Best Mousepad for Zowie Mice Top 7 Picks

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Recently I have been testing my Zowie mouse on different mousepads and I have realized that my mouse registers movement on some mousepads better than others. I decided to collect my findings and create a list to help you choose the best mousepad for Zowie mice.

Mousepad surfaces come with different weaves, some of these are woven in a way that your sensor can’t register mouse movement properly. If unable to, there will be instances where your mouse could spin out uncontrollably.

Just imagine your mouse doing infinite 360s while looking upwards.

Problems like these make games unplayable. At any moment your sensor could bug out if it is not suited to your mousepad surface. Each gaming mouse has a different sensor and not all of them are suited for every mousepad.

So heres the top 7 mousepads that have been tested for Zowie mice.

So What’s The Best best mousepad for zowie?

1 Zowie GSR

Dimensions: 470mm x 390 x 3 | Material: cloth | Friction: Very high


Stitched edges
High stopping power

Super high friction when worn down

This pad is a no brainer, the Zowie GSR is one of the best mousepads for all FPS mice and is compatible with Zowie mice of course.

If you feel like your mousepad is sluggish read this article.

The GSR is my top pick among the mousepads, because the GSR gives you control and consistency. In fact, the control and consistency of this pad is great for FPS shooters that rely heavily on aim, such as CSGO. I really like the firm weave on the surface, it’s soft and sturdy at the same time.

best mousepad for zowie
best mousepad for zowie

Coming in at 3.5mm thick for consistent glide regardless if you have debris under your mousepad. Ofcourse, the GSR also has it’s stitched edges that have not frayed on me for 3 years. You can purchase this pad in a giant 45cm width size and a smaller size around 30cm wide.

Find the mousepad speed chart here.

One thing I have always relied on with my aim is the stopping power of a mousepad. The GSR has the most stopping power in existence. This stopping power can eventually become sluggish, read this article on sluggish mousepads.

Despite being too slow at times, the stopping power provides the most accuracy and precision you have ever seen. The fine weaves provide a very high friction surface that can prove to be surgically precise in tactical shooters. I have never had issues with this mousepad sliding or moving around my desk, because of the flat rubber base. From my experience, the GSR is the best mousepad for Zowie mice. Here is a link to another article that reviews the Zowie GSR.

2 SteelSeries QCK+

Dimensions: 450 x 400 | Material: cloth | Friction: medium


Fast glide
Easy to wash

No stitched edges

Dozens of professional FPS players use this mousepad in combination with Zowie mice such as the EC2 series.

Many people call this the best mousepad of all time, the QCK definitely deserves a spot on this list. It has a low friction surface to provide slick mouse movement in every direction. The QCK has become a favorite for most people in conjunction with any zowie mouse.

Steelseries offers this pad in multiple sizes. Only this mousepad doesn’t have stitched edges in the top 7. Although it may seem like a bad thing, I actually really enjoy it because you can glide your mouse without bumping into the stitched barriers. On the other mousepads, the stitched edges can stop your flick in its tracks, if you glide too far.

I have experienced strong stopping power on this mousepad, in conjunction with a smooth glide. Which is the perfect balance.

3 Dechanic Control XXL

Dimensions: 914 x 300 | Material: cloth | Friction: medium


Perfect balance between stopping power and glide
Covers whole desk


Players have been combining this mousepad with the Zowie FK series since it’s release.

This is one of the newer mousepads on the market and definitely still one of the best for aim enthusiasts. On the official Dechanic website, it states that these mousepads are compatible with all sensors and sensitivities. It is 3mm thick and comes in various sizes.

The Dechanic control is a mixture between fast glide and precise stopping power. If you are thinking of getting a mousepad other than the generic Steelseries or Zowie brands, I suggest you try this amazing mousepad. It also comes with stitched edges to prevent fraying much like the GSR and Goliathus.

To me, the surface of this mousepad feels very unique in a good way. Maybe it’s the weave or the material, whatever it is, it provides a great balance between precision and speed.

4 Razer Goliathus Speed Edition

Dimensions: 430 x 330 | Material: cloth | Friction: low


Smooth glide
Good design

Could be too fast for some people
Zywoo, the best CSGO player in the world, has been using the Zowie EC2-B in combination with this mousepad while he was climbing to rank 1.

In fact, Razer states this mousepad is compatible with every sensor type whether it is optical or laser. It comes in many different sizes and all have seamless stitched edges. Perhaps Razer’s best mousepad to date, the Goliathus has been proving each year why it deserves a spot among the top mousepads.

Razer has heavily focused on smooth glide in designing this mousepad. Razer has pulled taut the mousepad weave on the Goliathus to create a super smooth surface. The feeling of aiming on this pad will be the freest hand movement you have ever experienced. There is not much friction or resistance, however there still is powerful stopping power. The saying: A mouse is an extension of your arm, is the most true with the Goliathus. It also comes with stitched edges and a rubber base.

5 HyperX Fury S

Dimensions: 450 x 400 | Material: cloth | Friction: medium


Fast glide
Great Stopping power
Great for flick shots

Glide wears out
This mousepad is great to use with Zowie EC or FK series.

Despite being a lesser known mousepad, the fury still competes with the mainstream pads. The hyperx fury s is 3-4mm thick, has anti fray stitched edges and comes in multiple sizes. I have been using the Fury with a Zowie EC2A and EC2B for years.

Only on this mousepad am I able to hit fast reaction flicks with an AWP in CSGO. I think this is mainly because of it’s fast glide and medium friction. If the friction was too high or too low, I would either over or under shoot my flicks, but I have been consistent with flicks because the friction is in a goldilocks zone.


No amazon link, get this instead.

Dimensions: 470 x 390 | Material: cloth | Friction: medium


Great design
Has good stopping power
Not as slow as the normal GSR

Glide wears out
Much like the GSR, the GSR special edition comes with all the good features of the original, but with a faster glide and better visuals.

Being a product of Zowie, this mousepad is made sure to be compatible with all Zowie sensors. Most of the special editions have a really nice surface design that doesn’t hinder your mouse sensor. You can purchase this mousepad in various colors, designs and sizes.

All come with stitched anti-fray edges and a smooth cloth surface weave. The rubber base on this pad prevents any slipping or sliding of the pad across the desk as you play. It is also very soft to touch on the playing surface, which is really gentle on the wrists as you play for long hours. Just like all Zowie mousepads, stopping power has also been a priority on the GSR-SE.

7 QCK Heavy

Dimensions: 400 x 450| Material: Cloth| Friction: low


Thick mousepad, 6mm
Easy to wash
Fast glide

No stitched edges
One of my most used pads, I used this one for about 2 years with a Zowie EC2-A.

A lot of my highlights and clips came from using the QCK heavy back then. Compared to the standard QCK, this one is much thicker at 6mm. This is one of the thickest pads out there and it feels incredibly soft on the surface. Since the QCK heavy is very thick, it is also extremely durable and washable.

I really enjoy the amount of control this pad provides, while also having more glide than other mousepads. This is definitely one of the more unique mousepads and you should give it a try.

Conclusion & How I Test Mousepads

Over my last 10 years of playing FPS games, I have tried dozens of mousepads and I have only used Zowie mice. These are my most enjoyed ones out of all of them. I never had any issues with spin outs or tracking problems when combining my Zowie mice and these mousepads. My opinions on these pads come from a wide range of experiences and performances over the years. I pay very close attention to glide, stopping power, friction and weave while picking my favorite pads out of the lot.

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Here are some explanations for those who don’t understand the mousepad terms.

Glide: How smooth and freely can you move your mouse across a certain mousepad.

Stopping power: How accurate does the pad allow you to stop after gliding or flicking very fast.

Friction: the resistance of motion when moving a mouse across a mousepad

Weave: the fine strands of cloth that overlap and bind together forming the sturdy mousepad surface.

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