Kovaak’s Aim Trainer Valorant Settings

If you want to reach the higher ranks in radiant, you should improve your mechanics. In particular your aim. Aim is extremely important in Valorant and can help you in every situation. When you can master your aim and sensitivity in Valorant then you [...]

What Aim Trainer Does Tenz Use?

Tenz is arguably the best Valorant player during 2020, much of his progress can be attributed to his robotic aim. Tenz has been an FPS player for a long time, he was noticed in the late stages of CS:GO where he got picked up [...]

Junkrat Aim Trainer For Overwatch

Junkrat is an extremely powerful hero if you can hit your shots. Junkrat mains that can perfectly predict their opponents movement and grenade them accurately are some of the strongest players. If you want to have good junkrat aim, you should try out this [...]

Aimlab Aim Routine For Valorant

Aimlab is a new aim trainer on the steam store. It is one of the best aim trainers you can get right now and it is completely free. If you want good aim in Valorant, you should definitely try Aimlab. Training your aim within [...]

Aimlab Aim Routine For CS:GO

If you want good aim in CS:GO, you should try out these new Aimlab CS:GO routines. Aim trainers are important in improving aim in FPS games, because they allow you to train all different aspects of your aiming skill. Aim is made up of [...]

Kovaak 2.0 Aim Trainer CS:GO Routine

If you are looking to improve your aim in CS:GO, you should try these Kovaak’s routines down below. These routines have varying levels of difficulty, so it doesn't matter what level of skill you are at currently. Personally I have been training my aim [...]

Which Is Better, Aimlab Or Kovaak’s?

Everyone is wondering which is better between Aimlab vs Kovaak 2.0. Both aim trainers provide so many different features for players to take advantage of. Each one is used by many professional esport players around the world. Training your aim is important to be [...]