Screen Savers Not Working In MacOS Monterey (SOLUTION)

Here’s a quick guide on how you can fix Screen Savers Not Working In MacOS Monterey.

It can be really annoying if your laptop doesn’t go into sleep because you might be worried about screen burn.

It may be a problem with your power settings, start up settings, apps or sleep settings. Make sure to go through all the solutions below.


To fix Screen Savers Not Working In MacOS Monterey, you have to set a starting time with the screensaver. You also have to set up a display sleep time. Restart your Mac in safe mode to see if the issue is resolved.

Here is how you can set the starting time of the screen saver:

  • On top left corner of your screen click the Apple icon
  • Choose System Preferences under the menu
  • Choose Desktop and Screen Saver
  • Select the Screensaver tab
  • Click the screen saver that you want in the left side column
  • Click Show screen saver after and then choose 1 minute time duration from the drop down menu.
  • Wait 1 minute without touching your Mac and the screensaver will appear. The longer the duration the longer it takes.
  • Restart your macbook or mac.

Here is how you can set the display sleep time:

  • Click on the Apple menu and select Select System Preferences.
  • Click battery option.
  • Choose battery from the left side section
  • Set turn display off after to 10 minutes on the slider. Set screen save to 5 minutes then set the display sleep to 10 minutes.
  • You can remove your Mac’s sleep mode by changing display sleep slider to never. It will just be black.
  • Restart your macbook or mac.

If that didn’t fix it then here’s how you can restart in safe mode:

  • Shutdown your Mac and wait some seconds before starting it up again.
  • Press the power button then hold down shift until you see the login window.
  • Let go of shift when you see the login window and enter login details.
  • Once in safemode see if it is fixed, if it is then restart your mac.

You can also create a temporary account then logging into that one. If it does then your normal account has some settings or start up items which are running in the background and preventing the sleep protocol.

The Mail app might be checking mail frequently, it might wake by network access, there might be queued print jobs, there might be a virus scanner or active pages in your browser.


There are some simple fixes to the Screen Savers Not Working In MacOS Monterey problem. Hopefully apple pushes an update which fixes this. There may be some programs which prevent your mac from going to sleep or maybe you have some incorrect sleep settings.

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