if you want incredibly precise mechanics. For me it wasn’t that difficult, training everyday becomes a habit and you can see results after a few days.

Measuring progress

Measuring your progress isn’t that important. It’s better to just play the game and feel if your aim is getting more comfortable as the days go on. Statistics and results in aim trainers are great, but usually they don’t really correlate that well.

Since aim trainers and CS:GO are two completely different games, it’s really hard to tell. When you start seeing yourself hit more headshots or track better then you will know what parts of your routine are really working.

If you find that you have a specific weakness while doing these routines, for example tracking, then you should add an extra tracking exercise in.

Aimlab Makes My Aim Worse

I have heard this opinion quite a bit, where people have had worse results after using aim trainers. Personally I have experienced this too, but it wasn’t the aim trainer that was making my aim worse.

So many players complain that they have bad aim when their mousepad becomes slower. This can be because of overuse on the mousepad and certain mousepads are lower quality than others and can be affected by humidity which in turn makes them slower.

All that happens is, your wrist gets exhausted and when that happens you don’t have great fine motor skills. If you train your aim intensely then hop right into a game, your not going to see great results, in fact, you are probably going to have worse aim.

In addition, be careful with how much training time your wrists can endure. If the routines are too long, then cut it short or take more breaks in between exercises. Take care of your wrist health because this is what will determine if you have good aim or not.

What The Aimlab Routine For CSGO Doesn’t Do

Aimlab is a great tool we can all use to improve our aim. It lets us focus on the specific weaknesses each individual has with their aim.

But, since Aimlab is a separate game to CS:GO, the engine is different and the games are completely unique to each other. Aim will not completely translate 1:1 between CS:GO and Aimlab but it definitely gives you better ability to control your mouse.

Playing CS will make you improve your aim and Aimlab will improve your mouse control and cover your weaknesses. Make sure you pay attention to all the aiming mechanics in CS:GO, like peeking, angle knowledge and crosshair placement.

Preaiming a target is easier than having to flick to one.


I have found that aim trainers are a great way to boost your aiming skills in CS:GO. In fact, CS:GO is such an aim heavy game, I would say it is important that you use the assistance of an aim trainer.

Remember to learn the aiming mechanics of CS, while training your aim on the side. Stick with these routines for long periods of time to see great results in your aim. Move up each level when you feel comfortable and always take care of your wrist health while training.

Thankyou for reading! that means you take your skill seriously, if you want to improve fast, make sure you have gear like the pro’s do. Which is why I suggest you check out my gear list for some inspiration

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.