Top 27 Black female anime characters

Despite the fact that Japan has a small racial variety, anime characters are always black or dark-skinned. In this article, we’ll look at the key characters in black anime, both male and female.

We’ve always wished for black female anime characters to appear in one of these series. It’s only natural to want to see a varied group of individuals participating in something you appreciate.

Thankfully, since I a decade ago, the depiction of Black characters in anime has vastly increased. I really appreciate the fact that there are now more Black female characters in anime. Despite the fact that there aren’t many of them, many people feel delighted everytime they see a Black lady character in an anime that they appreciate.

Many people mistakenly believe that bias in Japan is based on skin colour, yet a black person is likely to be treated better than mestizo Japanese.

You’ll be astounded by the number of black female anime characters. Unfortunately, anime does not always get it right when it comes to authentically portraying other minorities. Especially when it comes to characters who are Black. People are always relieved when they see a Black character in anime, especially a Black lady, assuming they aren’t a racist caricature. That is the most basic requirement.

It doesn’t matter if the individual is black, white, blonde, or has curly hair; as long as it is unusual from the Japanese ideal, it will draw attention, and anime is no exception.

In contrast to the Japanese, who are normally quiet and introverted, they are frequently depicted as exuberant and vivacious characters.

Many dark-skinned characters feature regularly in anime; some look to be Japanese, while others appear to be of mixed race or Afro origin without being overtly such.

It’s worth mentioning that dark characters, mestizos, Indians, tans, and others, as well as any character with dark complexion, may be in the final list of this article.

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Top Black Female Anime Characters 2022

Here are the top 27 best characters on this list.

Canary Hunter – Hunter X Hunter

Canary is a young adolescent who also works as a vicious bodyguard/servant for the Zoldyck family, a strong and fearsome assassin family. She possesses tremendous combat techniques, but she also has a compassionate and caring heart. People like how dedicated she is to the individuals she cares about, even going against orders if it means assisting them.

Canary is a precocious youngster who also serves as a brutal bodyguard for the Zoldyck family, a powerful and terrifying assassination clan. She has incredible combat skills, but she also has a tender and compassionate heart.

Canary is a stunning adolescent with thick hair put in a bun at the tip. She has a pert nose, grey eyes, and a round face.

Canary, dressed in the usual Zoldyck butler uniform, is serious about her work.

She may be a youngster, but she’s a tough bodyguard. Canary will go to any length to defend those she cares about. She is, nevertheless, prepared to break a few regulations if required.

April – Darker Than Black

In the anime Darker Than Black, April is an agent who works closely with November 11 and July. Her hair is bright blue, and her eyes are a sad golden yellow.

April usually dresses in knee-high boots and a coat with fur linings at the neck and arms.

Her vice is consuming alcoholic beverages. Her background is unknown, but she is a talented agent.

April and her fondness for drink, as well as her talent to produce hurricanes, hold a special place in people’s hearts. Her purple coat with the fur around the neck was also a favourite of many.

Gidget (Eureka Seven)

In Eureka Seven, Gidget is a bit of an airhead support character. She also doesn’t get nearly as much screen time as some of the other characters.

That’s a shame. However, in the anime’s more “relaxed” moments and episodes, she’s still a welcome addition.

Gidget is all about style and has a great sense of fashion. She is, in fact, the anime’s best-dressed character. Even though her writing style is unusual for a Mecha/military series.

Gidget is a sassy supporting character in Eureka Seven. She is also given far less screen time than some of the other characters.

That’s a pity. She is, nevertheless, a useful addition in the anime’s more “pleasant” moments and episodes.

Gidget is obsessed about appearances and has a keen sense of style.
She is, in fact, the best-dressed character in the anime. Even though her writing style is out of the ordinary for a military/Mecha novel.

Mira Naigus – Soul Eater

In the Soul Eater anime series, Mira Naigus is Sid Barrett’s companion. She is a teacher with a great deal of enthusiasm. Mira has lovely dreadlocks, blue eyes, and a fit figure.

She has a cynical and chilly demeanour, despite her charming smile and passionate inclination towards her kids.

Mira must be skilled and develop into a strong leader due to her high rank.

Atsuko Jackson – Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko is a barbarian in every sense of the word. She’s determined and dedicated to attaining her goal.

Her delicate relationship with Michiko, the protagonist, is also intriguing. She identifies as Afro-Brazilian to represent Afro-Latinx people and their accomplishments.

Atsuko Jackson is a genuine badass, from Michiko to Hatchin. She portrays a cop in the series who has a difficult connection with Michiko. Atsuko, like Michiko, is tough and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She is Afro-Brazilian, which gives her a unique perspective on the Afro-Latinx community.

Umiko Ahagon – New Game

Umiko Ahagon is a coder who is a touch tough on her workers. She is a huge fan of airsoft and has a large collection of the game.

Despite her sassy exterior, this anime heroine is lovely and caring. When this dark-skinned girl becomes used to being around other people, she starts talking about her hobbies a lot.

So, what are your thoughts on these African-American women? Isn’t it true that female black anime characters are fierce and strong?

These black ladies certainly are, and they flaunt their stuff with pride and uniqueness.

Caldina (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Caldina is one of the many characters from the Magic Knight Rayearth series from back in the day.

In the “dubbed” version of the series, she has a distinct accent.

Overall, he’s one of Magic Knight Rayearth’s most fascinating characters.
I like how she is shown.

Caldina is one of the many characters from the famous Rayearth series of Magic Knights. She has a unique accent in the “dubbed” version of the programme.

She’s one of Magic Knight Rayearth’s most intriguing characters in general. The manner she’s portrayed is well-liked.


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Iris is a Pokemon who hails from the Unova region and has a sweet, cheery attitude.
Unova is the home of Reshiram and Kyurem, two legendary Pokemon.

Michiko Milandro – Michiko to Hatchin

Another black Brazilian character from the same series is Michiko Milandro.

She, like Atsuko Jackson, grew up in an orphanage and the two are acquainted.

Atsuko Jackson is a cop and one of the few black anime characters that can sport Afro hair. She grew up at the orphanage alongside Michiko Milandro.

She’s now on a mission to apprehend Michiko.

These anime characters’ connection is a little tangled. She couldn’t get the confidence to arrest her for some reason.

When Michiko refers to Atsuko as Jambo, she erupts like a bomb.

Nadia (Nadia: The Secret Of The Blue Water)

Nadia is the main character of the anime: Nadia, Nadia, Nadia, Nadia, Nadia, Nadia, Nadia, The Blue Water’s Mysterious Secret

She’s the kind of person that likes to accessorise with a lot of jewellery. She’s also easily annoyed by items and other people as a teenager.

She’s inept in social situations, which is exacerbated by her obstinacy. She is, however, disciplined in terms of her health and the meals she consumes. Nadia: The Blue Water’s Secret has adia as the primary character. She’s the kind that likes to adorn her outfits with a lot of jewellery.

As a teenager, she is easily irritated by objects and other people. Many viewers would identify with her discomfort in social situations.
She is, nevertheless, quite responsible.

Heles – Dragon Ball Z (God Of Destruction)

By the standards of her cosmos, Heles is stunning. Her Egyptian-style clothing and fashion make her appear like a cross between Cleopatra and Nefertiti. Despite her function as Goddess of Destruction, Heles despises the council of elders’ ruthlessness in eliminating eight worlds.

In comparison to other gods, she is relatively kind.

Ymir – Attack On Titan

Ymir is a Jaw Titan who is regarded as one of the wisest Titans. In comparison to other Titans, her pure Titan form is the tiniest. She has brown hair pulled in a ponytail and golden eyes in human form. She was revered as a divinity before joining the Scout troop. Ymir is a kind person, but she has opted to live for herself as a result of betrayal.

Christa/Historia is the only one she cares about.

Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash

Miyuki Ayukawa is an intelligent engineer. Dan, a childhood acquaintance, was a black female who grew up secretly admiring him. She’s one of those animated creatures who has a distinct personality.

Her eyes are her finest feature. Oh, my goodness! The contrast between the violet hue and the black skin is stunning. Miyuki appears to be stunning and well-endowed!

Most female black anime characters, at least, do. In the anime, this dark-skinned female character does an excellent job of fixing the Big Foot robots for the pilots. Despite the fact that Miyuki is not a pilot, she is an important member of the squad.

Hilda – Eureka seven

Hilda works as a pilot and has a love relationship with another pilot. There is, however, no proof that these anime characters were married. The dark-skinned female pilot is kind and serene, and she even acts as a mother figure to Eureka’s children. She is a pilot and the manager of a mechanical parts company in addition to being a pilot.

Casca – Berserk

Casca is a powerful lady capable of leading mercenaries and wielding a blade like a man. She may be cold-hearted, but she is a formidable leader.
Her comrades seldom questioned her plan or judgement.

Underneath that armoured physique, though, is a lady who aspires to be acknowledged as a warrior. Casca has a pixie cut. Her face is exquisite, even angelic, yet it is disfigured by sulky brows.

Urd (Oh My Goddess)

Urd is a Demon with immense strength, far more than the combined might of the three Goddesses. Urd is her son, and she is Urd’s mother. Her eyes are violet and her hair is white. Hild’s wrists, fingertips, ankles, and fingers are all covered in gold bands. Her abilities are stifled by these bands.

Carole – Carole & Tuesday

Carole’s life has never been easy, but it has never stopped her. She is the title character in the Carole & Tuesday series and is part of the musical team. Carole’s resolve to make her aspirations come true is what people like most about her, work ethic, and musical abilities.

S.A.M. – Cannon Busters

S.A.M. stands for Special Associate Model and is one of the major characters in Cannon Busters, a blockbuster new Netflix anime series. While she appears to be as sweet as honey and strives to befriend everyone and everything, she possesses a secret strength that is more than just a punch.

Coffee – Cowboy Bebop

First and foremost, how great is her name? We don’t get much time with Coffee when she first appears in Cowboy Bebop, but she leaves a shadow.
Her 70s Blaxploitation style and demeanour are what admirers like about her. Some people opposed to her being called after coffee since fetishization is serious and ugly.

Yoruichi Shihoin – Bleach

Without adding Yoruichi from Bleach, I couldn’t possibly exclude her on a list of Black women in anime. She comes from a wealthy royal family and wears the title of princess, but she doesn’t act like one. She’s fierce, sassy, and witty, and she kicks ass in a lot of fights. People appreciate her demeanour and how she can look laid-back one moment and then morph into a merciless opponent the next.

Karui – Naruto Shippuden

Karui is a competitive, talkative individual. Her character is impetuous at times, enabling her emotions to take precedence over her rational reasoning. This black woman has long, spiky red hair. Her eyes are amber in colour, as if they were a beautiful summer sunset.

She constantly wears golden earrings and wields a long sword. She’s an Afro Samurai, I suppose.

Mila Rose – Bleach

Mila Rose is a character in the Bleach anime who is an Arrancar. Her hair is dark and wavy, and her eyes are green.

Mila is cruel, yet she maintains a cool and collected exterior. Although she doesn’t express this aspect of her personality very frequently, she cares greatly about her fellow soldiers.

Rei Houourmaru (Kill La Kill)

In Kill La Kill, Rei is Ragy Kiryuin’s “right hand lady.” Making Rei the series’ “minor” adversary. She’s serious, businesslike, and all about getting things done. Her loyalty stems from Ragyo’s rescue.

Hild – Ho My Goddess

From Oh My Goddess!, Hild is Urd’s mother. With a skin tone that is even darker than Urd’s. Hild is a feared demon, in contrast to Urd, who is a goddess in the Heaven world.

Choi Mochimazzi – Tamako Market

This young girl has a short bob with lengthy locks in front that hold a trinket.
Choi Mochimazzi of Tamako Market in Japan dresses in traditional garb and goes barefoot at all times. Her beautiful magenta eyes are her greatest feature. I’m reminded of gems gleaming in the moonlight when I look into those eyes.

She has a pleasant demeanour and always makes an effort to settle debts. She’s kind, yet she may be reserved when she’s sceptical of someone.

Sister Krone – The Promised Neverland

When it comes to Sister Krone, I have mixed thoughts, mostly because people don’t like how her Black traits are accentuated in stereotyped ways during some instances. Apart from that, people still like her and understand her. She’s done everything she’s done to stay alive. She is introduced as another enemy at first, but she is far more complicated than that, and her journey in the series is one of everyone’s favourites.

Hiryute Sisters – Danmachi

Tione and Tiona are the names of two anime characters who are first-class explorers. Tione has green eyes and long hair, whereas Tiona has brown eyes and short hair.

These anime characters enjoy to wear different outfits and roam around barefoot. Tione and Tiona, although being twins, have very distinct personalities.

Below are some other popular black female characters:

Abigail Jones – Great Pretender;
Hayase Nagatoro – Nagatoro;
Paninya – Fullmetal Alchemist;
Aoi Asahina – Dangaronpa;
Muru Muru – Mirai Nikki;
Sakura Oogami – Highschool of the Dead;
Ikumi Mito – Shokugeki no Souma;
Rakshata Chawla – Code Geass;
Karako Koshio – Deadman Wonderland;
Urd – Ah! Megami-sama;

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