Top 19 Best Headset Tarkov (BEST RAID HEADSETS 2022)

best headset tarkov

Whats the best headset tarkov? Having a subpar headset in escape from tarkov will put you at ane extreme competitive disadvantage because this game is extremely immersive and punishing.

There are certain headphones that you can use in order to gain an advantage in raids. Discover the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each active headset in Tarkov to choose the ideal selection. There are now eight headsets implemented in Tarkov.

There are in game items which are headsets in tarkov and there are also headsets in real life that will help you differentiate directional sound and allow you to navigate better in tarkov.

Hearing gunshot direction and distances is one of the most important things apart from footstep sounds in tarkov. Having the ability to accurately identify enemy locations whether in the wild or in a raid is crucial to be a good player.

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The Ops-Core FAST RAC Headset was not considered because it is only used in specific situations, and the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Digital Headset was not considered because it was introduced in late 2020 and is still not consistently obtainable as of 2021, making it an affordable option at two or three times the cost of the other earpieces below without a clear benefit (although it makes a great flex for the wealthy player).

If you’ve been wondering if headsets are useful in Tarkov and why they’re so popular among new players, the answer is yes, and they may offer you a significant hearing edge in raids.

Allowing you to clearly discern opponent location, reduce ambient noise, and in certain cases dampen your own movements (from your ears only), you’ll find dedicated Tarkov gamers using them to hear player movements and capitalise on that crucial knowledge on a frequent basis.

When you combine this heightened hearing with the greatest ammunition and armour for your Tarkov raids, you may greatly boost your chances of escaping.

In the offline mode of Escape From Tarkov, players may undertake a similar test by bringing all available headphones into a raid with them.

This is a topic that conventional Tarkov science experiments looked at in thoroughly in 2020, and it’s a good place to start learning about the mechanics of this item slot.
Immersion is essential for slaughtering your adversaries in any video game, but it’s extremely important in Escape from Tarkov, a first-person shooter.

The soundtrack is an important part of the tense gameplay. As you amass rare armour and weaponry, you’ll have to plunder and shoot your way to victory.

In terms of sound, Escape from Tarkov resembles a stroll in a tranquil woodland. Because the audio is so quiet, gaming headphones are virtually required. These are your top choices.

What is the quality of the audio in Escape from Tarkov?

In most FPS games, audio is crucial, but in Escape from Tarkov, it is critical. For this intense online shooter, the development team performed an excellent job of recording high-quality audio. Footsteps sound different based on what they’re stepping on and how fast they’re going. Gunshots, explosions, conversations, and the surrounding environment (wind, rain, and doors) are all sharp and distinct.

While the directional and occlusion audio (sounds coming through a wall) needed some work in the early phases of development, they have considerably improved with upgrades. Being able to locate an opponent based only on sound is a critical talent in ensuring your survival in Tarkov.

Choosing the best headset tarkov


The amount of sound your headset can isolate in the game from the rest of the world is maybe more essential than the actual sound quality.

For example, using a noise-canceling headset can aid increase audio output and clarity. This allows you to hear everything going on inside the game, regardless of what’s going on outside. This is extremely important while playing a shooter like Escape from Turkov, when hearing the direction of a slight footstep or distant gunshot might be the difference between life and death.

Quality of Construction

If you have no option but to use a plastic gaming headset, make sure it’s constructed of high-quality plastic that’s flexible enough to allow you to move your head freely without sacrificing comfort.

The vast majority of gaming headsets on the market are constructed of inexpensive plastic. They’re inconvenient to wear, ill-fitting, and, worst of all, they don’t last very long.

Fit and Comfort

The way a headset feels and fits on your head is crucial. Because you’ll be wearing it for several hours, you’ll want something that doesn’t trap or let perspiration, heat, or friction to build up.
Wearing a terrible headset may be unpleasant after a time, in addition to disrupting your attention. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll get neck pains, headaches, and ringing in your ears. If a smaller headset isn’t big enough, go for a larger one.

Microphone Accuracy

First and foremost, don’t expect studio-quality audio from a gaming headset. That’s not what they’re made for. Instead, strive to keep your expectations as low as possible. But, at the same time, don’t take anything for granted. You’ll still want to set some guidelines.
A gaming headset with a detachable boom mic and some type of noise-canceling technology is ideal.

Sound Surround

Escape from Tarkov relies heavily on a 360-degree soundscape. It’s probably the main reason you’re buying a good gaming headset in the first place.

Top 12 Best Headset Tarkov

13. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro


  • High-quality microphone
  • Wireless connection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Crisp audio and configurable response


  • Consoles are not as well adapted to computer gaming as computers are.
  • Isolation from the environment needs to be improved
  • Compatibility with wireless networks comes at a price

The Wireless BlackShark V2 has unique tri-force titanium drivers with THX spatial audio software that allows you to fine-tune the audio response. Overall, the sound quality is excellent. The immersive experience provided by these studio-grade headphones will thoroughly immerse you in Escape from Tarkov.

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset is a wireless version of the BlackShark V2. It has many of the same outstanding features as the original BlackShark V2. Despite its appearance, it is composed of lightweight plastic and is quite sturdy. It just weights 0.7 pounds, so you won’t even notice it when playing your games.

12. Hyper X Cloud II


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Very good sound quality
  • Great directional sound
  • Perfect for competitive gaming
  • 53mm drivers
  • DTS 7.1 Surround sound
  • Lightweight
  • Replacable ear pads


  • Quiet microphone
  • No noise cancelling
  • Not wireless, it’s USB wired

The Hyper X Cloud II is what you’d call the “ultimate” Escape from Tarkov headset. I use them, and so do the majority of my pals. With no faults to mention and outstanding quality for the price, I don’t think it’s possible to find a better deal. However, be aware that the mic is sensitive (which may be a good or negative thing depending on the situation) and will take up a lot of noise. The 7.1 surround is quite useful in recognising sound direction and just increases overall quality, and I’ve used mine for years with no problems. If you’re in the market for one, I strongly advise you to acquire one.

But, before you go any further, don’t misinterpret this as us claiming that this is the greatest headset for Escape from Tarkov. It’s at the top, but not due of its extensive list of features or eye-catching style. In actuality, the Hyper X Cloud II is a really simple and standard device. However, despite its unassuming design, it is a popular choice among FPS gamers. The Hyper X Cloud II’s 7.1 Surround Sound Audio is one of the reasons it’s one of the top headphones for Escape from Tarkov.

This is a fantastic feature to have in a first-person shooter gaming headset. This is because it helps you to figure out where sound is coming from while playing the game. The headset’s 53mm audio drivers, which you can tune using an innovative audio control box, boost the sound even further.
The Hyper X Cloud II’s headband is made of memory foam and is paired with velour ear cushions for maximum comfort.

Add a mesh pouch, removable ear cushions, and a detachable noise-canceling microphone to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a headset that will help you succeed in Escape from Tarkov.

11. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero


Extremely comfortable
Good fit
Very good sound quality
Good software


Controls messy
No audio presets

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero features a sleek design with grey accents and a matte black hue. Except for a metal headband, it’s entirely made of plastic. The foam padding provides enough cushioning, allowing you to play for hours without needing to reposition the headphones. They’re small and light, with a variety of onboard controls.

For all your gaming demands, 15mm drivers with a 12Hz-20kHz audible range give lots of texture and great directional sound. Although the flat response of these drivers is great, a punchier bass would make these headphones much better.

Overall, these headphones are excellent for Escape from Tarkov, but they are not suitable for first-person shooters.

10. Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum


Customizable profiles
Multi platform


Too bulky

We wouldn’t precisely use the adjectives “affordable” and “portable” to characterise the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum. If you’re going all-in on Escape from Tarkov, though, you may as well go with the finest, and this headset is just that.

The Artemis Spectrum’s complete use of the Logitech Gaming Software programme is one of the main reasons for its inclusion in our list.

Each cup has complete RGB illumination, and the software may be used to change the backlighting colours. Because of the multiple equalisation settings accessible via Logitech’s app, you may also pick from a list of built-in audio profiles or create your own, which is extremely tempting, especially in a game like Escape from Tarkov.

9. Logitech G Pro X


Good shape
Extra padding


Weak mic
Console performance

The Logitech G Pro X is one of the best headsets for competitive gaming since it was designed in partnership with elite E-Sport athletes. They are exceptionally light at 320g, but because to their stiff plastic frame, they are also quite unyielding. The velour padding around the ears ensures a leak-proof seal while also providing supreme comfort.

The 50mm hybrid drivers deliver a powerful bass response while maintaining a crisp top end. The microphone offers excellent isolation and clarity, ensuring that your speech is never muddled by background disturbances.

8. Razer Kraken


Gel infused ear cups
Good sound quality
Good software options
Good bass


Detereorates over time
Bulky and heavy
annoying driver setup
No surround on some options

How many years has it been since the Razer Kraken’s first generation was released? Three? Five? Ten? What’s more, guess what? It makes no difference. Because what matters is that Razer has done the Kraken well in each and every version, including the most recent.

Sure, the marginal gains were disappointing. There weren’t enough compelling reasons for owners of previous-generation Razer Krakens to upgrade until theirs broke. But, then again, when a product is this amazing, that’s to be expected.

Furthermore, Razer ensured that the new Kraken gained significant upgrades in the areas that matter the most – cooling and comfort.

Despite the fact that the new Razer Kraken lacks surround sound, the sound quality is still excellent. Not to mention, the redesigned Kraken has thicker and more comfortable headband padding, gel-infused ear cushions for increased cooling, and a better microphone.
The fact that Razer opted not to raise the price of the latest-gen Kraken is only a bonus.

7. Astro A50


Great quality sound
Long lifetime
Good frequency response


Sleep mode function is annoying

The Astro A50 improves on the shortcomings of the A20 model. The 2.4GHz base station was redesigned by Astro to be more compact and efficient. The headset is comfortable to use and provides excellent external noise isolation.

Punchy bass and well-balanced mid/treble regions characterise the excellent frequency response. The A50 is a contender for the best surround sound headsets on the market thanks to its balanced sound profile and excellent isolation. The Astro A50 makes for a wonderful set of gaming headphones when you’re absorbed in Escape from Tarkov, even if they don’t quite match up to open-back counterparts.

6. JBL Quantum One


Balanced profiles
LED lighting can be programmed


Limited audio features
Noise cancellation isn’t perfect

Although the JBL Quantum One’s noise cancelling isn’t the finest, it makes up for it with extra functions and microphone/audio quality. This model is so popular among gamers that it’s even being used by competitive E-sport teams to win championships.

The head tracking software is its key selling point. The sound quality varies as you swivel your head, creating an almost too realistic auditory experience. When you combine this functionality with active noise cancellation software and a high-end gaming mouse, you’ve got yourself a formula for total immersion in Escape from Tarkov.

5. EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 600


Quality build
Adjustable headband
Powerful sound quality



The EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 600 is one of the top bass-heavy gaming headsets on the market because to its well-balanced audio quality that shines in the low-end. The mids, on the other hand, were overlooked by EPOS, as they fit in well with both the bass and the amplified high end. Poor isolation, on the other hand, degrades the sound quality.

The adjustable headband is also a popular feature among consumers. This function allows you to quickly adjust the amount of pressure applied to your head, making them far more comfortable than other alternatives. If you’ve ever had a set of headphones that squeezed your head, you know how important it is to be able to change the size.

Furthermore, as compared to other versions, being able to secure the headphones comfortably provides for superior noise cancellation. This is because a seal is formed over your ears, blocking out external noises so you can concentrate on the game.

Finally, the surround sound quality is worth highlighting. They can help you play better since you’ll be able to hear where enemies are coming from. The sound quality is excellent, allowing any player to quickly identify the required sound cues.

4. Sennheiser Game One


Extremely comfortable
Good quality build
Great for hearing footsteps
Perfect bass
Clear sound
Great 3d Sound and perfect for gauging gunshot distances


Sound isolation

The Sennheiser Game One is a one-of-a-kind headset that combines class-leading sound quality with a microphone that performs well above expectations. Why? For starters, it has everything that casual and hardcore gamers would ever need in a gaming headset, including a shooter mode for games like Escape from Tarkov, and it’s open-back.

The reason for this is that it has a neutral frequency response. This implies it won’t change the volume of the sound. For those who are used to wearing headphones that amplify the bass, this will be an adjustment, but for shooters, this is great.

The “de-emphasizing” of sound quality results in significantly clearer sound, which is particularly useful in first-person shooters where sound clarity is critical.

If you like utilitarian designs, this is a major hit for you. Even if you wear spectacles, the matte black plastic is resistant to wear and tear, and the matte black velour cushioning is comfy. However, it appears that Sennheiser placed too much emphasis on comfort and not enough on true beauty.
In terms of design, the Sennheiser Game One is an open-back gaming headset, as we noted previously.
This is worth noting since open-back gaming headphones are ideal if you live in a reasonably quiet environment because the design allows you to hear more in-game (and while listening to music). However, the design allows noise to seep in and out, so you’ll have to deal with it.

3. HyperX Cloud Alpha


Good quality build
Good sound quality
GOod mic
Can adjust bass on different ears


No wire, might delay sound
No control features

The HyperX Cloud Alpha, as its name suggests, feels like a cloud on your head as you play. They are lightweight and give a lot of cushioning while yet being strong and flexible. This headset is one of the most eye-catching on the list because to the beautiful stitch work around the headband.
A split driver system is also included in the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset.

The bass and midrange are handled by a subwoofer, while the treble is handled by a tweeter, all of which are connected by an unique soft crossover. The driver’s pair has an excellent seal design, so focusing your attention won’t be a problem.

2. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDac


Wired so no lag
DAC options
Quality amterials
Good controls


Distortion with mic
Bass varies

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDac is a high-resolution gaming headset that isn’t widely available. The headphones’ DAC unit has a number of extra functions, including the ability to combine in-game audio with call audio and alter mid-game audio.

The microphone captures a lot of detail, however the audio reconstruction technique shows compression. It doesn’t come with a resonant bass out of the box, but the DAC allows you to modify your sound. Overall, due to its tendency to distort, the microphone is just passable.

1. Beyerdynamic MMX 300


Trusted and tested by top streamers
Great sound quality
Good for hearing footsteps
Excellent sound and stereo separation
Comfortable fit
Split cables and inline controls



You can’t beat the features of the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 for the price. The boom microphone on this headset gives excellent audio reproduction on the receiving end, albeit it could use a little more focus on the mids. It’s a good microphone that can be used for both team chat and podcasting.

To everyone who sincerely desires a bigger, richer, and deeper audio experience. That is the headset that I would suggest. I’ve had at least ten different headsets in the last few years, and nothing compares to the sound quality of the MMX 300’s.

According to what he says, there are now difficulties with the sound engine, but once those are resolved, I strongly suggest that headset. I use it in other games as well, predominantly Overwatch these days, and the sounds you hear and how well they are recreated on this headset are absolutely great. I will admit that one of my earpieces broke.

I utilised their Warranty Department and sent them off after receiving my RMA, and they turned them around in ONE DAY and mailed them back to me, and they are still working well. These headphones are costly, but you get your money’s worth with them.

While it is pricey, you will receive a high level of quality. The sound produced by this headset has a wide frequency range and outstanding stereo separation. That way, you can hear readily what the game wants you to- giving you with a greater response time.

You may find that the split cables obstruct your view. Nonetheless, they provide you with excellent sound quality. You might need to figure out how to put them someplace they won’t disturb you.
There isn’t much going on with this choice if you desire a straightforward look. The headsets feature no LED lights, graphics, logos, or anything else on them; they are plain.

We also liked how simple they were to put up. You can put these into your PC or PS4 right out of the package and they’ll function well. If you do have an Xbox, you’ll almost certainly need to fiddle with an adaptor to get the equipment to operate properly. Still, they are mostly easy to use for a variety of games.


In Tarkov, active headsets employ three key mechanisms to do this: ambient volume reduction, compression, and equalisation. To summarise his video, they accomplish the following goals:

Reduces the level of minor game noises such as wind, rain, birds, and other Tarkov environmental noises.

In Tarkov, the purpose of headphones is to boost your capacity to hear vital (often subtle) game sounds, which in turn supply you with information on nearby opponent movements. This can include things like doors opening, looting, healing, footfall, and other markers of activity, all while quieting down your own noises (but not those of your Tarkov squadmates).

Compression: Creates a more compressed sound wave by increasing the level of quiet sounds while decreasing the volume of stronger ones.

Equalization: Changes the frequency of sounds and can potentially entirely eliminate them.

With the above in mind, the ideal headset for footsteps in Tarkov will be one with a high level of ambient loudness reduction and compression, which is a big factor in this recommendation.


Headsets in Tarkov may be a perplexing concept for both novice and advanced players, and learning the tiny Tarkov headset distinctions between the various choices can take dozens, if not hundreds, of raids.

Value for money (beginning at approximately 13,000), trader availability (essential after a wipe), and how the headsets treat sound using the three mechanisms outlined above are among the differences. Weight varies slightly as well; however, given the current Tarkov weight mechanics, this is a minor concern that is unlikely to affect your raid experience.

Comtacs are too trebley for me, Sordins are extremely bassy and lovely, and GSShs are in the centre and my favourite because they are the cheapest headset at 16k. I’m not sure about the new Tac Sport’s; I haven’t spent enough time with them yet, but they appear to be comparable to Sordins.

Everything is louder with comtacs2, and you can hear everything except slow strolling.

Ggsh is similar to comtacs2, with some small variations. Crinkle upon crinkle, Sordins can hear everything, but it gives me a headache. Sports, weather, and people are louder than hell, and you can hear people 10 metres away as if they were right next to you. RAC They are, in my opinion, inferior to comtac2s.

Comtacs have a good level of sound amplification. They’re similar to the middle ground in that footsteps and gunfire are more audible. When compared to Comtacs, GSShs are comparable but significantly more muted – gunshots and footsteps are loud but don’t sound like they’re coming from your brain. Sordins make things louder and bassier, so you can hear people better/further if they’re racing towards you, for example.

I started with Comtacs but switched to GSShs since I didn’t like how loud and near everything was. For me, Sordin’s makes things far too loud and annoying, while others enjoy the sound whoring advantage. The primary issue with the Sordins, in my opinion, is that if someone is shooting you up close, it is muffled.

As a result, you may be around the corner from a camper who is firing and not realise it. I’m a big admirer of the original 6 box of matches comtacs, and I’ve spent so much time with them that I’ve become accustomed to the little differences.

With a good sound test, you’ll probably end up with two or three favourites, and our guide to the best Tarkov headsets will go through the pros and cons of each. With over 500 hours of Tarkov gameplay under my belt (survival statistics at the end of this post), I’ve tried out all of the available headsets to come to these findings.

If you’re still undecided, you’ll find some handy links to community polls that have been performed throughout the years with hundreds of Escape From Tarkov player votes at the bottom of this post.

Except when it rains, which I despise, I use whatever pair is next in my inventory; after you’ve gotten used to them all, there’s not much of a difference in terms of how far you can hear people. All of the headsets perform well enough to hear distant targets without sacrificing proximity loudness (personal preference).

I’ve ranked each of the headsets below based on these variables to see how they affect your raid experience, but it’s worth noting that the best Escape From Tarkov headset for you will ultimately depend on your particular sound tastes.


The Tactical Sports, in example, delivers a balanced boost throughout all sound ranges while keeping the sounds comparable to their original sans headset counterparts, resulting in a pleasant sound experience and making it one of the simpler headsets to use without requiring substantial modification.

This appears to come to a stop with the fact that you won’t likely receive a pair until late in the game, relegating it to third place on my list of the best headsets for Escape From Tarkov raids.

The Peltor Tactical Sport Headset is the first useable headset on this list of finest Tarkov headsets in my opinion. The Razor, like the Razor, is hampered by its availability being tied to a high level 4 Ragman merchant level. Aside from accessibility difficulties, the Tactical Sport is a popular choice among fans, offering a balance between the ComTac 2 and the Sordin while being somewhat more bass-heavy.


The primary disadvantage is that they clash with common headgear (for example, the SSh-68), making them impracticable in most scenarios.

The M32 headset, on the other hand, has a big advantage in terms of early availability from traders (Skier Level 1), which, when paired with a fair price, can make it a viable early game alternative. The opportunity to level up Skier by purchasing them is also a wonderful early game perk that helps you save some money on headsets.

For the most part, these sound comparable to the Peltor ComTac 2 headset, which was added to the Escape From Tarkov headset category in patch 12.10 in late March 2021. This headset, like the GSSh above, lacks considerable noise reduction, making it difficult to use in practise because you’ll typically mask any opponent movement with your own.


The GSSh-01 active headset, which is one of the more frequent headsets accessible due to its early trader level accessibility and occasional Scav spawn, is at the top of the list for finest headset in Tarkov. Unfortunately, being one of the first headset experiences for new players, this set can rapidly put you off headphones and leave you wondering why you should bother.

This is because the GSSh-01 differs from the other headsets in that it amplifies your personal noises substantially more than the others and lacks broad ambient suppression.

On a lush terrain like Woods, this might result in your own sprinting and brush collision driving you mad with deafening sounds. The absence of considerable amplification of opponent player noises (although there is still some compared to none) also leads in a non-significant difference, prompting most players to wonder if headphones make a difference in Tarkov.

As a result, even at the low cost, I find it difficult to advocate taking them into a raid unless they are a clear winner in your blind test.


You’ll receive a fair level of ambient sound reduction with the ComTac 2 to assist you hear other PMCs or Scavs while muffling some of your own noises. Known as the treble headset, it adds additional treble to game sounds and generates a distinct pinging (often scratchy) sound environment. Overall, it’s a solid headset workhorse that you’ll likely use on a frequent basis when you loot it from people or bring it into raids.

The ComTac 2 is a popular favourite in the top headset rankings and another early experience item that players are likely to obtain owing to its availability, Rouble pricing, and even barter exchange, making it a Ragman level 2 staple item.


Given the expense of entry on this headset during the Tarkov levelling process, it’s difficult to suggest it above the top three alternatives below, despite the sound quality and benefit.

This scarcity has two major consequences: it raises the price on the Flea Market, increasing the cost of your whole loadout needlessly (although this can be as little as 5,000 extra in the latter levels). It’s also tough to get a sufficient quantity at a reasonable price to use and test the headset on a regular basis as you progress and understand the tiny sound changes.

Overall, the Walker’s Razor is an excellent Tarkov headset with solid sound, comparable to the Peltor Tactical Sport and Sordin, which are also on this tier list. However, the Razor Tarkov headset is presently unavailable through traders and can only be gained through raid.


Increasing the bass level across the board results in deeper, more pleasant sounds, but it does somewhat modify typical sounds, requiring adjustment. The Sordin, like many of the other headset options offered, allows you to pick up more sounds of your foes by reducing ambient noises, restricting your own sounds to your ears, and amplifying the subtle noises of the game with extra bass.’

When it comes to best headsets, the Sordin is my personal favourite and, possibly, the Tarkov community’s favourite. While these headphones need Ragman level 3 to get, they nevertheless have a reasonable price, making them a mainstay of player builds from the mid to late game.

With this Tarkov headset tutorial, you’ll know what headsets do in Tarkov and how they might provide you a tactical edge.

While the suggestions above are a wonderful place to start, I advise all Tarkov players to experiment to discover their own favourite, since there is clear proof that everyone in the community has varied headset preferences, as seen by multiple reddit surveys.

However, either the Sordin or the ComTac 2 are capable Tarkov headsets, with the choice mostly up to you depending on your sound preferences as determined by the YouTube sound test at the beginning of this page. For many in the Tarkov community, the dispute generally boils down to Sordin vs. Comtac.

Last Thoughts

All of the headsets we selected are good choices for all types of gaming, especially FPS games.
These headsets may make your gaming experience more immersive while also providing you an edge over your rivals by combining an above-average microphone with good audio, among other things.

Popular game broadcasters use high-quality headsets for a reason. Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter that is designed to replicate real-life war circumstances; whatever edge you can gain will help you dominate the game.

These headphones allow you to hear everything in the game’s surroundings, including enemy footsteps and the wind flowing through the trees. If you want to win big, you’ll need to invest in a gaming headset.

In the end, the headset you choose for Escape from Tarkov is all up to you.
Whether you choose the headsets we advised or not, it’s crucial to consider your budget, the features you’ll need and potentially utilise in Escape from Tarkov, as well as additional features that could come in useful while you’re listening to music, watching movies, or playing other games.

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