Campark T45: The Best Trail Camera Ever?

campark t45 trail camera

The Ultimate Campark t45 Trail Camera Review

An in depth review on the Campark T45 Trail Camera, find out if it’s the one for you.

IThe Campark T45 Trail Camera is perfect for wildlife photographers, home security, hunting or even just wildlife watching in your backyard.

It allows you to capture rare moments of wildlife during the night with sentry like features.

This article will breakdown the nitty-gritty of this trail camera and help you decide if this is the right one for you.

Campark T45 Trail Camera Best Features

Watch the unboxing here:

Infrared Lights

The top of the trail camera is occupied with large infrared lights which allow the camera to see in the dark for quality night time capture of animals.

The T45 uses 42 low glow infrared LEDs. No glow LEDs are a preferred choice among many people, especially for security reasons. Low glow is good, but no glow conceals the camera a lot more.

Human and most animal eyes can’t see in absolute darkness, which gives the camera a great stealth advantage. It also comes with a nice camoflage paintjob to blend into foliage or tree trunks.

The infrared lights have a very wide range of capture, around 20 meters and the closer an animal is to the camera, the brighter and clearer the image is going to be.


The main camera lens shoots 14 mega pixel photos and 1080p video which is super good quality for a camera that is this cheap. Image output is very clear, not grainy or shaky.

Campark’s T45 trail camera has a 120 degree field of view so your able to capture a pretty wide range of motion with it’s wide angle camera lens, so it allows you to record a wide range of area. Perfect for setting up around your campsite at night. Read my article on the best kitchens for camping here.

Motion Sensors

Below the camera you have 3 motion detecting sensors. It has one front facing sensor and two sensors facing each side so you can capture motion from a large amount of angles.

The campark T45 trail camera comes with a sturdy tripod for you to place your camera anywhere on the ground. It also comes with a cable strap to allow for you to place the camera on tree trunks.

Here is one month of testing the Campark T45.

Design & LCD Screen

On the side you have two latches which open the camera and seal it from the outdoor elements. This camera is said to be waterproof as well, but it’s uncertain how it will hold up in a big rainstorm.

However, it does have proper sealing so it should be waterproof. Make sure you wipe off any water on the case before opening it up to prevent any issues.

On the left panel on the inside, you can see a 2.4″ LCD screen where you can change your settings as well as see a preview of your video.
You can also playback the videos which you have captured.There are a few buttons where you can change your settings, menu, replay. Down below is where the memory card goes in and you can turn it on to setup mode or on to live mode down below.

After turning on the device, a red LED will flash 5 times and you have a 5 second window to get out of the way of the camera. Otherwise you will get a closeup shot of yourself trying to move out of the way.


On the right panel on the inside there is where you keep the batteries, this device does use 8 AA batteries. Unfortunately it doesn’t have rechargeable batteries. However, the device is wireless.

The camera can last around 3-7 weeks off 8 AA batteries and even longer if there is little to no activity.

It is marketed to have a 8 month standby battery capacity.

To further increase the battery life, you can purchase an external power supply. This power source must be at least a 6V power supply unit with 1.5A to be sufficient for this device.

Campark has their own solar panel external power supply for this trail camera.

Long video captures and a high frequency of image capture will speed up battery power loss.

1 Camera 1 Tree Mount, 1 Belt, 1 USB Cable, 3 Screws, 1 Support Card and 1 User Manual are included in the packaging.

Exporting Images and Video

Be aware that video is saved as a .AVI file, some devices such as the samsung tablet cannot replay these kinds of files. This will require you to convert the file from a .AVI to a .mp4

This can easily be done with an online converter such as cloudconvert.

Images are decent, but do not expect DSLR or mirrorless level image quality. You may also see some chromatic abberation in the highlights, but the camera does a perfect job at what it was designed for.

Problems With Most Trail Cameras

Since trail cameras are designed to capture rare sightings of animals that are usually hard to come by, it requires the camera to have a wide field of view.

It also requires the camera to rely on motion detectors to activate the capture sequence when there is movement in the frame.

Because of these two required features, there are a lot of instances that trail cameras will misfire and record small movements of grass or branches. Sometimes trail cameras even output blank images. Other times the motion sensors will trigger when an animal is still out of frame and the device will capture images of nothing.

This can be caused by a multitude of reasons:

  • The capture was caused by a false trigger
  • The trail camera is unable to detect motion at a sufficient distance.
  • An object is moving too fast that the sensors detect it, but the camera can’t capture in time.
  • The motion sensor does not detect movement from a sufficiently wide angle.
  • The trail camera does not include a wide angle camera lens.
  • Does The Campark T45 Trail Camera Have These Problems?
  • The Campark T45 Trail Camera, has solved these issues in a few key ways.

The device includes a 120 degree wide angle lens and motion detection range. There is also a 300ms trigger speed from the motion detection to the camera capture. This is equivalent to the average human reaction time.

Campark T45 Specifications

ColorYellow Camouflage
Item Dimensions Weight110
Manufacturer Campark
Package Dimensions Height: 339
Length: 803
Weight: 115
Width: 480
Image Sensor: 14 Megapixel CMOS sensor
Photo Resolution: 14MP; 8M; 5M; 3M; 1M
Video Resolution: 19201080; 1280720; 720480; 640480; 320240
Distance of Detection: 20m(65ft)
IR Flash: 42pcs infrared LEDs
LEDs Power: 1.5V AA battery8, Support External DC 6V power supply, but at least 1.5A
Campark T45 Specifications

Campark T45’s biggest drawbacks

One of the few drawbacks of this trail cam is the microSD card slot location. There are two slots, one at the top and one at the bottom of the device.

The slot is very small and difficult to access.

The microSD card may even require tweezers to remove for some people. Another negative of the microSD card is that it is very niggly and easy to drop. This can be frustrating if you drop the microSD card at night for example and lose sight of it.

When the T45 camera is fastened to a tree, it becomes difficult to remove these microSD cards and you will most likely have to unfasten it first.

Another issue is when you remove the protective film from the camera lens you will risk scratching the lens.

Although you may experience some minor drawbacks with the product, there is a 45 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

If you have bad eyesight, the instruction manual may be a little hard to read because of it’s very small print sizes.

The camera comes with three PIR sensors to cover a 120 degree wide field of view. However, many people have experienced something closer to a 90 degree sensor detection range.

After opening the case, one customer actually reported there to be only 2 PIR sensors. One for the front and one to share both the left and right sensor lenses. It’s unknown if this problem has been corrected yet.

Campark T45 Pricing

The Campark T45’s affordability is one of its selling points. It is a very inexpensive trail camera with a low price when compared to other trail cameras.

The fact that this camera can cover almost as much ground as three standard trail cameras just adds to its value.

You can find the campark t45 camera for a very cheap price on Amazon and ships to most locations around America and the rest of the world. Buying from Amazon will bypass any retail markup prices and gives you the best deal possible.

Supported MicroSD Cards

MicroSD cards up to 32 GB (Class 10) are supported with the CamPark T45 14MP Digital Trail Camera.

MicroSD cards are a fraction of the size of standard SD cards.

While in the field, some people may find it difficult to remove them out of the camera. When it’s chilly outdoors and you’re trying to remove the card with icy fingertips, the effort is amplified.

It is especially difficult when trying to remove the SD card from a T45 trail camera that is attached to a tree. This is due to the design and location of the card slots.

Before using any MicroSD card with the camera, keep the following factors in mind: always format the memory card to ensure that it is safe to use and functioning.

Campark T45 Trail Camera Set Up

The setup for this trail camera is faily easy. Read the user manual here

The inside panels of the device are straightforward and easy to use. Although some devices may initally operate in Chinese, this is not hard to change.

You can change the length of video capture from anywhere up to 10 minutes. Be aware that this will drain battery power faster than shorter time frames.

Make sure to hide your camera for security when setting it up in the outdoors.

The Bottom Line

The Campark T45 Trail Camera is one of the best trail cameras available for it’s price. Thousands of people have left positive reviews on this product.

It comes with a great camera, infrared motion sensors, design and capability. Despite it’s few drawbacks, the positives can easily outweigh the negatives for a lot of people. This camera would be perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to catch glimpses of rare wildlife at night.

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