How To Aim In Rust 7 Insane Tips

how to aim in rust

Over the last few weeks I have been learning how to aim in Rust properly and there were a lot of tricks to it, so I decided to create a helpful blog post about proper aiming tips for Rust.

Starting at the beach, you and hundreds of players scramble to climb the technology ladder of Rust.

Whether you are primitive, tier 2 or tier 1, you’re going to need to have good aim for each stage of progression.

Each of these stages in the technology ladder have different types of weapons. If you are to progress fast, you have to learn how to master your aim for specific weapons in the technology tiers.

Having good bow aim is just as important as having good AK aim. Rust is all about progression and to get to the AK you need to know how to aim with a bow.

The best way to train your aim in Rust is by finding an aim training server in the modded servers section. These servers may have PVP/ aim training/deathmatch in the title and generally have a 2v2 arena, bot shooting range and a deathmatch.

Aim training servers are the place to start, but real improvement of aim requires a lot more than just joining a server.

There are a wide variety of mechanics for you to master in Rust. Each one has its own unique way of training it. Read Rust Bow PVP Tips.

How To Aim In Rust With The AK And How To Practice

Endgame in Rust is the AK, the most powerful gun in the game and the hardest to master. To master the AK in Rust, you need to perfect your spray control.

AK aim is nearly completely about spray control.

The spray pattern is like a giant snake, to control it properly you just have to learn when to adjust left or right during the spray pattern.

First join an aim training server by searching for one in the modded section of the servers.

Once your in look for a practice area or option on your UI
Enter this practice area, it will be a bot shooting range
Spray a full clip of your ak at a blank wall to see the pattern
Then try to spray full clips at bots in the shooting range, repeat this as many times as you can to learn the spray
Put a 4x on your AK and then spray at bots long range. This is like training with a weight vest on, when you take it off, it will be much easier.
Practice spraying at bots at all ranges
Find another area in the practice server where you can shoot at bots in an open field
Practice AK spraying at bots moving in an open field, this simulates a real game situation

How To Train The Bolty

The bolty is one of the most accessible snipers of Rust. To master this, I suggest you learn the bullet drop and travel time.

To learn this on an aim training server:
Find the open field area of the aim training server
Practice shooting at bots long range and see the bullet drop/travel time
Practice both on static and moving bots at all ranges

How To Train Tier 2 Guns, SAR or Python

These Tier 2 weapons are the first proper weapons that you will experience and they can be fleeting .

Learn how to aim in rust for this specific scenario.

Tier 2 is where most of Rust PVP happens because most people don’t progress to Tier 1. Tier 2 is basically weapons like the SAR, and python.
To practice your both of these guns on the practice server:

Choose the SAR or python for your weapon
Practice in the bot shooting range at static and moving bots
Try all different ranges
Move on to shooting at bots in the open field
Focus on hitting as many consecutive headshots as you can

How To Train Primitive, Bow Or Revolver

Primitive is where PVP begins, usually this is where everyone is near a beach or a supermarket.

Learning the bow is crucial to leaving these beginner zones and progressing throughout the map.

The bow is an extremely cheap weapon and if you can master this, you will have a really easy early game on Rust.

The best way to practice bow aim is to join a bow deathmatch on an aim training server.

Join the deathmatch mode on practice servers and vote for Bow at the end of the round
Or play the open field shooting range against bots and practice your bow that way

Training Against Real Players, 20x

Training aim on a practice server is great, but an even better way is to practice in real game scenarios.

This is where 20x servers come into play, these servers are basically giant deathmatch servers but in a real game.

Every gather is multiplied by 20, blueprints are all unlocked and you can redeem weapon kits. Meaning you can constantly have a full Tier 1 loadout.

These servers are great to run around and practice your aim in a real game setting without having any pressure or repercussions.

Finding a fully looted base filled with infinite kits is super easy to come by. You even get tons of raiding tools from daily supply signals if you want to blow open small bases that could be loaded.

How Much Should You Train Your Aim

Personally I have found that any more than 30 minutes in one session is counter productive because my wrists begin to tire.

I suggest playing 20 – 25 minutes per session and playing one or two sessions a day.

Mix in a lot of variety with these different weapons to become a complete player in terms of aim.

When To Train, Before Or After Playing

Training your aim for 20 minutes before you play on your main Rust servers, is a great way to warm up and get ready for PVP.

Playing another aim training session when you are not playing Rust is also good to improve your aim without tiring out your wrists.


Racing against all the other players to reach the endgame in Rust has always been what makes this game different from the others.

If you train your aim with all the weapons that you progress through, this race will be a lot more fun and successful for you.

Rust is very popular and competitive.

The key in Rust is to have good aim with any gun, because most of the time you don’t get to choose.

You can improve your aim by upgrading peripherals, check out my gear list.

Related Questions

Best aim trainer for rust?

Aimlab is the best aim trainer for Rust because it has a workshop where you can download and play with the Rust AK spray pattern and weapon model.

What is the aim of rust?

The aim of Rust is different for everyone, but most people strive to gather raiding materials and Tier 1 weapons as fast as possible to destroy the other bases on the server. The journey of Rust and racing up the technology ladder is more enjoyable than the end game for me.

Rust change aim sensitivity?

To change sensitivity in Rust, press F1 to bring up console, then type input.sensitivity X. Where X is the sensitivity you want to use for example 3.09.

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