3 Simple Ways To Stop Sweaty Hands When Gaming

sweaty hands when gaming

Why do some people always get sweaty hands when gaming?

For some people they only start sweating in their palms when they play games. Other people never get sweaty hands while playing. Perspiration is different for everyone and can be caused by a few different things that will be covered in this article.

Being a person that has sweaty hands when gaming is actually very common. So it is a very irritating problem for a lot of players, especially ones that are playing competitive games like CS:GO Valorant, Fortnite etc. Make sure you follow these steps to fix this problem before it starts affecting your gameplay for the worse.

What Causes Sweaty Hands When Gaming?

The majority of the time, sweaty hands while gaming is caused by mental stress or pressure.

The first time I noticed having sweaty hands when gaming was when I was playing CSGO. Every single time I would play I would get sweaty hands from round 1 and it would be a complete annoyance that would take my focus off the game.

In a competitive game like this you can’t afford to take your focus off the game because you could get peeked and killed in that second. The next time I noticed having sweaty hands was when I went for acupuncture for my wrist.

However, this time I was also getting sweaty palms exactly like I was getting sweaty hands when gaming. So I came to the conclusion in tense environments, sweaty hands are caused. Playing competitive games are one of those tense environments, every situation can be stressful, these situations will cause sweaty hands when gaming in some people. No one I talked to ever experienced the same problem as me and it could be because they genetically don’t perspire like me or that they don’t get as stressed as I do when playing. Sweaty hands when gaming is a mental thing.

It can also be a medical condition.

Can You Prevent Sweaty Hands?

Sweaty hands when gaming can definitely be dealt with. It took a long time to figure it out, but personally I found some of the best ways that can help. Over some time you will also just accept and get used to having a little sweaty palms from time to time but it can be greatly reduced. Firstly you have to fix the problem in that moment while you’re playing a game.

Try honeycomb shell mice to increase airflow, read my article on the best ones here.

How Often do you get sweaty hands when gaming?

So the first best way is to purchase a small $5 usb fan that connects to your computer and aim it directly head on towards your hand. This was a life saver as it would make my hands nearly completely dry without any effort and I could just plug it in to the PC and let my computer power the usb fan.

The second way to prevent sweaty hands when gaming, is to get a microfiber hand towel to sit on your monitor stand. You want it right there in front of you so you can quickly grab it and dry your hands during a round. It’s important to choose a microfiber hand towel because it wont leave any cloth strands or fluff on your hands that can be super annoying if it gets caught between your palm and the mouse. Also you want it to be a hand towel not a big towel so it can fit on your monitor stand right in front of you and be quickly handled in your hands. You don’t want to give too much attention to your sweaty hands when gaming, because you could lose the round or game in a second.

The last tip is a bit more expensive, but if you are desperate you should consider it. There are gaming mice on the market that are called lightweight mice. They come with a honeycomb shell which takes a lot of the weight out of the mouse but it also gives it super good airflow right to your palms. This is perfect if you deal with sweaty hands when gaming. Combine a honeycomb mouse with a usb fan and you will be golden. You can probably forget about sweaty hands forever. The usb fan will blow air directly into your palms by going through the mouse and it’s honeycomb shell.

One other way I dealt with sweaty hands when gaming was using a different paint coated mouse. If you arent used to lightweight mice, I suggest you try a matte paint mouse that you are comfortable with, a lot of big brands that make gaming mice have a matte version of the product. Matte is better than glossy for sweaty palms because the gloss makes the grip on the mouse extremely slippery and uncontrollable.

Now you can’t actually stop your body from sweating from your palms naturally, it’s just how you were made. But you can attack the core of the issue by instead solving the stress and nervousness that cause it.

The absolute best way to deal with sweaty hands when gaming, is to fix any mental hurdles by meditating for 5-10minutes at any time in the day, wherever you are at the time you feel like it. Meditating is easier than you think, if you can close your eyes for 5-10minutes then you can meditate where you are right now. All you have to do for a basic meditation is to close your eyes and become aware of the sounds you hear.

The whole goal is awareness, not being thoughtless or being calm, just being aware of what’s happening right now. Listen to the sounds happening around you and don’t judge them, just hear them. Every once in a while you will start getting thoughts about random things, the crucial step is to notice when this happens and bring your attention back to the sounds. If you can become a lot less stressed, you won’t deal with sweaty hands when gaming that often anymore. Do this for 5-10minutes a day and with consistency you will become a much more calmer stress free person. If you start getting sweaty hands when gaming, then you should take a few slow and deep breaths to calm your nervousness or stress.

Effects Of Sweaty Hands While Gaming

There are many effects of sweaty hands when gaming. Having sweaty hands when gaming can become a bigger annoyance than they already are. If you live in a humid area, the sweat from your palms will soak into your mousepad and the humidity will slow it down so much that your aim will be completely off. Here is an article which explains sluggish mousepads. You will have to spin your mousepad around or use another one. If you have a glossy mouse and you also get sweaty hands when gaming, then you are in trouble. The sweat on your palms will make your grip slippery and force you to grip the mouse tighter which will throw you off your muscle memory.


I hope this helps you people out there who have really sweaty hands when gaming or just in general. It’s never fun to not be able to play a game properly because the mouse is slippery or having to shake someone’s hand when you have sweaty hands. Try these steps out yourself and figure out the best ones that work for you. There is a fix to having sweaty hands while gaming, it isn’t hopeless like I once thought it was.

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