Top 5 white laptops 2022

white laptop

White laptops are the new hype for their sleek and minimal look. There are many brands of these laptops that are not just from Apple!

Whether you want a sleek laptop for gaming, work or entertainment, we have you covered in this article about the top 5 White laptops you can get in 2022.

This article breaks down the size, type, shape, hardware and software of each of the products in this list.

Best Full White Laptop

Our favorite white laptop is the Dell XPS 13. This product is beautiful, frost white, sleek and also has powerful performance. With an intel core i7 processor, this laptop is perfect for work, gaming and programming.

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It also comes with a 13.4 inch display which is perfect for entertainment and watching movies on the go. The Dell XPS 13 is now available with a 2 in 1 form factor and a 10th generation processor from intel.

This white laptop comes with a variety of storage, processing power and form factor options to choose from.

The 2-in-1 form factor allows you to fold the screen nearly 360 degrees to the back in case you want to hold the laptop more comfortably like an ipad.

The laptop is extremely light only weighing 3.70lbs due to it’s thinness as an Ultrabook. Ultrabooks are great optons as they are light but powerful.

It has profound battery life capable of powering your long, productive work sessions, competitive games or movie nights.

This laptop comes with an arctic white woven glass fiber palm rest if you order the white version of the Dell XPS 13.

Touchscreen is another premium feature with this laptop and it works responsively and accurately.

It has a lot of great reviews on amazon and you can find it here.

Cons: decent webcam but could be improved

Pros: Lightweight, powerful processor, sleek design and portable.

The Best Gaming White Laptop

The MSI prestige 14 Evo professional laptop comes in a pure white finish and a powerful display. At 14 inches, the display on this laptop is perfect for viewing netflix or playing games on steam.

It comes with three hardware options including an intel i7 processor and a 512GB SSD storage device.

MSI is known for producing high powered laptops as they come from a gaming background and manufacture gaming hardware for PCs.

This means that you can count on having reliable and fast performance from this white laptop which can be hard to find.

Most laptops are slow and sluggish when it comes to playing games or long working hours, not only that but they also overheat like crazy.

This laptop however has had many 5 star reviews on amazon and hosts some of the best hardware you can fit into a 14inch display laptop.

AT only 2.84lbs this is one of the most lightweight but premium quality white laptops on the market right now.

It comes with DDR4 ram at 16gb, an SSD and 500GB of hardware storage.

You can purchase this laptop on amazon here.

Cons: some options for intel processors might be unavailable

Pros: Good performance and incredible build

Cheaper Option White Laptop

The LG gram is a beautiful white laptop that comes in at a reasonable price. LG is known for making quality products and this laptop is no different.

The surface has a smooth white metallic feel and feels very premium to the touch.

The frame is very light and compact, it also comes with an Intel 8th generation processor which is very powerful.

Battery life on this white laptop is outstanding lasting over 10 hours of peak usage thanks to LG’s larger integrated battery.

Although the frame of the screen is a darker color, the rest of the laptop is white and well contrasted.

At just 2.2lbs this product can be carried around in a laptop bag or backpack with ease like a feather.

You can get the LG Gram on Amazon here.

Cons: Speakers are good but not outstanding

Pros: The build is premium quality and the white finish gives a sleek look.

Top White Chromebook

Chromebooks are good alternative to windows or mac operating systems, however they might have a slight learning curve for new users.

The Chrome OS runs android applications much like android phones. White chromebooks look very pleasing to the eye and haev a great design. The HP Chromebook x2 is our top white laptop pick for this category.

These types of latops are great for someone on a budget and just wants to have a portable laptop without all the extra flare and features.

I have had some experience using chromebooks and they are reliable for everyday use, even though they may not be able to run some games they are certainly good for entertainment.

The design is white with a lowkey HP logo on the front,

You can get the chromebook here.

Cons: Good hardware but not suitable for gaming. Outside is white but inside is grey.

Pros: Budget friendly, good OS

Best Overall White Laptop

The Asus Vivobook S14 is a beautifully made all around high quality laptop that comes ina adreamy white paintjob.

At quite an affordable price you can get an intel i5, 512gb of storage space, 14 inch display, windows 10 and 8gb of ram all in this compact laptop.

There is even an option for a 15.6 full HD display which is also available in dreamy white.

What I like most about this laptop is that it’s not just plain boring white, it also has a nice dreamy tint to it.

With over 300 positive ratings on amazon, many customers have praised the laptop for outstanding quality, good charging speed, sturdy trackpad and new Iris pro graphics.

Cons: Sound may not be so good, squishy keys.

Pros: Nice trackpad, Iris pro graphics, compact, good white colorway.

You can get the laptop on amazon here.


These have been all of the top white laptops you can buy.

Coming in #1 we had the Dell XPS 13 which is suitable for everyone.

Our runners up were the LG Gram which is a great quality options for a lesser price, a chromebook a great budget option, the MSI laptop for gaming and the Asus laptop for a great dreamy white colorway.

Grayson is a laptop specialist who writes informational articles and reviews about all kinds of laptops.