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Asphalt Terraria Blocks are one-of-a-kind blocks that drastically boost the pace of players sprinting over them while also shortening the time it takes to stop. Other speed-boosting goods, such as the Hermes Boots and their derivative accessories, stack with their acceleration. It only affects players who are directly on it; enemies, NPCs, and Critters will continue to move at their normal speed. The speed will revert to normal immediately after jumping or falling off these blocks.

Running on asphalt has a maximum speed of 53 mph with around 3 seconds of acceleration without any further boosts, although the regular maximum running speed is 15 mph.

How Asphalt works in Terraria

How does Asphalt in Terraria Work?

When you run on this block that has been placed on the ground, you will notice a huge boost in your running speed. Your regular jogging speed, without any enhancements, is around 15 mph. Running on asphalt blocks, on the other hand, will raise your maximum running speed to 58 mph.

Wearing Lightning Boots and a Panic Necklace while running on this surface will allow you to attain a peak speed of 85 miles per hour. You’ll be able to outrun a charging Spazmatism and many other bosses with this running speed.

The speed boost from these blocks, on the other hand, does not function with mounts.

How to Craft Asphalt in Terraria

2 Stone Blocks and 1 Gel are required to make 1 Asphalt Block. You’ll need a Blend-O-Matic for your crafting station. Here’s how to make these products or where to find them:
Stone Block – This type of block may be found in caves and subterranean strata. They may also be made by stacking four Stone Walls on a Work Bench.
Slimes and Slimed Zombies can drop gel.

Blend-O-Matic — Purchased for 10 Gold Coins from the Steampunker. After you’ve slain one Mechanical Boss and provided her with a suitable residence, the Steampunker will emerge.
You can simply get started and make as many blocks as you like after you have enough of the three materials.

It should be simple to make the Blocks as long as you have the Blend-O-Matic, as farming for Stone Blocks and Gels in various underground caves is a simple chore.

How OP is Asphalt in Terraria?

The player can reach extreme speeds (a maximum of 85 mph) while using Lightning Boots which are only 70 mph and the Panic Necklace buff. Even outrunning projectiles like the Rainbow Rod and the ranged component of the Terra Blade, as well as many bosses, including a charging Spazmatism. To continually reapply the buff as they run, one may create a skybridge with a five second timed arrow trap at the start.

Even without any further speed improvements, a Biome Mimic may easily be outrun by a player running on asphalt, because the Mimic’s sprint at the player is only 51 mph, while the person running on asphalt is 7 mph quicker.

You will not be slowed down if you run through a Teleporter. This surface will enhance the player’s speed significantly, but they do not improve acceleration as Frostspark Boots on Ice Blocks do.

They have no effect on the maximum speed of Mounts.
Instead, they shorten a mounted player’s braking time.

Gameplay Tips

This is a good block type for Skybridges, especially for collecting Fallen Stars late at night, and it’s also ideal for Arenas, especially if rapid mobility is required (Skeletron Prime’s’spin’ attack, Empress of Light, Duke Fishron, or Moon Lord).

To attain full speed, this block simply has to be put every other tile (with an empty tile between each). This implies you may traverse the same distance for half the price and get the same result.

How to download the Asphalt Terraria Platforms Mod

This is a simple mod that adds asphalt platforms, which can be made using a Blend-O-Matic and one block at a time. They increase your speed while also allowing you to travel through them.

Another mod that allows you to boost the character’s movement speed. Unlike ordinary horses, though, this patch will only boost your speed while standing on platforms. In the mixer, you may make platforms with the Blend-O-Matic. By the way, the author updated the platforms in the most recent version, so they are no longer damaged by lava.

These platforms speed up your run in the same manner as conventional asphalt blocks do, and they may be passed through like any other platform.

Download: In-game (through tModLoader)
Open Source on GitHub:

Alternative link

Another link


Nothing compares to utilising Asphalt in Terraria while building motorways across the world because of the tremendous speed advantage it provides. The issue is that these blocks won’t let you leave gaps open to allow the player to descend through or let water through (both of which are necessary while digging out the tunnel) without incurring a speed loss. Having stations that allow you to maintain your speed boost will greatly simplify the process while keeping transportation on the map moving quickly.

It’s worth mentioning that, according to the wiki, you won’t lose speed if there’s a one-block gap of air between the blocks. This would allow fluids to flow freely.
The problem is that you frequently fall through such obstacles in multiplayer and (I believe) when lagging.

One viable, if inconvenient, alternative is to instal actuators on highway segments where you wish to be allowed to pass through.

When jogging on asphalt with hermes boots, you should be able to go over four square broad holes without losing pace or falling.

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