Every month your child is playing a new game. How do you know what’s safe? These are the most popular kids video games and what they are about.

I made a list of the most popular games that are trending in every school across the globe.

First, if you want to understand their world, you have to speak their language.

Here’s some quick gaming terminology before the list:

Multiplayer: meaning your child can play with anyone else in the region or the world that plays that game.
FPS game: First Person Shooter which is a shooting game from the perspective of the character.
Battle royale game: 100 players start in a plane flying over an island and they have to choose when they will skydive out to a location on the island. Each area on the island contains different guns, ammo and shields. The island is in the center of the eye of a storm which shrinks more and more. This means players will be forced to move inland and fight each other eventually until one remains champion.
5 versus 5 game: which means two teams of 5 working against each other.

Nearly all of the games on this list are free which is why they are so popular. Your child may be playing these games with online friends, if you are worried about your child talking to online strangers, then read the article here.

Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games

Most Popular Kids Video games: #1 Fortnite

The first one on this list went viral throughout all age brackets and every culture.

Fortnite is a Battle-Royale which got very popular among young teenagers and children in 2018. The game is a colorful shooter and building game.

Players can build floors, walls, roofs and more. Building is used make a small tower while waiting for the storm eye to shrink or more commonly to “build battle” other players.

Build battling is a confusing concept, it basically means trying to build higher than your opponent to shoot down on them. Build battles happen when both of players are close together and forced to take the duel.

This ends up looking like a giant skyscraper mess.

Even though this is a great game, it is not one that you can play together with your kids.

The goal of this game is to be the last player, duo or trio alive.

Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games minecraft


Minecraft is the living dinosaur of gaming.

One of the all time most popular kids video games.

It’s an open world procedurally generated survival game made of blocks.

Procedurally generated means the game creates random landscapes every time a new game is made and generates more and more landscape as the player explores the world.

This game has always been popular among all ages since release many years ago. It is the game people always come back to when bored of other games.

There are monsters, animals, hunger and thirst to watch out for. This game is multiplayer and your child can play and survive with their friends.

The goal of this game is to progress through the environments and find the teleporter to a new dimension called the “end” to slay the ender dragon.

Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games among us

Among us

The most trending game of 2020

The game is about crew members stuck on a spaceship with an alien imposter that looks like everyone else. This imposter is chosen at random among the group of players in that game. The crew member’s job is to complete all the tasks around the ship to win the game and the aliens want to kill enough people to stop that from happening.

Among us has become one of the most popular kids video games in history.

The humans can also win by ejecting all the imposters from the ship. However they can only decide who during a group discussion which is the only time anyone is allowed to speak. To prevent being ejected, the imposters try to pick off the humans one by one when no one is watching.

Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games valorant


Valorant is a 5 versus 5 competitive first person shooter game that is less violent than the others.

The goal of the game is for the attacks to plant a thing called a “spike” on specific areas of the map which will blow up in about a minutes time. The defenders win by preventing that from happening. Both teams can win if they eliminate all players on the other team.

Although this game is one of the most popular kids video games, it has not lived up to the hype.

There are 26 rounds in a game, each lasting about 2 minutes, the first team to 13 rounds wins. Each game can last about 25minutes to 45minutes long.

After every round the players start 5 vs 5 again and begin on opposite sides of the map. These maps are small well designed playing fields with 2 or 3 areas where a spike can be planted.

The defenders start much closer to these areas so they get there first to defend them. This game has become quite popular in 2020 and is a friendlier version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Both games are violent and have guns but this one has toned down that violence a lot.

Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games valorant csgo

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

Counter strike or CS:GO is one of the more violent games that kids play.

It is very similar to valorant and the game is also a 5 versus 5 first person shooter with 30 rounds lasting 2 minutes each, the first team to 16 rounds win. Each game can last around 45minutes to an hour long.

The goal is the exact same as Valorant just with a different take on the genre.

This game has been popular since 2016 and has a very established professional scene in the US and Europe where top players can make upward of $20,000 usd a month. CS:GO is more of a game for older teens to young adults. It is much more hardcore and perhaps requires the most professional strategy and teamwork than the other games.

Another important thing to know is what skins are. Skins or weapon skins are a paint design that can be purchased for different weapons. These are completely cosmetic and make the guns look cooler. Some examples are a lightning bolt with a purple paint finish or a red coating with black spiderwebs.

Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games valorant lol

League of Legends

LoL for short is a very child friendly fantasy game.

Players control a variety of characters that have their own unique magic abilities.

This game is very popular in asian countries and has a very established professional scene with a franchised league where players can make careers for themselves. The franchised league mainly supports the US, EU and Asia.

The game has 3 lanes: top, middle and bot. The goal of this game is to destroy the other team’s base on the opposing side of the map. Each team splits up to their dedicated positions around the map and tries to constantly save up gold to purchase better equipment than the other team.
This equipment will help them group up and take big team vs team fights in the later stages of the game.

Gold can be acquired in many ways, one of them is killing minions that run through each lane from the opposing bases wave by wave.

There are around 150 different characters to choose from each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Both teams that face off against each other have to pick a character each and ban a few so they can end up with the better set of characters that counter the other teams set.

This game is not really violent as it consists of magic and is a fantasy game.

Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games valorant r6

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Another more violent tactical shooter game.

Also known as R6, rainbow or siege for short is another 5 versus 5 tactical first person shooter game. One team defends the interior of a house and the other has to breach and secure a specific objective.

Either team can win by securing/defending the objective or eliminating the opposing team. Rounds last about 3 minutes, the first team to 5 rounds wins the game. There are many different characters to choose from with each of their own special abilities.

This game involves a lot of violence and gunplay just like CS:GO, but at the same time is very tactical and develops a lot of strategic skills.


These are the most popular kids video games around the world. Nearly every kid is playing one of these games. I hope this gives some explanation about what these games are and how they work to parents and old people.