How To Train Flicks CSGO 9 Useful Tips

For ages I have been wondering how to train flicks (CSGO) by training my aim.

Over those years I learned a few secrets that the best aimers use to train your flicks properly. I decided to compile all of these tips into a short and helpful blog post.

The best way to train your flicks in CSGO is by flicking to bots in the maps called Aim_botz and training_aim_csgo2. In Aim_botz.

You can practice flicking to static bots and training_aim_csgo2 is a built in aim trainer that revolves around training your flicks in CSGO.

You can flick either with your arm or your wrist and if you use the wrong one at the wrong time, you will miss all of your flicks.

Sensitivity and many other factors, play a big role in whether you have consistent flicks or not. Read The Best Free CS:GO Aim Routine.

Flick shots happen extremely fast and completely rely on reflexes. This is why I suggest you train your flicks within CSGO instead of in an aim trainer, because you want everything to feel the same while training this precise skill. So it is important to learn how to train flicks in csgo specifically.

In fact, if you flick only an inch too short or too far, you will miss your chance completely.

That is why it is very important to train your flicks in a way that simulates real matches as closely as possible. Once I started training my flicks by using CSGO aim maps, I saw great results even within the first week.

These results were not only improved flicks, but improved accuracy overall. Even with the AWP, my flicks improved. Before I used to miss easy shots, when the enemy was standing still and usually looking away.

Now my shots are completely accurate and very consistent on the AWP, even when it comes to shots that don’t require flicking. CS:GO requires a different type of aiming style than Overwatch.

How To Train Flicks CSGO, With Aim_Botz

Practice flick one taps by placing your crosshair away from a bot’s head, then use your reflexes to flick and shoot 1 bullet to his head.
Practice flick sprays by aiming your crosshair away from a bot’s body, then quickly flick and spray at the bot’s torso.

Do all of these techniques from every direction. Vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

How To Use Training_Aim_Csgo2

Pick the distance you want to practice by shooting at the numbers that say: go to level 1 2 3 4.
Shoot the start button below you to begin.

Place your crosshair at the center of the target wall and then flick and shoot one bullet to each of the targets that pop up.

Practice these maps for 5 – 10 minutes each and then play some deathmatch for 10 – 20 minutes. This will give you a solid aim routine that is based around training your flick shots.
This is a great map for learning how to train flicks in csgo, because it is very diverse with a lot of boxes and cars.

Do I Flick With My Arm Or Wrist?

Which one is better for flicking? Arm aiming is great for flicking long distances, especially if your sensitivity is very low. However, using the wrist for most of your flick shots will provide more precision and accuracy. The wrist is much more precise for fine motor skills rather than using your entire arm.

Every time I use my wrist to flick shot, it nearly always lands, because it is naturally a lot easier to be precise with the wrist. If your sensitivity is high enough, I recommend using your wrist for nearly all of your flick shots. Except for shots that are extremely far across your monitor.

Take into account your settings when you begin practicing your flick shots in these CSGO maps. Practice flicking in a diverse amount of directions and mix up arm or wrist movements. This will give you a great fundamental base of aiming to bring to your game.

Arm Or Wrist Depending On Sensitivity Table

As you can see, the lower your sensitivity, the more you will be forced to use arm movements while aiming. If you have the sensitivity for it, definitely prioritize wrist movements.

How To Train AWP Flicks On Aim_Botz

First jump into Aim_Botz and practice flicking against static bots. Do this for 100-200 kills and practicing flicks in all directions, vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Practice AWP flicks by scoping in and looking away from your target, but keeping within the scope at the edge. Then flick directly toward the target, aiming for the torso and shoot immediately on contact.

Move around while flicking and practice counter strafing and taking mobile shots
Then download the map called Tr_TrainingCenter, it’s an orange map and has many boxes for bots to peek out from.

This time we will practice flicking on moving bots.

Using Tr_TrainingCenter To Practice AWP Flicks

When in the map, shoot the gun icon and then choose the AWP
Then shoot home and go through each map until you find the one with doors, a car and some boxes.
Place yourself in the center of the map
Do the same thing as you were doing in Aim_botz with the AWP by flicking in all directions.
After all this, join any deathmatch server that you can AWP on and start practicing your flicks.
How To Get More Consistent Flicks
Becoming consistent with flicks will give you the power to instantly kill targets that are off center of your screen. Any player that peeks you unexpectedly will be an equal fight or at a disadvantage. The way I became consistent with flicking, was that I practiced my flicks for high volume every day. 15 – 20 minutes is enough per day to start seeing results. After a few weeks your consistency with flicks will become much higher.

What Guns To Train Your Flicks On

I suggest using the main weapons that you will be wielding most of the time.
AK for gun rounds on T side
AWP if you are an AWPer or you might pick one up off the ground
USP for pistol rounds
Deagle for force rounds and 1 tap potential

How To Flick Spray

Flick spraying is very simple, you flick your crosshair quickly to a target and control your weapon’s recoil. This comes in handy when you don’t hit the headshot after flicking to a target. Flick headshotting is very difficult and is nearly impossible to hit every time, so having the skill of flick spraying in your arsenal will give great benefit. To practice this, load up aim_botz and begin by practicing the AK recoil on the blank walls. Turn off infinite ammo in the settings menu on one of the low walls.

Then after you are warmed up with the recoil, turn on infinite ammo again. Now place your crosshair a few player models away from a bot and then flick to the target then spray the torso. Do this consecutively on all the bots around the training map.


Flick shots are easy to train if you know where to start. The ability to do consistent flick shots is what a lot of CSGO players wish for, whether it is on the rifles or the AWP. Remember that your sensitivity plays a big role in whether you flick with your arm or wrist. Using your arm or wrist for flick shots at the right time is crucial to achieving the sharpest shots you can hit. These CSGO maps are the best ones that are designed to train your flick shots and your reflexes.

Related Questions

How do you hit every shot in CSGO?
By aim training as consistently as you can and not changing your in game settings or peripherals as much as you can. Good aim is achieved by comfort of your settings.

Does playing CSGO improve aim?
CSGO is one of the best games to improve your aim. The game focuses heavily on crosshair placement, angles and headshots.

Why is aiming so hard in CSGO?
CSGO is also one of the hardest games to aim in because it has such a high skill ceiling. A lot of players will have better aim than you in the beginning, but with time you can reach their level too.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.