45 Best White Setups for Gaming 2022

White setups are very aesthetic for gaming. Not only are they clean and minimal, but they stand out from the standard black coated gaming gear.

Compared to any other setup with a different colour scheme, the white theme is neat and far more elegant.

White peripherals look beautiful. I’d want to paint my entire gaming setup white, but the amount of dust in my area prevents me from doing so without spending a lot of money.

After publishing several articles on the finest white gaming peripherals, I decided to write an article in which I would share pictures of players’ white gaming setups from reddit.

We didn’t have a lot of options a few years ago, but now that almost all PC accessories come in white, you may easily fulfil your enthusiasm for designing a gaming setup that is all white.

Here are the top 45 best white setups for gaming from reddit in no particular order. I have credited the reddit users in the image captions.

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Xychologic’s White WFH setup


The black and white contrast in this setup is amazing. The mousepad and wallpaper choice match perfectly, all LEDs are white and some peripherals have black secondary tones.

This white setup is well pu together and looks very tidy, perfect for a student who likes to study and also play video games.

Citizenactual’s White Minimalist Setup


This setup goes great with the wall mounted peripherals and lighting. The specs for this setup are:

  • Keyboard: GMMK Pro
  • TV: LG C1 48″
  • Mouse: Razer Orochi v2
  • Speakers: Logitech Z625
  • Webcam: Logitech Brio
  • Desk: Ikea Bekant 63″
  • Pegboard: (2) Ikea SKADIS 30″

The PC specs are:

  •  i7-12700K
  • Noctua NH-D15,
  • 32GB 3200 MT RAM,
  • MSI Z690 Tomahawk,
  • Gigabyte 3080 Ti,
  • Corsair RM1000x,
  • be quiet! Base 802 (non windowed),
  • 2TB WD Black SN850 SSD,
  • 1TB Samsung 970 EVO PRO SSD,
  • 2TB WD Blue SATA SSD.

Typical_Mistake4355’s White Samurai Build


This is a dream gaming room setup. After being posted on reddit this year, the post has already got 2321 upvotes on r/battlestations. I am a fan of the VR setup which is a great way to take advantage of all that floor space.

All the white LED lights give the room a nice atmosphere to it without the need for a ceiling light.

Kingfirejet’s Anime setup


I love the unique and sleek design with all the posters to give the room a vibrant feel.


  • HP 34x Ultrawide 165hz 1440p
  • MODE65 65% Mechanical Keyboard – Azure Dragon Tactile Switches – Akko Dracula ASA Profile Keycaps
  • Nanami QI Charger
  • 5in ELECROW Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display
  • Genshin Impact Eula Acrylic
  • Furyu Hatsune Miku Noodle Stopper
  • Konosuba Aqua and Megumin Nendoroids
  • IKEA Pegboard
  • Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar
  • Maingear Gaming Chair from Microcenter
  • Govee Light Strips and L Light
  • Hololivee Chloe Mousepad

Barleyrogue’s Minimalistic white setup


More on the minimalistic side, I think this is a good setup for someone working from home who doesn’t need all of the flashy lights, there is ample desk space and a nice pot plant too.

Brockoli96’s Clean setup


The use of small personal items in this etup give it a nice homely office feeling. I like the white tones combined with a subtle yellow mousepad and a yellow LED wall letter.

Small accents of black on the monitor, mouse and chair give depth to the setup as well.

_Jacasta’s elegant setup


The Razer Pro Click and an Apple Magic keyboard (2017) are great additions to this setup. Especially the mousepad LED.

Highwire889’s Battlestation


Hole puncher mice are not the most popular around but it goes well with this setup. The theme here is white with a hint of nature, as you can see the plants all around the setup and on the wallpapers.

BreadBun’s Battlestation


Breadbun’s setup includes one of the ikea hacks where you get two small drawers and place a large slab of wood on top to make desk.

The final product looks relaly nice with majority white tones.

Pololo10’s Snow white Build


Snow white builds are few and far between but this white setup is generally very nice with the blue LEDs and all white PC.

White frosted PC fans with LEDs look great with open see through PC cases.

Own-Promotion-2972’s everyday setup


I am a big fan of the secret lab titan chair in grey to match the rest of the ice white setup. RGB LED straps behind the desk are great to change the color to anything as they all match white.

Overall a very clean setup.

Racercart’s Battlestation


When racercart adds a mousepad to this setup it will be complete. Everything is pure white and there is so much desk space which is great for gaming.

The desk mounted monitor arm is a really good choice for ultrawide monitors seen here.

Also the wireless model O is an excellent white mouse.

Rorodzilla’s gaming corner


Although the table top is a light brown I really like the overall contrast here. The white keyboard, mouse and PC give a great overall aesthetic.

Iceyyy__’s 3080TI build


A beautiful PC case with white frosted PC fans as seen in the photo has been a nice trend in this article.

SprixXx’s white setup


This looks like it could well be an entertainment room with all of the screens and room space.

a7kilr’s setup


This is a great attic room with the sunlights and white tabletop, looks great.

TaiJuice’s battlestation


This one looks super cozy with the chair choice and carpet. Once again we see the ikea desk setup.

Fuziqo’s battlestation


3 monitors is a lot for a desk, but this white setup seems to handle it well. The desk must be over 2 metres long.

DemnoTheThird’s White setup


Denmo has a great choice of spacing here in this setup with the use of a large mousepad and placing his PC under the desk.

klover7777’s setup


Although simple, this one has all the basics. A white G wolves skoll mouse and a white keybaord go great with the rest of the setup.

IamMilkes Dark White Battlestation


I love the dark tones as well as the white contrast in the background and on the tabletop. Nearly all of the peripherals are black and white at the same time.

TheNebuchadnezzar’s White Setup


PC desktop and macbook combo in this photo. The setup also has a really nice 3d wall feature in the background which is white too.

Duncast’s setup


Duncast’s setup is really sleek and minimal, the monitor mounts are perfect for watchign movies or trading stocks.

BigManRupi’s setup


This white setup is really neat and tidy and very dark at the same time. This would be perfect for late night movies or gaming.

ActionDry3328’s setup


The monitors are either very small or the desk is huge in this photo. The mousepad also looks huge with a white logitech mouse and 60% keyboard.

xyochti’s setup


This looks like the perfect female setup with rainbow tones and a light aesthetic theme.

ulresch’s setup


Ulrech has made a nice black and white setup which has a very harsh contrast but still looks pleasing to the eye.

Jprovido’s Battlestation


I am a fan of large wall mounted screens for entertainment at night, this setup has the perfect combination of gaming and movie capabilities.

micanbar’s Battlestation


Everything from the headphone stand to the gaming desk fits together well.

Bosn1an’s setup


This setup is a lot better than the release of battlefield 2042. I like the white tones and the triple monitor setup.

Dudewearingshoes’s Battlestation


Having a desk in the corner of a room can be a bit of a struggle with space but this uer has made it work out perfectly.

Sekkinsan’s white build


White standing desks are underrated, not only are they functional but they look great, there is also a lot of room around this setup that has potential. It looks like hte uder just moved into this room and is still setting it up.

OrangeMustard’s setup


Lighting plays a big role in the setup and this lighting makes everything very clear and easy on the eyes when you are working.

It looks like he has two separate setups, one could be for work and the other for entertainment or games.

Minam_YB’s setup


This is your typical white setup that most people can afford. A part from the LG ultrawide monitor and G PRO white mouse, everything else is pretty affordable.

The chair and desk models can be found at local stores.

Hexical_’s super setup


This setup has come to life a lot, you can see the wall mounted personal items to showcase and the expensive PC build next to it.

The addition of a vertical monitor is great for working too.

CodeWithKP’s setup


This setup looks like one of an audio lover. The giant white speakers and double monitor setup shows how much potential you have for movies and producing music to annoy your neighbors.

Anon’s vibrant setup


Here is a break from all the LED lighting setups. You can see there is an influx of natural light coming from a window which gives the room a lively feel.

Coookiecurl’s setup


This looks like a popular pinterest setup with the amount of detail in the photo. Everything looks super comfortable including the footrest and chair.

Aiikuri’s setup


Here are the peripherals and where to buy them for this vibrant anime setup.

  • Vertical monitor: HP E243
  • Main monitor: ASUS VG27AQ (wrapped bezels with white contact paper)
  • Monitor Riser: Kantek Extra-Wide Glass Monitor Riser (found on amazon)
  • Monitor Mount: Wali Dual Monitor Stand White Arms (found on amazon)
  • Lightbar: Lofter pro Monitor light bar in silver (found on amazon)
  • Small Screen under Main Monitor: Google Nest Hub
  • Headphones: Corsair Virtuoso
  • Mouse: GPRO Wireless Superlight
  • Keyboard on Desk: Gamakay K77 (PBT clones of GMK Fuji for keycaps)
  • Keyboard on Pegboard: Keydous NJ80 (CuXiu chalk keycaps – found on aliexpress)
  • Headset Stand: Tilted Gaming Headset Stand
  • Lights on wall: Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit
  • Lamp on left: IKEA Tokabo Table Lamp
  • Pegboard: IKEA Skadis 22×22″ w/ hooks for keyboard display

Nashmahmod’s setup


Great lighting plays a big role in how good a setup looks and this one is a perfect example of that. Although the black looks very stark, the addition of plants helps a lot.

NalydFOA’s setup


This is a very bleak tone for a white setup, but it looks good.

lilsk80’s Battlestation


I love everything about this setup, from the low ceiling to the coziness of the carpet. Having a black mousepad gives a break from the whiteness.

ZZARMINA’s Battlestation


Another battlestation with large speakers to blast music. You can also find the model O wireless mouse on amazon.

Pigstuffy’s cozy setup


This looks like your typical home setup with a nice PC and dual monitors, it pretty much has everything you need.

EconomistFriendly911’s station


This looks like hte perfect apartment setup that you can place infront of your window and use the coziness of the curtains for the backdrop. Everything is well placed and the PC is very unique.

DIY White Gaming Setup

Here are my top picks to create a good white gaming setup on amazon:

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