Top 5 Best Mice For CS GO

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The best mouse for CS:GO will be one that you can comfortably rely on for precise aiming.

Gaming mice come in all different shapes and sizes, each mouse is extremely unique and there is one for everyone.

I have chosen the wrong mouse plenty of times before and my aim suffered greatly.

Before you choose a mouse for cs go, have a read and find out which one will personally suit you the best. Read the Top 5 Best Wireless Lightweight Mice.

Zowie EC2-B/EC1-B Divina Pink: The Best Mice For CS GO?

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Amazing looks
Very comfortable shape for right handed
Top of the line sensor

Buttons: 6
Dimensions: EC2 120 x 61 x 40mm. EC1 128 x 64 x 43mm
Color: pink
Sensor: optical
Brand: Zowie
Weight: 90g
DPI: 400/800/1600/3200
The EC series have been the most popular mice used among CSGO players from all skill levels. Back in the day, nearly everyone used the one and only EC2-A, now there are more than 5 types of EC series.

Each comes with their own unique coating, sensor and switches. But my pick has to be EC2-B Divina Pink, because it has all the greatest features and the best looks by far.

If you have bigger hands, I would go for the EC1 version instead because it has slightly bigger dimensions, but most people fit the EC2.

I have used this mouse for over a year and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

Before I switched to the Divina version, I was using the standard EC2-A which was very bland and outdated.

The Divina comes in both blue and pink, however I think pink is a lot more unique.


My absolute favorite thing about this mouse is the ergonomic shape.

It is designed purely for right handed players only, but man does it feel effortlessly comfortable. Almost like your hand naturally rests and shapes itself perfectly onto it.

The wide back fits snug into the back of your palm and provides a strong base to aim off. On the right, the side flares out providing a nice curvature to support your ring and little finger.

Even the left side is comfortable for your thumb placement, because the side buttons are small enough to give room to your thumb.

Your last two fingers on the main clicks can rest nicely whether you choose claw or palm grip.

Zowie’s EC series consists of 2 sizes. The smaller EC2 and the larger EC1. Most people find the EC2 the most comfortable, while only a few that have bigger hands go for the EC1.

If you have really small hands you can claw or fingertip this mouse no problem.


Now the coating is the most striking piece of this mouse.

It has a bright pink glossy coating on the main shell, with a black underside. No other top gaming mouse has this kind of quality and unique coating.

I find that the glossy finish helps me grip my mouse easier because my hand sticks to it. The color is very striking and you will find a lot of people looking at it if you go to a LAN cafe.


Zowie uses a standard rubberized cable on this mouse, even though it’s not the best, it definitely is no harm.

A better option would be a paracord cable, but that looks more messy and unprofessional in my opinion.

Only some people have a problem with using rubber cables, they say it creates a bit of cable drag when aiming.

Personally I fix this problem by using a mouse bungee or simply just blu tacking the cord to the desk. I really like the cable color in contrast with the mouse coating as well.


The scroll wheel on this mouse has been upgraded from the EC2-A to bring more of a tactile and clicky feeling.

A lot of people like this more, but I actually preferred the EC2-A’s which was much softer and less tactile.

I could hit more bunnyhops with the old scroll wheel because it was very smooth and would fly over the steps in the scroll wheel.

If you use the scroll wheel to change weapons or grenades instead of jumping, then this tactile upgrade will actually suit you better.

This is because it is more distinctive to where the scroll wheel stops, so you can accurately choose your item when switching through the scroll.

I enjoy these side buttons a lot, they are very tactile and have not much travel distance. One problem with a lot of side buttons on gaming mice is that they have a lot of travel distance.

Which means you have to press in the buttons really far into the mouse to get a click and sometimes they get stuck in the shell. Zowie has manufactured very short distance and responsive side buttons which is nice.


As a matter of fact, mouse feet play a big role in how consistent you can aim. These are the small cutouts of plastic that cover the bottom of your mouse and allow for smooth glide across your mousepad.

Bigger mouse feet means more surface area and consistent glide. The EC2 Divina has giant mouse feet, the biggest out of any mouse on this list in fact. Out of the box, these mouse feet glide super fast and freely.

If you want even more speed you should check out hyperglides which are ultrafast mouse feet and they are also designed for any EC series.

DPI & Sensor

Under the mouse you will find a DPI switch which is on the right of the sensor. There is a DPI option for every type of player.

You can choose between 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. Personally I stick with 400 and this is what many other CSGO players use as well.

It’s a trusty and consistent low DPI. Each level of DPI is shown as a different colored light under the mouse: 400=red, 800=purple, 1600=blue, 3200=green.

Zowie actually used to have the DPI colors show up behind the scroll wheel, however that will be short lived because the light was super weak and wouldn’t always shine through.

It also comes with different polling rates if you like to customize it that much. 125, 500 and 1000 are the options.

The sensor is super trustworthy and I have not had an issue with it over 2 years on different types of EC2’s.

It has a 3360 sensor which is one of the best, if not the best that you can get right now. Sensor model usually isn’t a big deal because most gaming mice have top of the line sensors that are really good at tracking mouse movement.

Sometimes Zowie changes the clicks under the left and right click buttons. The last two iterations of the EC have been using responsive clicks that are tactile.

You might enjoy the crisp clicks when shooting in CSGO, especially when you hit clean 1 taps. 2020 has been a great year for gaming mice. From my 5 year experience with the Zowie EC2, this is definitely one the best mice for cs go.

Glorious Model O

Rating: 5/5 stars

PROS: Lightweight
Near paracord cable

Buttons: 5
Dimensions: 128 x 66 x 36
Color: white/black
Sensor: optical
Brand: Glorious
Weight: 67g
DPI: 12000
When I saw the price tag for this mouse I was shocked, because it is so cheap for a mouse that offers so many features.

Glorious basically took every request from the mouse enthusiast community and combined it all into one gaming mouse.

The model O had a very warm welcome by the FPS community because of the amount of tailoring Glorious put into creating this mouse for FPS players. The customer support was also very active and helpful, although they did not need to deal with too many issues.

First of all, the shape of this mouse is ambidextrous and very comfortable, so it can be suited to both left and right handed players. The shape is very similar to that of the Zowie FK1 and the G PRO wireless.

I believe that ambidextrous mice allow for much more freedom of wrist movement than ergonomic mice. It has something to do with the feeling or the angle of which your hand holds the mouse.

Size & Shape

This mouse is slightly longer and has a shorter height than the zowie EC, making it a much slicker and low profile mouse. It is comfortable for the majority of hand sizes.

Other mice are tall and fill your entire hand, but this mouse only contacts with the bottom portion of your hand.

Actually, this is an unseen positive of the mouse, because it gives your palms more airflow and prevents sweating. If you ever get sweaty hands while playing like me, you know how annoying it is.

If you use claw or fingertip grip, this mouse is definitely for you. However, if you use palm grip you might only be able to grip this mouse comfortably if you have small hands too.

The mouse is 36mm high, which is quite low profile. Meaning gripping the mouse with arched fingers in a claw grip or contacting only with a fingertip grip, would be ideal.

The mouse can be palm gripped if you have smaller hands too, but for people with big hands you may find that it is too low profile or not long enough for your grip style.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this mouse is the honeycomb. This design is what allows the mouse to be so lightweight.

It may seem brittle, but the mouse is actually very sturdy and well designed. The honeycomb shell also provides great airflow to your palms, which fully shelled mice can’t provide.

I actually found it easier to grip with the honeycomb shell too, much easier than trying to grip smooth plastic.


You can buy this mouse in two coatings, standard or glossy. I suggest you get glossy unless you have sweaty hands. The glossy coatings on mice give you more grip because your skin sticks to it.

Having a standard coating helps more with sweaty hands, because sweat on a glossy mouse is very slippery. Just like Zowie, the standard coating on this mouse is very premium. It also has the Glorious branding on the side of the mouse.

The model O comes with a very lightweight cable, similar to that of a paracord cable. A paracord cable is a mouse cable without any shielding and only in a lightweight sleeve.

Paracord cables can’t be used by mouse manufacturers because of safety reasons.

The cable needs a sufficient amount of coating that can be classified as free of hazard. Which is why most mouse companies have a rubberized cable.

Rubber cables are very standard and cause cable drag when you move the mouse around. The lightweight cable on the model O is inbetween a paracord and a rubber cable.

I think the lightweight cable is great and there is no need to install a paracord on this mouse.

It also comes with a high quality scroll wheel. The wheel has 24 steps and is not too loud, it feels very smooth.

I prefer scroll wheels that are easier to move, this makes bunnyhopping in CSGO so much easier.

The easier it is to scroll through the steps, the more jump commands it sends and the higher chance to hit the jump at the right timing.

Buttons & Mousefeet

Similar to Zowie mice, the side buttons on the model O are very low profile and out of the way. They also have a distinctive tactile click which is important.

There doesn’t seem to be much travel distance when pressing in the side buttons either. Even though this is an ambidextrous mouse, the side buttons are only on the left side.

I prefer this a lot more than the Zowie ZA series that have side buttons on both sides of the mouse. It makes it more uncomfortable and harder to grip.

The main two buttons, left and right click, are crisp and give tactile feedback when you press it. It’s the worst when mice have very mushy primary buttons, it’s good to see that this mouse also excelled in that area as well.

Glorious uses their very own G-skates for mouse feet. Made of pure 100% PTFE with rounded edges, these are very high quality mouse feet that you usually have to pay a third party company for.

The mouse glides very fast and with ease because of the mouse feet. Although, they are not as big of surface area of the EC mouse feet, the PTFE and rounded edges reduce the friction and make these feet much faster than bigger stock feet.

If you thought that was it, wait until you see the mouse light up. It has RGB light streaks across the sides of the mouse, in the scroll wheel and LEDs within the mouse as well.

These colors are all fully customizable in their very own mouse software. Most other premium mice don’t use RGB lighting, this is something unique about the Glorious model O.

Under the mouse is a high quality pixart 3360 sensor. Nearly all top end mice use this same sensor and it has proven to be high performance.

I have not had any spin out issues with this sensor, or any tracking problems on the 8 mouse pads that I have. Beside the sensor is the small Glorious branding in small print and a DPI indicator.

Zowie FK1 / FK2

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Buttons: 7
Dimensions: 124 x 60 x 36mm / 128 x 62 x 37mm
Color: white/black
Sensor: optical
Brand: Zowie
Weight: 81g/86g
DPI: 400/800/1600/3200

This mouse is a classic, the Zowie FK series provides a great shape that is suited for nearly everyone that doesn’t want to use right handed mice.

The mouse is very low profile and much lighter than some of the other Zowie mice.

The Zowie FK series paved the way for ambidextrous shaped mice. This mouse is symmetrical and shaped so nicely that you can even find this mouse shape in other mice, such as the G PRO or Glorious model O.

Many CSGO players use the FK if they don’t like the ergonomic shape of the EC. If you look at the FK from the side, it looks like a Ferrari, it’s a very slick looking mouse.

At 124mm long and 36mm high, this mouse is very similar to the Glorious model O. The Zowie FK has been out for many years before the launch of the recent model O.

One can safely assume that Glorious liked the shape of the FK so much that they based their first ever mouse on it.

Holding the mouse feels really comfortable and it naturally fits in your hand. If you have giant hands you can also get the FK1+ version which is 128 x 68 x 38mm.

You can purchase this mouse in the normal black Zowie coating which is not too bad.

What I personally like more is the Divina series which are available for this mouse too. They are called FK1-B and FK2-B Divina, which is the blue and pink glossy version.

In my opinion, Zowie’s premium black coating feels more slippery than their Divina coating. On top of that, the blue and pink versions look so much better.

You might be wondering what cable it uses. Just like every Zowie mouse, they currently use a rubberized cable on the FK as well.

It’s not too flimsy and not too firm that it will affect your aim. Pairing the cable with a mouse bungee from Zowie is a good idea too.

Just because the cable is rubberized doesn’t mean it’s all bad, it actually makes the cable stronger and prevents kinking.

The FK divina series even has a part of the design that aims the cable upward at the front of the mouse to avoid any cable drag on the mousepad, I think this is a great little detail.

There is a DPI for all types of sensitivities.

You can choose between 400, 800, 1600 or go as high as 3200. Making sure that everyone’s sensitivity can be used on this mouse. Polling rate also toggles between 125, 500 and 1000, the button can be found below the mouse.

On each side there are 2 side buttons, this can get a little annoying but it’s great to support left handed players as well. The Zowie FK deserves a spot on the best mice for cs go list for sure.

Also under the mouse you will see the giant mouse feet that all Zowie mice have. These are standard black stock feet and are some of the better stock feet out there.

Zowie has really smooth and fast stock feet compared to many other top mice on the market.

I didn’t have to replace my Zowie stock feet for over 2 years, thats how durable they are. Eventually they will grind down and become super thin, but even then they still glide really well.

I am a claw grip player and this mouse is perfect for that. It is also one of the best fingertip mice that you can use as well.

Generally low profile mice like this one are great for claw gripping and fingertip gripping because of the low hump in the middle of the mouse.

Before you turn down this mouse because you are a palm grip player, know that many people really like this mouse for palm grip too.

It’s long enough to support the entirety of your fingers and there is even a supersized FK1+ if you want better palm grip support.

S1mple, one of the best aimers in CSGO, mainly uses the FK1+ with palm grip.

The main clicks are crisp and give a sharp sound. This is perfect for getting headshots in CSGO, you can hear yourself click the target as he gets 1 tapped game.

Having that little audio feedback while playing is really interesting. The clicks are also really long, great for palm grip with long fingers. You can also use claw grip or fingertip grip just fine.

Logitech G PRO Wireless: Top Contender In Best Mice For CS GO


Buttons: 7
Dimensions: 125 x 63.5 x 40mm
Color: black
Sensor: optical
Brand: Logitech
Weight: 80g
DPI: 100 – 25600

Wireless gaming mice are almost a luxury to have, finding a wireless mouse with a shape that suits you can be hard to come by.

Logitech has made the G PRO shape very similar to the Zowie FK, ambidextrous and low profile. If you have used any ambidextrous mouse before, this wireless one will be worth a try. Wireless mice give you a lot of freedom, where you otherwise can only achieve with a paracord cable.

It is lightweight as well, so it can very much feel like an extension of your arm. Many pro CSGO players use or have used the G PRO before and not all of them were sponsored by Logitech.

The size of the mouse is quite small, which will be good for regular or small hands. 125mm in length is a little shorter than some of the other mice on this list, so this may be good for claw or fingertip grip.

The back is 63.5mm wide which is similar to the very comfortable EC series which fills up your palm and provides a stable base.

There are small indents on each side to allow for firm gripping of the mouse and ensures you don’t lose control while playing. I prefer smaller mice like this one because they feel more nimble and my aim seems to be more precise.

I think moving a smaller mouse with your wrist is easier and takes a lot less effort. It also weighs only 80g which is very light compared to 90g+ Zowie mice.

Logitech’s G PRO is basically a wireless and lightweight FK, which a lot of people definitely wished for.

Coating on this mouse seems very similar to every other FPS mouse. Premium black paint which is inbetween a glossy and a matte finish.

This is a good middle ground to go for. It looks very clean and professional, it reminds me of minimalist design.

Wired or wireless, which is better and will it run out of charge? Wireless mice are the future, a lot of different companies have started to create wireless mice such as Glorious and Razer.

Wireless is definitely a lot better than wired, there is so much more freedom.

When you switch from a wired to a wireless mouse, you realise how much cable drag and tension you actually had on a wired mouse, but didn’t notice.

No more bashing cables around or dragging the cable across your mousepad. One of the biggest concerns is if the G PRO will run out of charge while you are playing, it has 48 hours worth of charge which is more than enough.

If you turn off the lighting you can get an extra 12 hours, shooting it up to 60. A lot of CSGO pro players use this mouse while they are playing at live tournaments, that’s how trustworthy the battery life can be on these mice.

You will also get an adapter and USB to charge your mouse, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the mouse, so leave it on overnight.

There 7 buttons on this mouse, 2 on each side, the main 2 clicks an a DPI switch. You can take off the side buttons and replace them with flat blocks that will fill up the surface smoothly.

It’s great to do this on the right side so your ring and little finger don’t push into the buttons uncomfortably.

You can also adjust the side buttons to your liking if you are using the mouse in your left hand.

The main clicks have a nice snap to them and at the same time don’t cause any accidental clicking. The scroll wheel is thin and very quiet with a rubber ring around it.

Mouse Feet under this mouse are normal stock feet, they come in black and there are 4 separate mouse feet.

The curvature of these mouse feet create different shapes that don’t generate a lot of friction, this is important for mouse feet design.

You can also buy hyperglides or faster PTFE mouse feet off amazon to make the mouse glide even better. They are not the biggest mouse feet on the G PRO, but it gets the job done.

The sensor is one of Logitech’s own creations, called the Hero 25k. It is made specifically for the G PRO and allows players to perform fast flicks without spinning out.

The sensor even uses less power from the battery than other sensors. A great addition to increase the battery life and it’s lighter too.

The G PRO also has RGB on the back of the mouse in the Logitech logo. This can be controlled by their software to change it to any color or even cycle through them.

I really like the design of this mouse, it’s all black and professional with their branding in RGB. It makes it very clean and minimal.

Other mice like the model O, go for a much more intense RGB look, the G PRO is a little more minimal and I kind of like that.

Razer Viper / Viper Mini / Viper Ultimate

Buttons: 6
Dimensions: 126.8 x 57.6 x 37.8mm / 118.3 x 53.6 x 38.3mm
Color: black
Sensor: optical
Brand: Razer
Weight: 69g / 74g / 61g
DPI: 8500

Razer has taken part in this race to create the best gaming mouse with their Razer Viper.

The Viper comes in 3 different types. Standard which has a cable and all it’s features. Ultimate which is wireless and slightly heavier than standard or mini which has a cable and is extremely lightweight clocking in at only 61g.

The mini is also a much smaller mouse, it is roughly 8mm shorter in length and 4mm shorter in width.

Personally I would choose the ultimate because it is a wireless version of the standard Razer Viper. The mini would personally be too small for me, even though I use claw grip.

Since I come from an ergonomic mouse, I am used to the fatter sides which means a thinner mouse like the mini wouldn’t be for a player like me. A great thing all these mice come with, is a 2 year warranty with a 14 day risk free return.

I think that Razer is confident in their design because they are giving away 2 year warranties, the mouse must last that long at least before it starts to break down.

The shape of this mouse is similar to the FK series or the G PRO wireless.

It’s an ambidextrous shape with comfort curves on the sides. At the front, the main clicks are designed with an overhang, which is what Glorious’ model O has too. The mouse parts at the top of the hump, just before the main buttons which is a very Razer like design.

Only this mouse has side grips that are built into the mouse, on each side there are rubberized grips with a different texture to counteract slipperiness from skin or sweat. What a great attention to detail for an FPS mouse.

Also, the DPI button is placed at the beginning of the main clicks for ease of access and the side buttons are only on the left side.

Ambi mice that have side buttons on both sides can be a pain to play with.

I also love the fact that Razer didn’t go with the honeycomb design to reduce the weight on the shell, instead they went for a lightweight plastic shell and reduced some of the interior.

Nearly every company in the mouse industry is trying the honeycomb design. You’ve got finalmouse, glorious, G wolves and many others. The coating is a standard black premium paint that is not too slippery.

Whether you choose the Viper or the Ultimate, you will have a different cable experience.

The standard Viper and mini have a lightweight cable that is a cross between paracord and rubber coated. Material surrounding the cable is called speed flex which is made by Razer themselves.

It is designed to produce minimal drag to allow for greater control and easier glide.

If you want a more budget option, definitely go with either the viper or the mini because the lightweight cable is somewhat close to the feeling of wireless.

Choosing the Ultimate on the other hand, you will receive a wireless experience which only a few mice can offer.

Having a wireless mouse is a very free feeling when you glide and aim. Though, the trade off is that the Ultimate has to be 5g heavier than the standard version, to harness a wireless battery inside.

This only brings the weight up to 74g which is still very lightweight in comparison to all the other gaming mice on the market, bar a few.

Another great part of this mouse that I like is the quality mouse feet. Most mice use stock mouse feet and only a few like the Viper actually use pure PTFE, which glides much faster. This material is for fast gliding and is used to coat non-stick pans.

One section of the mouse feet is really big at the bottom, similar to Zowie. The other is relatively normal and arches across the top.

There is also some extra mouse feet that outline the sensor, this irons out the mousepad around the sensor and provides more accurate tracking.

Last but not least, you have some eye candy in the form of RGB lighting. The lighting is on the razer logo at the back which is quite generic, but also on the underside of the back of the mouse. Now this is an extremely unique place to put LEDs.

You can use their razer programs to choose from millions of colors. Also in the program, you can change the lighting effects and program it to change color in certain ways or different times.

Want to have your mouse blink red when you shoot, there’s an option for that.

Under the main clicks at the front are Razer’s own mouse switches called optical mouse switches. Instead of standard mechanical clicks, they use an infrared laser which actuates in 0.2 milliseconds. It also never performs accidental clicks.

This is pretty neat, I also used their keyboard that had the same optical switches and that was very nice to type on.

Perhaps this type of switch will give you a slight advantage when you get into a who shoots who first situation. In CSGO you can shoot faster while you’re holding an angle and a player swings into you.

Out of the 3 different types of Razer Viper designs, some are good for claw and fingertip while others are good for palm grip.

Starting with the mini, it’s the smaller Viper and much more useful for players that want to use claw grip or fingertip grip.

I personally use claw grip and I am trying to learn fingertip grip too. Palm grip is a possibility only if you have really small hands, otherwise I would get the standard Viper or Ultimate to use palm grip.

Those two are much bigger in terms of length and width. This will give you enough support for your entire palm grip across the mouse.


There are so many good mice on the market right now for CSGO players. Which one will you pick? Don’t miss your chance to get ahead of the competition with one of these new FPS gaming mice.

Sooner or later it will become the meta to have a wireless mouse or PTFE feet or even optical mouse switches.

If you become one of the first to use them though, you might get an edge over everyone else in game.

Think about what grip style you like and the size of the mouse to determine which one to buy. Then after that it’s down to preference, do you like fast mouse feet? What about RGB lighting?

Or a really nice looking paint coating? Whatever you choose, these are the absolute best FPS gaming mice for any CSGO player.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.