Valorant: How to Get The Best Out of Harbor

valorant harbor

Since the game’s release in 2020, Valorant has been releasing new agents often. When the game was launched, there were only ten agents accessible; however, with the addition of the most recent agent, Harbor, that number has now doubled. Before introducing a new agent to Valorant, Riot Games is renowned for taking the necessary precautions. They don’t release new characters on a set timetable every day. Instead, they take their time to carefully consider each and every aspect of the narrative, gameplay, and powers.

Players have been eagerly guessing about the sort of agent Harbor is and how his skills will affect games. The following is how he was described in the official Riot Games announcement: “Harbor, who is from India’s coast and has control over water, storms the field with ancient technology. In order to protect his supporters and destroy those who are against him, he releases raging rapids and crushing waves.” However, players of Valorant have only started to figure out the optimal way to play the character.

In Valorant, it’s fairly important to get to know the different characters you can play with, as well as their exploits. If you need any help, you could buy a more developed, top quality, 100% insured Valorant account to progress faster.

Harbor Characteristics

All of the characters in Valorant are divided into four main categories: Initiator, Sentinel, Duelist, and Controller. You may choose any agent from these four positions whenever you queue for a game that enables you to choose an agent, such as Unrated, Spike Rush, or Competitive. The developers assigned Harbor the job of Controller.

When attempting an assault, a controller’s job is to lay down smokes and send their squad to the scene. The controller’s duties include obstructing the opponent’s view, seizing territory, and shoving adversaries into awkward spaces. Along with Viper, Brimstone, Omen, and Astra, Harbor is the sixth controller agent to be introduced in the game.

He’ll probably play a significant part as a backup controller in competitive games. While Brimstone has long been regarded as the greatest controller agent, Viper was a character who had to be used on certain maps as a controller. Over time, Harbor will probably progress toward being at least the second-most often utilized controller character.

So, What Are Harbor’s Abilities?

  • High Tide: Harbor has the ability to command a wall of water that may shield him from enemy sight as he advances with his crew. It is a very helpful skill for accessing locations as an attacker since it also slows any players impacted by the wall. In certain situations or while attempting to neutralize a spike and in need of a cover, players should employ this skill.

High Tide may build a straight wall in front of the player by hitting the fire button while equipped or a curved wall by holding down the fire button and dragging the mouse in the desired direction. The player may halt the wall sooner by utilizing alt-fire. The best way to protect the spike is to wrap a curving wall around many site entrances.

  • Cascade: With this skill, players may blast a wave of water through barriers to hit and slow down foes. Players should move fast when utilizing the ability since it doesn’t provide many coverings while being a noisy method to enter a site and a great way to get out of awkward situations.

Refiring the ability will catch the enemy off guard and enable players to attack them abruptly if they and their allies are ready, stopping the wave early. Cascade’s wave will cease and provide some shelter if it is stopped. It is quite challenging to be ready to successfully defend a site against an assault from a player utilizing Harbor since Cascade may halt foes.

  • Cove: This ability generates water that may be utilized to block the opponent’s view for the player and their squadmates, which kinda works like High Tide. However, Cove does not function as a wall but as an orb of water. When one entry has to be hidden from the enemy’s view, this ability is the one that should be employed.

Another especially helpful feature of Cove is that while the orb is up, it prevents bullets. Players may use this to escape dangerous situations when they are imprisoned in small spaces or to move across wide-open spaces where there is little to no shelter. Under the cover of Cove, enemies won’t be able to see or shoot players.

  • Reckoning: The last and most damaging of Harbor’s skills is Reckoning. This ability must be charged by accumulating ult points during rounds. When activated, it surrounds a space in water and releases “geysers” that periodically concuss adversaries that are positioned anyplace in the water.

Harbor can nearly completely clear a site by himself thanks to his ult since adversaries will find it tough to defeat him in combat while they are repeatedly stunned by Reckoning. When accessing a location to defuse a bomb or preventing an opposition team from entering the location to defuse, this ult ability should be deployed.

Tips to Master Harbor

Because he can use each of his skills in a variety of ways, Harbor is one of the agents who is particularly difficult to master. To give your side an advantage over the opposition, you must be patient and hold them back until the right moment. Here are some pointers to aid you in your quest to understand him:

  • The Cove ability can only stop a certain number of shots. It has a life meter, and after taking enough damage from the adversaries’ bullets, the bullet-blocking portion of the ability will no longer be active.
  • Pay attention to the map as you position the wall when using High Tide. It clearly displays the area of the wall that you are in charge of. It is a big thing to be able to shift the orientation of your wall halfway as it also passes through barriers.
  • Reckoning’s restriction that it may only be used in front of Harbor means you can’t put it anyplace you choose while utilizing it. However, after you use the ultimate, the circle creeps slowly forward, so it will only cover a small portion of the space in front of where you placed it.

As you can see, Harbor has a number of advantages, including the ability to curve the High Tide wall in a manner that no other agent can (with the possible exception of Phoenix) and the ability to confound opponents by shooting both Cascade and High Tide simultaneously. This will make it simple to fully confuse any opponents who may be present at a certain location. When combined with other agents like Yoru, Harbor may utterly demolish a hostile location. We hope this guide helps you get the best out of this powerful character!

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