Top 16 BEST Ps4 Zombie Games

ps4 zombie games

Ps4 zombie games have always been a fan favorite ever since the days of call of duty zombies. The Ps4 is host to some great games and if you happen to want to kill zombies there are a fair few of those types of games too. 

Zombie games just like zombies themselves will just sometimes not die. Despite a lot of people thinking these survival games have died out, there are actually quite a few great zombie games on the ps4.

Best Ps4 Zombie Games

Without further ado, here are the top ps4 zombie games that you can play in 2022 in no particular order.

1. 7 Days to die (buy on amazon)

Suffering through the effects of a nuclear heavy third world war, navasgane is an unforgiveable place and in seven days to die you are responsible for living and surviving the zombie apocalypse. This means consuming food and water, avoiding sickness and engaging in simple building techniques to fortify your home base. 

7 days to die is a mix between minecraft and dayz. It’s an open world building and survival game with a heavy emphasis on building. Everything in the world is a block which can be collected and placed somewhere else. This lets your creativity run wild with base building because you can use anything from the environment.

You can also use power tools to mine underground and find ores to smelt for upgraded gear. There are also traps that you can place to protect your base from the incoming zombie horde which happens on the seventh night. 

Although it’s a great game, it basically boils down to: Start, construct a base, raid houses that are built like dungeons with “sleeper” zombies and boss/loot chambers, get raided by zombies every 7 days that gradually become stronger, raid homes to rebuild your base, get raided.

Beyond a single upgrading point, there is no wandering, no genuine storyline, and no enjoyable material. Subnautica games provide you with fresh areas to explore, a plot to follow, and deadly opponents that are kept to a minimum so you may still have tranquil days.

7D2D just provides you with four fundamental sections ( desert, snow, forest, burned ). There isn’t much that can inspire a person besides doing the same thing over and over again ( definition of insanity ). The whole 7-day raids by zombies with magical GPS trackers attached to their bodies gets old quickly.

And you don’t create bases or castles; instead, you build practical structures since adversaries destroy them so quickly that it’s not worth the time to design anything beautiful because it’ll take longer to rebuild.

Will you be able to get 50-100 hours of use out of it? Sure, with a few restarts/alphas, but do you really want to spend 50 hours on something that just gets less satisfying as you progress?

2. Dayz (buy on amazon)

One of the all time favorites and a pioneer in the zombie game genre, dayz is an evergreen game which can always host new experiences every time you play. 

The console player population is dwindling; there are always crowded servers and many vacant ones. There are a lot of servers (communities) for your playstyle…on the traditional PS4 (I had the small version), it is sluggish in major cities and during big clashes. However, a decent LAN connection is required (I do not advocate using WiFi to play DayZ). 

Now that I have a PS5, the visuals and smoothness are exactly the same as on a PC for me ( I have good gaming monitor with HDR). As a result, the end outcome is worthwhile. I haven’t played any other game since purchasing DayZ and if you have some pals with whom to play, go for it; it’s a fantastic experience.

I adore The Walking Dead, and this is the game that most closely resembles it, with the exception that you are in charge.

You must continually scavenge for food and weapons in order to live, and you must also contend with the threat of other players. Do you have faith in them or do you murder them on sight? It’s really nerve-wracking to hear another player approach. PvP has never given me the same sensation as any other game.

3. Days gone (buy on amazon)

I’m not going to lie to you – this isn’t a flawless game, a masterpiece, or “one of the finest games ever produced,” as many on the DaysGone sub believe.

But it’s a darn terrific game, a lot of fun with an engaging though fairly generic tale and characters that appear one-dimensional at first but develop after a few hours.

A review of the PC version surfaced, and it received a 63/100 rating, stating that it is technically sound on PC, with a consistent frame rate and attractive aesthetics, but they were disappointed by an excessively dismal tale and a lack of gameplay variation.

Please don’t be put off by the poor review score. Days Gone is a worthwhile game to play. 

The first act may not pique your interest, but once you’ve upgraded your bike and character characteristics a few times, the game becomes much more enjoyable and gratifying to play. At start, the plot is purposely dark – but not too so. 

Without giving anything away, your character acts the way he does for a reason, so that by the end of the story, he can grow and change. It isn’t a huge change, but it is there, and it is sufficient. This is one of those games where you receive what you put in terms of gameplay diversity.

True, the mission structure is simple: you can approach every enemy encampment as a cover-shooter mission or deal with hordes in the same way every time, or you can get creative with the many gadgets and weapons you have, as well as the natural and manmade environmental traps, to funnel, flank, and trap your enemies.

 This is a game that provides you a range of tools to combine in various ways to achieve your objective; the choice is yours whether or not to think beyond the box.

It’s feasible, for example, to kite a horde into an enemy encampment and then stand back until all of one problem and a portion of another is resolved – then clear up the remaining problems after the combat is finished.

4. The Last of Us Remastered (buy on amazon)

One of the best ps4 zombie games that you can pick up, the last of us has always been a leading title in terms of storyline and immersiveness.

Joel’s final lie to Ellie, I believe, highlights his biggest flaw: selfishness. It’s selfishness that evolved out of a tragic loss, but it’s still selfishness. Throughout the game, Ellie acts as a proxy for his long-lost daughter. He eventually becomes entirely reliant on her, in a way that she is reliant on him (literally at one point).

Any of his violent activities began as a need of fundamental self-preservation, but as time passes, he becomes obsessed with saving Ellie’s life at all costs. However, the incredibly terrible scene at the end reveals that this is more about him being terrified of experiencing the sorrow of loss than it is about her physical safety.

I don’t believe he overcome his toughness; instead, I believe Ellie gave him with a moral basis for it. He went endured such a dreadful trauma that he resolved to do all in his power to avoid it from occuring again.

This is why I believe the game’s brutality is fundamentally different from, say, Nathan Drake’s assassination spree in Uncharted. People are complex, and they are capable of committing terrible things in terrible circumstances. Joel believes that the violence he performs saves him from a second hell.

5. Metro Exodus (buy on amazon)

Metro exodus is amazing, it’s one of the most immersive games you can ever play. Not only are there zombies but there are also many other creatures that you can fight because you are playing in a radiated wasteland after the fallout of a nuclear war.

This game has one of the best storylines ever, every moment is pure immersion and the hud is very minimal which adds to the experience. I recommend playing this game at night when you are alone with headphones, it’s an experience like no other.

Every minute you will be interacting with the character you are playing, either by changing your mask’s radiation filter, cleaning your weapons, wiping the frost off your mask’s visor, turning on your flashlight in dark metro tunnels and the list goes on.

It really feels like you are the main character “artiom” going through his story and dealing with the repercussions of his decisions as the game has a split storyline where you influence the ending.

I give this game a 10/10 and because it’s so good it can fall into the ps4 zombie game category as it gives you everything a zombie game has to offer and more.

6. State of decay 2 (buy on amazon)

This game is one of my favourites. I played 1 a lot when it first came out, and I just purchased 2 recently. I was debating whether or not to get this.

In terms of gameplay, it’s like the Sims crossed paths with zombies, complete with battle. Keeping your own community and your neighbours’ morale up for extra bonuses and boosts is a significant component of the game, similar to sims.

Looting is acceptable. There are a variety of methods for locating different sorts of establishments where you know you’ll be more likely to discover specific items, such as an old gun shop, a doctor’s office, a restaurant, and so on. As resources run out, you’ll have to go scavenging on a regular basis. It can be a little tiresome, though.

You must go fetch the materials, return, and drop them off. The basics of looting are as simple as holding a button and waiting, then dragging anything you want into your back pack.

I enjoy the more tactical aspects of the game since there are so many various approaches to most things, whether it’s sneaking around attempting to take out different zombie types or hordes, creating bases, and so on. Building a base is fun, but it’s restricted, in my opinion. You’ll be able to gain bigger bases with greater flexibility as you go. This might be beneficial or detrimental, but it forces you to think carefully about your choices.

One of my favourite aspects of the game is that there are no’save’ slots; you can lose a character and all of their progress with no way to recover them. It truly forces you to consider how you’re going to handle a problem. It can be particularly severe when confronted by a vast swarm of zombies or unique varieties of zombies.

However, I feel that many people despise this game because it lacks a plot. Technically, there is no plot; instead, it is a survival sandbox with randomly assigned tasks. You may also perform bounties/challenges to get rarer things. There’s also the reality that these haphazard missions might be a pain to deal with at times. It gets to the point where they’re continuously thrown in your face, and if you don’t do them, you’ll suffer the repercussions. You can choose not to perform them if you like, as you must decide if they are worth your time, but some are necessary to keep your neighbours and community pleased.

7. Resident evil 2 (buy on amazon)

Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the original PlayStation game, which premiered in 1998. I never had a PlayStation to play the original, but it is regarded as a classic, so when a remake was announced, I knew I wanted to try it. I’m pleased I finally had a chance to play this game since the gameplay is well-done and a lot of fun, despite the lack of horrors for a horror game.

Resident Evil 2 is a zombie survival horror game set in the midst of a major epidemic. You can play as Leon or Claire, two humans who unknowingly become engulfed in the zombie horde and must rely on all of their resources to live. In addition to battling for survival, you become engrossed in the tale of what caused the outbreak in the first place and try to figure out how to stop it from spreading further.

While you can play as either Leon or Claire, their storylines mostly overlap in terms of locations and plot themes. You begin the game by investigating a police station in Raccoon City, then progress via the sewers to a research lab hidden under the city. While the majority of the game is the same regardless of the character you choose to play as, each character has their own story beats.

After beating the game once, you may play as the other character in a game called “2nd Run,” which is a pretty creative design choice. This restarts the game with a fresh character, but the riddles and object placements are changed, so you’re not playing the same game twice. This was a brilliant inclusion by the developers because you need to go through as both characters to experience the whole tale and reach the genuine conclusion.

8. Dying Light (buy on amazon)

The game boasts incredible visuals (even by today’s standards for a 6-year-old game) and parkour. You’ll be chasing (and being chased by) zombies with increasing degrees of difficulty. You have the tried-and-true biters, who move slowly but are nevertheless difficult to kill with the weapons you start with. Then, as you go through the levels, they will get more powerful. Then there are Virals, which are recently infected zombies with some human characteristics (such as begging you not to harm them) but are exceedingly quick moving and devastating without adequate weaponry. When night falls, all bets are off, as you’ll run into Volatiles, who are tanky and can take a lot of damage before dying, thus expertise is required.

Throughout the tale, you’ll come across both human and zombie foes. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to give anything away. However, the AI in the game is really good, and both people and certain zombies can counterattack and evade your strikes.

The opportunity to wander and explore the open world regions before even starting the whole plot is the game’s biggest feature. It’s best to at least get through the prologue, but looting for materials is required in order to build the many things required for survival dap medkits.

There are many tiers of weaponry, starting with grey coloured weapons (which are the weakest) and progressing to gold tier weapons (which are the most powerful) (which are the rarest but are the best) The orange tier, on the other hand, is the best you can attain by regular gameplay and building up your skill trees.

Parkour is a fantastic feature in the game. You unlock new skills as you level up, such as dropkicks and stomps, that enable you defeat foes without the need of firearms. Plus, you’ll ultimately receive a grappling hook, which will make it much simpler to navigate the landscape and put distance between you and the infected.

The developers continue to promote the game with events, docket tickets (for free gold tier weapons), and community involvement. They recently launched new Hellraid DLC (separate purchase) and will continue to support it.

The game also features numerous modes that you can play alone or with friends, such as becoming a zombie and invading other random players’ games to attack them and win rewards.

9. Killing floor 2 (buy on amazon)

The game is a lot of fun for me. However, there isn’t much to do in terms of gaming. To get a better gun, you have to kill zeds. Sure, popping Zed’s skull with your weaponry is a lot of fun, but if you’re expecting more from this game, you might be disappointed. Every other day, I still play it, but just for a few games. You’ll enjoy it if, like me, you don’t mind shooting the same enemy for pleasure.

The game is now in an odd state. A new update was released, which included several new obnoxious foes as well as revamped weapons and classes. This indicates that equilibrium is a thing of the past. And it had previously been in need of some rebalancing before to the unfortunate update.

Now the obnoxious foes will really get to you, and you’ll have a love/hate relationship with KF2. At the conclusion of each match, you’ll be frustrated, and after a few hours, you’ll only have the energy to play one match every day. It’s a difficult game to play since it requires a lot of patience. This is due to teleporting zeds, spawn locations around the corner, and every zed always being in your face, with the only breathing area being between waves. This is a strategy to make the game “harder” and “more demanding,” yet it just serves to drain the game’s enjoyment faster. As a result, you’ll be able to quit playing more quickly.

AND, if you lose a match, quitting the game rather than getting a rematch is quite simple. For a few seconds, KF2 will boring you with the “Defeat” page, with no option to rematch, only to display you a screen with your latest match’s stats and a map list. Who cares about the numbers from the game that just ended in a loss? Nobody.

10. COD Black Ops Zombies (buy on amazon)

Although a great addition to the COD zombies franchise, and one of the best games to play at night with your friends, there is some downsides to this game too.

The zombies in BO2 were a letdown for me. The zombies in WAW and BO1 were far superior. 3arc went too far away from BO1’s wave survival element. Instead of truly surviving and killing zombies and gaining points, I felt like I was advancing through a highly linear yet opaque and unclear level while running away from them. They also introduced worthless items like buildables, which you had to scavenge all around for and never appeared to assist in the end (unless when they were required to complete the level). On the first map, this is the chamber where you must switch on the electricity.)

The maps were also quite irritating, such as the lava map and the skyscraper game, which was essentially a maze. Also included is a map of the wild west with a labyrinth garden. 

Worse still, the mythology and mystique of the BO2 zombies pale in comparison to those of the BO1. On the first DLC of BO2, they practically forsake the tale, leaving you with a whole new cast of people. 

They don’t return to the characters from the pre-dlc game until the following dlc, which is usually many months later. Not to mention the fact that they almost totally ignored BO1’s engaging and clearly effective story or lore.

11. World War Z (buy on amazon)

It’s the greatest Left 4 Dead type game I’ve played since 2. However, as previously said, it has flaws. However, I enjoy the gunplay, so I’m still having a nice time with it after around 15 hours.

I bought Earthfall the day it was released, which was a mistake. I promised myself at the time that I wouldn’t allow the left 4 dead resemblance be a significant selling point for me again because, while it’s a simple concept, it’s also very easy to screw wrong. I was sceptical about this game since I assumed it was a cash grab based on the IP of a movie or book, but it’s a lot of fun. I tested it out at a friend’s house and loved it in less than 10 minutes.

12. Project Zomboid (buy on amazon)

A few advantages of the game that influenced my decision to buy it:

– A large terrain with a lot of ideal places to develop bases

– A wide range of things that may be used throughout the game

– Survival comes first, then combat (which is something I miss in other games where you can go all out and still come out alive).

There are a few drawbacks, which are just as important:

– The fighting, in my opinion, is a little clumsy and takes a long time to get used to.

– Some unfavourable characteristics are scarcely bad and serve as bonus points.

These flaws, in my opinion, are not significant enough to cause me to abandon the game.

This game has really blown me away. In fact, I’m only on reddit right now because I’ve barricaded myself inside the northern gunstore since my character is too exhausted to see properly, it’s dark, there’s a rainstorm outside, and I can hear the horde.

I’m starving and thirsty, and despite the fact that I have a functional car outside, I have no idea where the horde is or whether they’ll rush me out of this restroom.

I’m both terrified and excited.

This current playing (month 1, day 5) has taken me around 30 hours, and it’s my second “life” as it were (I fudged my first character day 17 or so, ended up deleting his file)

It appeals to every form of survival game mechanic seen in previous games;

Combat is brutal; one bite and you’re dead, youngster.

Stealth is both feasible and terrifying; best hope that neighbouring corner or tree isn’t hiding a few zeds who spot you, or refer to bullet point above.

Scavenging is enjoyable and gratifying; I have a well-stocked fort in the farmlands outside of Muldraugh, and I’m set for at least three weeks without having to travel anywhere, and I got it all through scavenging.

13. Dead Island (buy on amazon)

One of the nostalgic ps4 zombie games to date. The open world stuff was enjoyable, albeit the quality of the locations degraded as you progressed, and the first-person fighting was still excellent if you used a controller and used analogue aiming. (I played on a PS3, so I’m not sure if the functionality was ever released for PC.) Winding up and chopping off limbs is a lot of pleasure.

The game’s last stretch is a long, tedious corridor shooter.

I’ve never played Riptide since I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it.

Back in the day, I was a huge fan of Dead Island. At the time, the variety of adversaries and weapon customization were unrivalled. The tale wasn’t really compelling, but I enjoyed the game. If my memory serves me well, Riptide was a bit of a letdown for me.

Because Dying Light is objectively a far superior game, it’s getting a lot of flak these days. Combat, mobility, and the plot (though that is still pretty garbage). I’ve played Dying Light so much that I now despise it.

Dead Island may not have been as brilliant as later games, but it left a lasting impression on me.

14. Death Road to Canada (buy on amazon)

I was playing this game and I was really engrossed in it. This is a fantastic cheap game, and I’m having a wonderful time with it. To summarise, it’s like the Oregon Trail, except with zombies and a lot more personality. I believe that the majority of the enjoyment comes from the anticipation of what the next region of the game will deliver.

A local co-op option is included, which adds to the pleasure. The game revolves around looting, resource gathering, and survival. In terms of fighting, it’s quite one-dimensional, but there’s some interesting stuff in this game, and it’s a lot of fun.

For certain runs, I’d say the game is heavily reliant on RNG. Last night, I was very pleased when I received a body builder who I was expecting would just trash everything. He boosted the team’s spirit, but he couldn’t attack because all he did was flex on the adversaries.

15. Rage 2 (buy on amazon)

I’d give it a try because it’s included with the game pass. It’s not likely to be a game you’ll return to again and again, but it does have some enjoyable moments. Some of the objectives might get monotonous as you progress through the game. There’s also a lot of driving. The longer you play, the more talents you gain, and the game grows more varied and enjoyable.

It’s worth your time to give it a shot, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

You’ll run into advancement issues if you don’t rotate your saves. First, get the super powers of double leap, shatter, and smash. Get the rocket launcher as well. You’ll also require the shotgun, which is located on the essential route and cannot be overlooked.

It’s a one-and-done situation. Give it your all and call it a day. Because it’s been out for a while, I’d say it’s worth $20 used. There is no multiplayer unless things change, thus there isn’t much replay value. You’re good to go with pass. It’s fun to play. When it first came out, I got the $80 deluxe edition.

However, the game was faulty on my PC and would never connect to the internet, claiming that the server was down. Because Bethesda assistance was unable to resolve the issue, I was given a $25 credit towards another game (after I finished it 100 percent ). This reimbursed the cost of all the DLC I didn’t buy because it was required to be purchased online.

16. The Walking Dead (buy on amazon)

It is debatable if this game is worth it or not. If you’re hoping for a high-octane shooter with a lot of dramatic moments a la Resident Evil, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you want a deep plot with compelling characters that you can engage with and control the flow of, this game is well worth your time.

Each episode appears to be around 2 hours long, giving you a total of roughly 10 hours of gameplay. With so many alternatives, you could definitely restart the game a couple more times simply to see the various pathways and get additional story.

Despite its brief length, I’ve already plaided it three times. Once as the “good guy” (by accident, as I was just discovering it), once as the “asshole” (to see how the dialogue changes – it does, with minor variations), and once in full T-Dawg mode (to see how the dialogue changes – it does, with minor variations), and once in full T-Dawg mode (to see how the dialogue changes – it does, with minor variations), and once in full T-Dawg mode (to see how the (I.E never, ever speak).

There were also moments when I found every possible way for your character to die, which was occasionally entertaining but not always worthwhile.

I’m also developing fond of the main character; he’s not fully filled out yet, but he appears to have a lot more depth than most gaming characters. The performer is excellent, and the rest of the ensemble is as impressive.

In general, a must-have for TWD fans who also enjoy video games (but don’t expect it to be as good as L4D).

Also read how to play RUST, another amazing survival game.

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