Finalmouse God Mouse & Aim Gods. 3 Crazy Features

god mouse

We all search for the one gaming mouse that will make us an unstoppable player, we all search for the god mouse.

Finalmouse’s recent drop is attempting to target exactly that. The name of the mouse is called Starlight 12 and was coupled with a promotional campaign for their new aim gods game.

In the game players who reached the highest rank and would place first would win a new starlight 12 aim god mouse.

To even be able to play the game, players would have to watch streams of other players playing aim gods to get key drops.

These key drops would be used to unlock crates that had a small chance to win the game or a new god mouse.

The game was also available upfront for $25usd, however the mice were not.

What Is A God Mouse?

Also known as “the endgame”, the term “god mouse” has been popularized by FPS gamers in the recent years.

A gaming mouse plays a big role if not the most important role in one’s mechanical ability to aim in FPS shooter games.

Not only that, but because everyone’s hand size, grip style and dexterity is different, there is no surefire way to choose a perfect mouse.

So the gamers that aren’t lucky at picking their perfectly comfortable mouse for the first time, will have to go through a journey of trial and error and spending hundreds of dollars to find the “god mouse”.

Which is why this term has been coined.

The Most Popular God Mice For Many Players

Although many people debate over what the one god mouse actually is, there are quite a few candidates.

The logitech G pro wireless is an extremely popular mouse and a lot of players will consider this their go to mouse.

Other popular mice include the Zowie EC series which is very popular among FPS players.

Glorious’ model O had a breakout launch for being the mouse with the most requested features in one product. Such as the lightweight cable, shape of the Zowie FK series, extremely lightweight, RGB LEDs with color customization, PTFE mouse skates, two colorways and great customer service.

The gaming mouse industry has gotten to a point where the meta has become lightweight and wireless mice, the first instance of this was the Pwnage wireless mouse which boasted the shape of the famous EC2 series, the honeycomb shell of Finalmouse and wireless just like the G PRO.

Read my article about the top 5 lightweight mice here.

Is The Starlight 12 The God Mouse?

Lightweight, wireless and amazing colorways, is this the one?

The starlight 12 has some potential, being an extremely lightweight and ambidextrous mouse. Out of all the mice available for purchase, I have to say that this one has some of the best non LED designs available by far.

The honeycomb shell on the starlight 12 is also a popular feature of modern mice.

There are 4 colorways available for the starlight 12:

Name Colorway
Hades Black and gold
Ares Red and white
Zeus White and gold
Archilles Gold and white

Heres rocket jump ninjas review on the mouse.

The size of the god mouse is: 122 x 66 x 39mm which is a standard size for ambidextrous mouse and similar to the ultralight.

Currently this mouse is out of stock and priced at $189.99 which is on the more expensive end for premium mice. There are resellers here.


The god mouse is what every player searches for and with so many options available, it is only a matter of time and money before a player finds his perfect mouse that compliments his abilities.

Lightweight wireless mice are the most promising at the moment and the starlight 12 has a good shot at being the god mouse for many players too.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day, also don’t forget to check out my gaming gear list to see my favorite mouse that has helped me improve my game.

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