How to Hang a Hammock Chair in 5 Simple Steps

how to hang a hammock chair

Wondering how to hang a hammock chair? We’ve got you covered, Here are 5 simple steps to hang it indoors or outdoors.

In this super guide, you will find out what tools you need and learn how to easily setup your hammock chair step- by-step.

We have also included some really helpful tips will make your experience a lot better.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair, The Easy Way:

A lot of people struggle to hang their chair properly. It can be very dangerous if your hammock hooks are not sturdy or attached with the proper method.

The main tools you will need:

  • A screwdriver or drill (for indoors, preferably cordless. Use a 1/4″ drill bit)
  • Swing straps, rope or chain
  • A 3/8″x4″ Eye bolt screw (for indoors or wooden beams)
  • A link lock carabiner, S hook, S hook spring or hammock chair hanging kit.
  • A studfinder (if you are installing indoors)
  • Measuring tape
  • A pencil for marking
  • A ladder
  • A hammock chair
  • A lot of people like using swivels because the extra movement makes the experience a lot more fun.
how to hang a hammock chair
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Where Do I Hang My Hammock Chair?

To find the perfect spot to hang your hammock, not only must it be in a serene and relaxing spot, but it has to be safe.

First pick out a few serene spots and then look for the following:

  • A sturdy tree branch (thick enough to support your bodyweight)
  • A porch/deck with a roof or a pergolas
  • A solid arbor main post with atleast 4 pillars
  • A ceiling joist
  • A supported overhead beam

If you can’t find any spots which fit the criteria, don’t worry. You can always buy a hammock chair stand.

Using a Hammock Chair Stand

This is the easiest method, so we will cover it first. Hammock chair stands are tall metal stands which come in various shapes such as the “C”.

They have a sturdy foundation and can be placed nearly anywhere. They are also height adjustable.

These stands are popular because you can place your hammock in any position you desire and easily move it around when you need.

All you have to do is connect the rope or chain at the top of your hammock chair to the carabiner or S hook spring hanging from the top of the stand.

Hammock chair stands are great on many surfaces, but depending on the model, you might be limited to pavement, decks or flat grassy areas.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair From a Pergola or Porch

Tools you will need: a rope (atleast 7ft long and can support 200-250lbs miniumum), a carabiner/S hook or hanging kit.

Hanging a hammock from a pergola can be a great way to make your backyard feel more calm and relaxing.

Using this method is great because using overhead beams on a pergola can be a lot safer than a treebranch or screwing into the ceiling.

Heres how you do it:

  1. Locate a supported freestanding beam to be your hanging point.
  2. Use a rope and fasten a knot around the beam then loop the rope through an S hook/spring/swivel/hanging kit or carabiner.
  3. Now your hammock by clipping one of these pieces to your hammock eye.

It’s recommended to have a rope can hold at least 200-250lbs for safety. If you want to be extra careful, then choose one that can support 1000lbs.

Here is another method by using an eye bolt screw.

how to hang a hammock chair
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How to Hang a Hammock Chair From a Ceiling

Tools you will need: a studfinder, a drill or screwdriver, an eye bolt screw, a chain or rope (atleast 7ft long and can support 200-250lbs miniumum), a carabiner/S hook or hanging kit. Here is an article about how to use a studfinder.

Step 1: Choose an area with enough overhead and swinging room for your hammock chair. We recommend 6 feet of vertical clearance and 3 feet behind the chair for swinging room.

Step 2: Use a studfinder to find a ceiling joist. Studs are usually 16 or 24 inches apart. Mark both sides of the joist by locating both sides with the studfinder. Skip this step if you are choosing a spot with exposed wooden beams.

Step 3: Using a drill piece smaller than the eye bolt screw, drill a 2-3 inch deep hole in the center of your two markings. Make sure your eye bolt screw is 2-3inches long.

Step 4: Screw in the eye bolt screw into the hole until the ring makes contact with the ceiling and is firm in place. Use a screwdriver to tighten the eye bolt easier.

Step 5: Attach an S hook/spring/swivel or carabiner to the eye bolt.

Step 6: Then attach a rope, chain and link this through the hammock eye.

If you are using a rope, choose a rope with a working load of 200-250 pounds minimum to ensure it can support your bodyweight.

Chains are safer but may require bolt cutters to adjust the length.

Step 7: adjust the height of your hammock via the rope or if you are using a chain, trim it with bolt cutters. Ensure the hammock is sturdy by tugging down firmly.

Step 8: weight test your hammock chair by placing 50 pounds of weights or books on the chair. Then slowly test your own bodyweight bit by bit. Make sure there is nothing that can harm you below the hammock incase the eye bolt screw fails.

It’s important that the eye bolt screw is inserted after a pilot hole is drilled with a 1/4″ drill bit otherwise the ceiling may bulge and will not hold as strong.

This video goes in depth on how to hang your hammock chair inside propoerly.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair From a Tree

Tools you will need: a rope (atleast 7ft long and can support 200-250lbs miniumum), a carabiner/S hook or hanging kit, scissors/knife for cutting rope.

Here is how you can hang your hammock chair outside from a tree.

You will need: A rope (10-15ft long recommended), knife or strong scissors,

Step 1: Choose a spot with a sturdy treebranch. Make sure the treebranch is thick enough to support your bodyweight. Ensure at least 6 feet of vertical space from the ground to the treebranch by using a meter or comparing your own height.

Pick a maple or oak hardwood tree.
Look for healthy branches with no splitting or worn areas towards the trunk.
Use a tape measure to ensure the tree branch is atleast 6-8 inches wide in diameter.
Step 2: Throw a rope over the tree branch twice or more.

Distribute weight by spreading the rope evenly across the branch to prevent concentrated load on a single point of the branch for safety.

Step 3: link the rope to the hammock through the hammock eye or hanging kit. You can also attach an S hook or a carabiner between your rope and hammock chair.

Step 4: Adjust the height of the hammock by adjusting the rope. Ensure the hammock is directly underneath the rope loops around the tree branch.

When everything is set as desired, tie two half hitch knots around the hammock eye, hanging kit, S hook or carabiner.

Step 5: Ensure all knots are tight by tugging on the hammock and rope. Then weight test the hammock with 50 pounds of weight before trying your own bodyweight.

Step 6: trim any excess rope with heavy duty scissors or a knife.

This video has a similar but slightly different method:


That’s it, you’re all done. Now you can relax the rest of your day in your hammock chair. You can read a book, sleep, use it as a swing or go hammock camping.


Can I hang a hammock chair from the ceiling?

Yes, you can hang the hammock chair from the ceiling by using a studfinder and drill to install an eye bolt screw into the ceiling to attach the top of the chair.

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