Duolingo Codes Working: Don’t Miss Out (October 2023)

duolingo codes

In an era of globalization, language learning has never been more accessible or more essential. Among the various platforms available, Duolingo stands tall as a leader in the field, especially with its premium version, Duolingo Super.

This robust tool offers an ad-free, distraction-less learning environment, and enhanced features such as offline courses, progress quizzes, and streak repair. It’s a smart investment in your linguistic journey, opening a world of opportunities.

And now, with the latest Duolingo discount codes, this premium language learning experience can be yours at a more affordable price.

Read on to discover the latest Duolingo codes which are still available.

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What Do These Codes Do?

These discount codes work as magical keys to unlock diverse benefits on Duolingo. By entering a valid code during your subscription purchase, you can avail significant discounts, effectively reducing your Duolingo Super membership cost.

If you are an avid learner eager to maximize your learning journey, these codes can also reward you with free gems.

Gems are Duolingo’s internal currency that can be used to purchase power-ups, bonus items, or even unlock additional levels in your preferred language courses.

Furthermore, these codes can also provide discounts on other Duolingo purchases such as merchandise, making it easier and more affordable to bring your love for language learning into your everyday life. Simply put, these discount codes are your passport to an enhanced, cost-effective learning experience with Duolingo.

Hearts Vs Gems: What’s the Difference?

While learning on Duolingo, you will come across two types of virtual currencies: Hearts and Gems. Hearts represent your tolerance for errors.

In the free version of Duolingo, you start with five hearts; if you make a mistake during a lesson, you lose one. Once all hearts are lost, you’ll need to wait some time to regain them, or you can refill your hearts by using gems.

On the other hand, Gems, the game’s internal currency, allow you to buy in-app perks, such as power-ups, bonus items, and can also be used to replenish hearts immediately. There are some codes below which give you discounts or bonus gems.

You can earn gems by completing lessons, reaching daily streaks, or by purchasing them directly in the store. The great news is with Duolingo Super, you are provided with unlimited hearts, which means your learning is not stalled by the occasional mistake.

You can learn at your own pace without the worry of losing hearts, making the learning process more comfortable and less stressful. Duolingo Super truly enhances the learning experience by removing these barriers and making the journey smoother.

Active Duolingo Promo Codes

Below, you’ll find the most recent Duolingo promo codes. Please be aware that their validity may vary based on your geographical location.

Also, keep in mind that some codes may only be redeemed once. Therefore, we recommend grabbing them quickly to take full advantage of these offers.

10OFFReceive a 10% discount on Duolingo purchases.
BACKTOSCHOOLGet 20% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
BEREALEnjoy 20% off on all Super Duolingo subscriptions.
CF5Obtain 30% off on Duolingo subscriptions.
DRACARYSGet a 1-month free trial of Duolingo.
DUOLINGO25Avail a 25% discount on annual Duolingo memberships.
DUOLINGOSALEGet 30% off on Duolingo subscriptions.
DUOLINGOLEARNEnjoy 30% off on select Duolingo subscriptions.
DUOLINGOSALE15Receive 15% off on Duolingo subscriptions.
ETBLUEGet 20% off on Duolingo subscriptions.
FALL30Obtain 30% off on Gems purchases.
FALLGet a 10% discount on Gems purchases.
FREEGEMSReceive 500 free Gems with any membership.
HOLIDAY20Enjoy 20% off on Duolingo purchases.
LEARNLANGUAGEGet 30% off on Duolingo subscriptions.
LEARNDUOLINGOSALEGet 50% off on Duolingo subscriptions.
LOVELANGUAGEReceive 1 month of Super Duolingo for free.
NEWYEAR2023Enjoy 30% off on all subscriptions.
SAVE50Obtain 50% off on your first Duolingo purchase.
SPRINGSALEGet 20% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
SUMMERSALEGet 30% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
5OFFReceive 5% off on Duolingo purchases.
JETBLUEEnjoy 1 month of Duolingo for free.
PUMPKINGet a surprise discount on Duolingo.
THANKYOU10Get 10% off on Duolingo purchases.
MEMORIAL DAY SAVINGSEnjoy 25% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
LIMITED TIME OFFERReceive 15% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
LANGUAGELEARNGet 30% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.

Expired Duolingo Promo Codes

Just like any promotional offer, Duolingo promo codes also have a certain lifespan beyond which they become invalid.

These codes are programmed to expire after a specific date to maintain the exclusivity and significance of the promotion. Once a Duolingo promo code has expired, it can no longer be used to redeem discounts or bonus gems.

Attempting to use an expired code will result in an error message, indicating that the code is not valid.

Therefore, it’s crucial to take note of the expiry date of the promotional codes and use them within the specified period to leverage the benefits they offer.

20OFFAvail 20% off on Duolingo purchases.
30OFFEnjoy 30% off on Duolingo purchases.
40OFFReceive 40% off on Duolingo purchases.
50OFFGet 50% off on Duolingo purchases.
60OFFObtain 60% off on Duolingo purchases.
100OFFAvail 100% off on Duolingo purchases.
BACKTOSCHOOL10Get 10% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
REALEnjoy 25% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
CARYReceive a 1-month free trial of Duolingo.
DUOLINGO50Get a discount on an annual Duolingo subscription.
DUOLINGO150Avail a discount on an annual Duolingo subscription.
DUOLINGO250Enjoy a discount on an annual Duolingo subscription.
DUOLINGO350Receive a discount on an annual Duolingo subscription.
DUOLINGO450Obtain a discount on an annual Duolingo subscription.
DUOLINGO550Get a discount on an annual Duolingo subscription.
DUOLINGO950Avail a discount on an annual Duolingo subscription.
ETBEEEnjoy 15% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
FALL300Receive 30% off on Duolingo purchases.
FREEGEMS10Every membership comes with 500 free gems.
HOLIDAY200Get 20% off on Duolingo purchases.
LIMITEDTIMEOFFERAvail 15% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.
DUOLINGOLOVELANGUAGEEnjoy 1 month of Super Duolingo for free.
MEMORIALDAYSAVINGSReceive 25% off on all Duolingo subscriptions.

Duolingo Super Free Trials & Courses

For those who are unsure about committing to Duolingo Super, the good news is that Duolingo offers free trials. This gives you a risk-free opportunity to test all the premium features before making a financial commitment.

To start your free trial, simply navigate to the Duolingo Super section on the Duolingo app or website and select ‘Try it for Free’.

The trial typically lasts for a week, after which your chosen payment method will be charged unless you cancel beforehand.

Remember to check the specific trial period as it may vary based on your location. This is a wonderful way to experience the benefits of unlimited hearts and other premium features, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

How Do I Redeem Duolingo Codes?

Redeeming Duolingo codes is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to apply your promo code:

  1. Open the Duolingo app or website on your device and click on the ‘Shop’ icon located in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Once you’re in the shop, scroll down and locate the ‘Promo Code’ section.
  3. Tap on ‘Enter a Promo Code’ and type in your code in the provided field.
  4. After entering the code, hit ‘Redeem’ and the rewards will be directly added to your account.

Please note that some codes may be specific to certain regions or may have expiration dates. If your code does not work, it may be because it has expired or is not valid in your region. Always ensure to check the terms and conditions of the promo code beforehand.

What Platforms Can I redeem On?

Duolingo codes can be redeemed on a variety of platforms for the convenience of its users.

The Duolingo app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, allows you to redeem codes directly in the app under the ‘Shop’ section.

For desktop users, codes can be redeemed on the Duolingo website by logging into your account and navigating to the ‘Shop’ page. Remember, irrespective of the platform, the process of redeeming codes remains the same.

Duolingo Super features are available across all platforms after redemption.

Duolingo Plus vs Duolingo Super

While both Duolingo Plus and Duolingo Super offer premium features over the basic free version, they cater to different user needs.

Duolingo Plus provides an ad-free experience with the ability to download lessons for offline use, which is great for learning on the go or in areas with limited internet access.

On the other hand, Duolingo Super is a more holistic offering that includes all the benefits of Duolingo Plus, along with additional features.

These extra benefits include advanced lessons, specialized quizzes, progress reports, and priority customer support. The aim of Duolingo Super is to provide a more immersive and comprehensive language learning experience.

Please be aware that most of the promo codes provided are specifically for Duolingo Super.

These codes will allow you to unlock and experience the advanced features provided by Duolingo Super. Make sure to check the details of your promo code to ensure it is applicable for the product you intend to use.

How Do I Use a Duolingo Referral?

Duolingo’s referral program allows users to send referral links to friends and family, inviting them to join the platform. When a new user signs up using your referral link, both you and the new user receive benefits.

Here’s how to use a Duolingo referral:

  1. Log into your Duolingo account.
  2. Navigate to your profile and click on the ‘Invite Friends’ option.
  3. You will see a unique referral link that you can share with others. You can either copy the link directly or use the integrated share options to send the link via email, social media, or other platforms.
  4. Once the person you referred signs up using your link and completes a lesson, both of you will receive a reward. This could range from additional XP to a free Duolingo Plus trial.

Remember that referral benefits can only be claimed once per new user. Inviting more people increases the chances of earning more rewards, so share your love of language learning and begin referring today!

My Coupon Code Isn’t Working

If your Duolingo coupon code isn’t working, don’t worry. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Double-check the code: Ensure that you have entered the code correctly. Remember that coupon codes are case-sensitive.
  2. Check the validity: Coupon codes are time-sensitive. Make sure your code hasn’t expired.
  3. Verify the applicability: Certain coupon codes might be applicable only for specific courses or subscriptions. Ensure that your code suits your chosen course or subscription.
  4. Ensure one-time usage: Each coupon code can only be used once. If you’ve already applied the code in the past, it will not work a second time.

If you’ve checked all these factors and your code still isn’t working, contact Duolingo’s customer support for assistance. They will help resolve the issue and ensure that you can continue learning without any hiccups.

Use A VPN If Your Country Is Not Allowed

There are instances where Duolingo coupon codes might not work due to regional restrictions.

These constraints may be present for a variety of reasons, such as marketing strategies, legal requirements or regional partnerships. In such situations, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be used to bypass the geographical limitations.

A VPN works by masking your IP address and making it appear as if you are accessing the site from a different location, enabling you to access the same benefits as those in the permitted regions.

However, it’s important to use reputable VPN services as misuse can lead to violation of Duolingo’s terms of service. Remember, the use of a VPN should be in accord with the laws and regulations of your country.

How To Get More Coupon Codes On Duolingo

To find more Duolingo coupon codes, there are several strategies you can try:

  1. Subscribe to Duolingo’s newsletter: Duolingo often sends out special offers, discounts, and coupon codes to their newsletter subscribers. It’s an excellent way to stay updated on any promotions they might be running.
  2. Follow Duolingo on social media: Duolingo regularly posts updates on their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can follow their pages to get the latest news about discounts and coupon codes.
  3. Check coupon code websites: There are many websites that aggregate coupon codes for various online platforms, including Duolingo. Examples of such websites include RetailMeNot, Groupon, and CouponCabin. Be aware, though, that the validity of codes found on these sites can vary.
  4. Participate in Duolingo events: Duolingo occasionally runs events or competitions where participants can win coupon codes. Keep an eye on their website and social media platforms for information about upcoming events.

Remember to always check the terms and conditions of each coupon code to ensure it can be used for your intended purchase.


Mastering a new language with Duolingo can be both fun and financially savvy. With thoughtful usage of VPNs for region-specific content access and strategic hunting for coupon codes, you can maximize your Duolingo experience without straining your budget.

Whether you’re subscribing to their newsletter, following them on social media, checking coupon code websites, or participating in their events, there’s always an opportunity to save.

Remember, the key is to respect the terms of service while enjoying the vast learning resources that Duolingo offers. Happy learning!


Q1: Does Duolingo regularly offer coupon codes on social media?

Yes, Duolingo often posts updates about discounts and coupon codes on their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s a good idea to follow their pages to stay updated.

Q2: What are some reliable websites for finding Duolingo coupon codes?

Websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, and CouponCabin are known to aggregate coupon codes for various online platforms, including Duolingo. However, the validity of codes found on these sites can vary, so always be sure to check.

Q3: Does Duolingo have region-specific content?

Yes, Duolingo sometimes offers region-specific content. Using a VPN may allow you to access this content, but remember to respect the terms of service.

Q4: Does Duolingo run competitions or events with coupon codes as prizes?

Duolingo occasionally runs events or competitions where participants can win coupon codes. Keep an eye on their website and social media platforms for information about upcoming events.

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