Get The Best Junkrat Aim Trainer With 1 Simple Trick

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Junkrat is an extremely powerful hero if you can hit your shots, but there are no Junkrat aim trainer maps on Aimlab or Kovaaks.

However, there is a way you can train Junkrat within Overwatch itself. Junkrat mains that can perfectly predict their opponents movement and grenade them accurately are some of the strongest players. If you want to have good junkrat aim, you should try out this cool Overwatch workshop map.

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The Overwatch workshop is filled with all types of game modes including Co-op parkour, game remakes like CS:GO and the most important, aim training maps.

I suggest you make use of these Overwatch workshop aim training maps for junkrat because that may be the only place you can practice him. If you want to see what professional players use aim trainers, use this article.

Aim Trainers Can’t Simlulate Overwatch

Aim trainers are extremely popular on the market right now. Although they are great tools to practice your aim, they can’t simulate every game. One game that they can’t simulate is Overwatch.

If you want to practice your junkrat aiming, unfortunately, aimlab or kovaak’s can’t help you. That is until they add a grenade launcher feature. There are different Overwatch maps to practice aim skills.

The Junkrat Aim Trainer Map: Flanker Duel practice by APM MXCB3

The Junkrat aim map is called Flanker Duel practice by APM. Use the code MXCB3 in the Overwatch workshop for access and choose Junkrat once your in. This map is perfect to practice your combos and grenade trajectories on Junkrat.

In your spawning room you can change all sorts of settings for the map. Such as auto spawn at the top, which arenas you want to practice in, which heroes you want to face and settings to change their difficulty.
When you hop into an arena, press interact to spawn your opponent.
If you want to return to the lobby from one of these arenas, open your communication wheel and use acknowledge

How This Junkrat Aim Trainer Will Help You

To be a good junkrat player, you need good grenade leading instead of just spamming your grenades and hoping for the best. This tool will help you sharpen your grenade leading skills and your ability to hit your target dead on as well.

Being good with junkrat is a lot more to do with angles and trajectories than aim.

After you train your grenade leading on this Overwatch workshop map, hop in game and start learning how to bounce grenades of certain angles. Learn different strategies like shooting grenades off walls behind Reinhardt shields.

Utilise high ground to shoot grenades down onto your targets. If players are above you, use your mines to fly up and shoot them out of the air.


Aim trainers are great, but they can’t help you with junkrat. Overwatch has extremely unique weapons and heroes, so trying to simulate those in an aim trainer is quite a challenge.

However, if you use this junkrat aim trainer map on the Overwatch workshop, you should improve quite fast.

Remember to also learn angles and trajectories for your grenades from matches as well. Junkrat is not much of an aim hero, so you need to learn his unique weapons.

Grayson Uppington, a former professional CS:GO player, has channeled his expertise into creating insightful content for Aimprac. With ten years in the gaming industry, he crafts detailed guides on aim training, game strategies, and tutorials.