7 Nullxiety Codes Revealed: Roblox Codes

nullxiety codes

Roblox is home to numerous games that appeal to a broad range of players worldwide. One game that has been generating buzz among thrill-seekers is Nullxiety.

This horror or suspense game puts you in a series of tests, puzzles, and morse code, allowing you to crack the mystery. But, what if you had some advantage? That’s where Nullxiety codes come in handy.

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Morse codes in Nullxiety add a thrilling layer of complexity to the game. These codes, represented by a series of dots and dashes, can be a real game-changer if deciphered correctly.

Nullxiety Codes: Morse Code Puzzle

These codes are randomly generated for everyone, here are some which worked.

  • 14159
  • 71821
  • 18217
  • 80253
  • 02538

The first code you will need to decipher to open the giant metal door is in the room with the flashing lights. It’s on the left side of the storage room.

To decipher the morse code in Nullxiety’s flashing light room, you’ll need to pay keen attention to the sequence of lights.

Each flash represents a dot or a dash in morse code, with a special signal indicating space between letters and words. This sequence will form the code you need to unlock the door.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds; you’ll require a combination of patience, observation, and a knack for pattern recognition. Remember, a short flash equates to a dot (.), while a long flash signifies a dash (-). It’s crucial to note down each flash as it appears.

Once you have the sequence, you can refer to a Morse Code chart to translate it into letters or numbers, revealing the code that will open the door.

  • ● : It means fast light flash.
  • ꟷ : It means long light flash.

1: ● ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ

2: ● ● ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ

3: ● ● ● ꟷ ꟷ

4: ● ● ● ● ꟷ

5: ● ● ● ● ●

6: ꟷ ● ● ● ●

7: ꟷ ꟷ ● ● ●

8: ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ● ●

9: ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ●

0: ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ

It also doesn’t matter what order you place the numbers.

When the lights go out for longer than usual, that means the morse is resetting.

The codes are always generated randomly, so the ones you encounter in the game will differ. If a code doesn’t work, attempt to enter the numbers in various combinations.

Nullxiety Base64 Code Puzzle

Here are some codes which worked, you will have to decipher your own however.

  • 0DE2NTY = 1656
  • NzMxMTE = 73111

In Nullxiety, apart from Morse code, another form of encoded message you’ll encounter is the Base64 code.

Base64 encoding scheme is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that was designed to carry data across systems that are designed only to deal with text. It ensures that the data remains intact without any modification during transport.

To decipher the Base64 code in Nullxiety, you will first need to find the encoded message that generally appears on a small piece of paper or a similar in-game object. Once you have the string of characters, the next step is to decode it.

Don’t forget that the code is case-sensitive.

Remember, the “=” is also an integral part of the code! Purchasing the “Decrypt The Codes” product isn’t necessary to complete the game. It’s available if you prefer to SKIP the code stage.

Decoding a Base64 code is relatively straightforward, especially with the help of online tools available today. You can simply input the coded string into a Base64 decoder, and the tool will automatically convert it into a readable format.

Keep in mind, however, that the challenge in Nullxiety doesn’t end with simply decoding the Base64 encoded string.

The decoded message often serves as a clue to solving a puzzle or advancing in the game, demanding the player’s problem-solving skills and ingenuity.

Just as with the Morse Code, patience and observation are key. And remember, the game is designed to be challenging – so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it at first. Keep trying, and you’ll eventually crack the code!

Opening the door

Once you have the codes, enter the morse code into the left panel and the base64 code into the right panel to open the metal door.


Different players will encounter different Nullxiety codes. This variety is a deliberate design choice by the game makers, ensuring that each player’s experience is unique and challenging in its own way.

As you progress in the game, you’ll realize that the ability to decipher these codes is a crucial part of your journey. With each code you decode, you’re strengthening your problem-solving skills and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

These codes aren’t just about testing your code-deciphering abilities; they’re about pushing you to think creatively, to adapt, and to persist in the face of adversity.

Remember, in Nullxiety, the codes you encounter are your stepping stones to success, each one leading you a step closer to conquering the game.

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