Free Rogue Company Codes 2022 [UPDATED]

rogue company codes

Here is a list of Rogue Company codes on the internet right now.

These codes can redeem certain special items in game, however you need to redeem them quickly as they can only be used once.

If you have any spare codes please comment them down below and I will update this post.

Each code has a diffferent use, some are used to redeem certain skins and others can be used to redeem the game.

Be aware that some websites that generate rogue company codes are either fake or a scam.

Rogue company is a free to play third person shooter by Hi Rez studios. It released in October of 2020 and you can get it on the epic games store for PC. It’s also available on a variety of other consoles.

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This game has 4v4 and 2v2 modes. Each mode is different and you will be fighting against another team to either eliminate the other team or play a bomb defuse scenario.

A lot of these codes have already been redeemed, but I will be adding new codes as they pop up. We could see marketing campaigns for rogue company in the future with the use of item codes on the back of certain sponsored products. There is also frequent Rogue company twitch prime loot which may include the use of codes.

With the release of new skin packs as rogue company partners with different organisations, there will be a chance of new codes.

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List of rogue company codes

  • RCFB1B49FF5E00924
  • RCFB1BA2020900924
  • RCFB1BBA90E000924
  • RCFB1C51869C00924
  • RCFB1C771CEE00924
  • JGBH-27N9-8QQB
  • 2FX8-X5NE-A3EQ
  • 4N4K-84N8-C7XN
  • 33j7-4mnf-hc8a

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