Top 10 BEST Terraria Bullets and When To Use Them [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Terraria bullets

Terraria bullets are a type of ammunition used in firearms. Enemies can be debuffed by a variety of kinds. In Terraria, there are presently 16 distinct bullets, 11 of which are only accessible in Hardmode. Ammunition is a term used to describe the consumable components used by ranged weapons.

A suitable ammo type must be available in the player’s inventory in order to fire a weapon that needs ammunition. The ammunition will be picked from the first stack of eligible ammunition and examined in the sequence listed below:

The four specialised ammunition slots in the inventory are listed from top to bottom, followed by the general inventory, which is shown from left to right inside each row, from the top row (hotbar) to the bottom row.

The damage, velocity, and knockback of each type of ammunition are added to the basic value of the weapon that shoots it. Damage bonuses are also applied to bullets and arrows. Some weapons, armour, accessories, and buffs allow you to “conserve” ammo, allowing you to fire a shot as usual without using up the ammunition. If many of these items and/or boosts are active at the same time, their odds of conserving ammunition are combined.

All Terraria Bullets

  • Meteor Shots, with its ability to penetrate an adversary, might be regarded the final pre-hardmode bullet. It’s also a great bullet to have in early hardmode until stronger hardmode bullets become available.
  • High Velocity Bullets: These bullets have a very high velocity and can pierce up to two adversaries at once, making them ideal for crowd control.
  • Ichor Bullets: These bullets cause ichor, a powerful debuff that weakens opponent protection by 15 percent, making them effective as a sidearm.
  • In Journey Mode, just 99 bullets are required for Research and limitless duplication, making the Endless Musket Pouch worthless because it requires 3996 Musket Balls to be utilised, but only gives infinite Musket Balls.
  • Exploding Bullets have the largest knockback of any bullet in the game, which helps to compensate for the poor knockback of several rapid-fire ranged weapons. They’re one of a kind since they’re the only bullets that do area-of-effect harm.
  • Crystal Bullets, with the exception of luminite bullets, have the maximum damage per second output on weapons and work particularly well with ichor.
  • Chlorophyte Bullets have a powerful homing capability, making them exceedingly easy to employ and preventing the proliferation of multiple firearms (such as Chain Gun).
  • Musket Balls/Endless Musket Pouch are generally inexpensive ammunition that may be used with firearms that convert musket balls into other bullets (such as Sniper Rifle, Uzi). It’s worth noting that the damage done by musket balls is identical to the damage done by other bullets.
  • Cursed Bullets, which need Cursed Flames, can only be obtained in worlds with The Corruption, and Ichor Bullets, which require Ichor, can only be obtained in worlds with The Crimson. This is no longer the case after the Graveyard made it feasible to gain both bad biomes on a single globe.
  • As a single Musket Ball, the Endless Musket Pouch can be used. It is never consumed when shot, therefore it may be used indefinitely.
  • High Velocity Bullets have a substantially higher effective velocity since they update their position eight times per second instead of one.

Although luminite is theoretically the greatest bullet, many people favour chlorophyte since they’re hominh and ichor is always important for boss armour penetration. Meteor shot for pre-hardmode, crystal for beginning of hardmode, chloro for post-mech, and luminite for endgame, depending on your game state.

Due to the piercing cooldown of around half a second on all piercing weapons/projectiles[across all players for multiplayer], Luminite bullets are only the best on something like the Sniper Rifle, where it can’t fire quickly enough to injure itself. You’d want something like Ichor or Venom bullets for something like the S.D.M.G. or the Chain Gun because they don’t penetrate.

The best bullets are chlorophyte bullets. Because of autoaim, they ALWAYS strike your enemy. If you’re not farming low-level mobs, but rather fighting bosses/hardmode events, snowman cannon is preferable to celebration. The adversaries’ protection is lowered by Ichor Bullets. Crystal bullets are excellent for crowd control in the early stages.

Because the shards deal around 75 percent of the actual bullets, which already do hundreds of damage, it also works well with the sniper rifle. It’s also effective against single targets. Chlorophyte will perform an excellent job of keeping you out of the range of boss strikes if you have a high bullet firing rate.

To gain megashark, use the dedalous to slay the destroyer. Crystal bullets are used by the megashark. Use the limitless musket pouch outside of bossfights to store ammo for boss encounters.

The Crystal Bullets are excellent. They’re wonderful for chasing down bosses as they rush into the shrapnel, but they’re only average versus foes. For Skeletron Prime and the Twins, use them. When you’re not close to the adversary, Exploding Bullets are useful for CC. They work well for invading events and Destroyer because to their high knockback and AoE. I only suggest the limitless musket pouch for basic exploration.

Outside of battle, you don’t need fancy ammo, and it’s best not to waste resources. Ichor works best as a secondary debuff, so I’d use it on whichever of the two weapons you’re not using. In your scenario, you may produce ichor arrows with a cheap repeater as a backup weapon and a rifle with stronger ammunition as your main weapon. Because High Velocity has high piercing and Crystal has tremendous single target damage, switching between the two is the best choice.

By default, every round of ammunition shot is spent, meaning it is no longer in the player’s inventory. Certain objects, on the other hand, provide a chance to avoid ingesting the item, successfully preserving ammunition on occasion.

In Terraria, what kinds of bullets can you make?

Names of Damage Multiplier of Total Velocity Internal Item ID: 1179 9 / 10 / 15 Chlorophyte Bullet 3 Venom Bullet Internal Item ID: 1342 15 / 14 3 High Velocity Bullet Internal Item ID: 1302 11 / 10 8 Ichor Bullet Internal Item ID: 1335 13 3.

In Terraria, what is the simplest gun to obtain?

Tips. Smashing a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart in the Corruption or the Crimson is the quickest method to get a qualifying gun. On the initial break, they will invariably drop a Musket or an Undertaker, respectively. Both the Musket and the Undertaker may be discovered in Corrupt and Crimson Crates, respectively.

In Terraria, where do you obtain bullets?

The Arms Dealer is one of Terraria’s most significant NPCs. He offers you ammo, which is often difficult to come by, as well as goods like the Illegal Gun Parts and the Minishark.

In Terraria, how can you produce silver bullets?

Silver Bullets cannot be manufactured using Tungsten Bars, unlike other metal goods that can be created with their mineral counterpart. Silt Blocks, Slush Blocks, and Desert Fossils may still be used at an Extractinator to obtain silver in any planet. It may also be obtained as a bonus drop from Crates and Slimes.

In Terraria, how can you produce bullets?

The Arms Dealer sells Musket Balls for $7 apiece or $70 for 1000 rounds. They may also be gained from Shadow Orbs and Crimson Hearts (together with a Musket or The Undertaker) during the Christmas season, as well as from a Present (along with a Red Ryder).

Do you know how to make bullets?

In New World, you must first cultivate three collectibles and manufacture gunpowder before you may craft bullets. To make gunpowder, you’ll need 10 charcoal, 1 fire mote, and 5 flints. At a time, these components will produce ten pounds of gunpowder.

Are nails considered Bullets in Terraria?

When the player has the Nail Gun in their inventory, the Merchant and the Arms Dealer both sell Nails for 1 apiece when the player has the Nail Gun in their inventory. When a Nail collides with an adversary, it adheres to it. The Nails are similar in that they attach to surfaces and detonate in the same way. The gunman is unharmed by the blast.

Do you know how to create silver bullets?

Silver bullets are exceedingly difficult to produce due to their high cost, the high heat necessary to melt them down for moulding, and the precise specifications needed to fit gun barrels and work properly. Silver bullets have less power than lead bullets due to their lower density.

What are the effects of cursed Bullets?

Hardmode ammo comes in the form of Cursed Bullets. Cursed Bullets inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff on enemies, which causes damage over time and cannot be doused by water (unlike the On Fire! debuff).

In Terraria, what can you construct using empty Bullets?

Empty Bullets are a Hardmode crafting item that can be obtained for 5 / 3 apiece from the Arms Dealer. Empty Bullets are used to make Hardmode bullets with special effects, despite the fact that they do not function as ammunition on their own.


There are many forms of bullets that you can make in terraria and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose wisely and use each bullet type in the right situation against the right enemies.

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