Is MacBook Air M2 Worth It? Here’s Why It Is 2022

The MacBook Air M2 is worth it for regular everyday use, browsing, and minor video editing. The long-lasting battery life and powerful M2 chip make it considerably better than it’s M1 predecessor.

The MacBook Air M2 is worth it for regular everyday use, browsing, and minor video editing. The long-lasting battery life and powerful M2 chip make it considerably better than it’s M1 predecessor.

Is the MacBook Air M2 worth the upgrade from the M1 and is it good enough to compete with the other options available this year?

In this article, we address the question: is MacBook Air M2 worth it? So let’s dive right in.

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Is Macbook Air M2 Worth It?

The headline upgrades for the M2 model are the faster M2 chip, upgraded frame and brighter screen.

The new build contains thinner bezels a bigger screen and a thinner and lighter chassis.

For around $1200 you can get the M2 with 8GB memory and a 256GB SSD.

I think we should look at the alternative options you can get for the same price to see if this model is worth it.

The Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 is a very popular laptop for a slightly higher price point of $1249.

I have laid out the specs below in a table for you to see side by side.

Now you can see that there are some components that are significantly better like the 512GB storage instead of 256 and the 16GB memory instead of 8GB.

The Lenovo ThinkPad is quite competitive with the Air M2, so is the MacBook still worth it?

ThinkPad Z13MacBook Air M2
Screen Size13inch13.6 inches
Battery Life17 hours15+ hours
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 58 Core M2 chip
GraphicsIntegratedUp to 10 core
Memory16 GB 8GB
Storage512GB SSD256GB SSD
Soundspeaker systemspeaker system
Ports2 x USB-C 4, headphone mic comboTwo Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports
Weight1.26 kg1.24 kg
Dimensions L x W x H20 x 29.5 x 1.4 centimeters21.5 x 30.41 x 1.13 centimeters

I think where the MacBook Air M2 gets the upper hand is with longevity and durability.

MacBooks are surveyed to last around twice as many years as Windows laptops which is one of the main factors to choose the Apple product.

Another factor is that the battery life on the MacBook Air M2 will last you more than a full day of intensive work and multiple days of light work.

This is something extremely valuable to have on a laptop because most laptops require frequent charging.

The MacBook Air M2 is great in terms of performance for lightweight tasks such as emailing, writing documents and browsing.

I think if you need some extra horse power to use intensive programs then you should go for the MacBook Pro instead.

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Intregrated graphics on the ThinkPad is not enough for gaming, which is the main benefit of a Windows laptop.

So on one side, you have the ThinkPad which has bigger storage and memory but on the other side you have the Air M2 with a better battery and longer lifespan.

Buy Right Or Buy Twice

For a $1200 laptop, the MacBook Air M2 is a great option for most people.

Windows laptops usually get replaced in only a few years time, which is why they actually cost more if you do the math right.

There was a study conducted on Windows and Mac users to see what the average time was to replace their laptops.

For Windows users, it was 2.5 years and for Mac users, it was 5 years.

So that means on average you will be spending half the amount of money on a MacBook per year than you would on a Windows laptop.

This is one of the main reasons why I think the MacBook Air M2 is worth it’s price point.

Saves Productivity Time

The MacBook Air M2 will save you a lot of time each year in productivity.

This is because Apple has streamlined the OS and tweaked the kernel. Everything flows a lot smoother and lesser components feel faster in a MacBook.

On a MacBook you would:

  • Have spent zero hours battling viruses
  • Spend fewer hours on maintenance or repair
  • Spend fewer hours trying to learn how to use the OS
  • Spend fewer hours dealing with freezes and data loss.
  • Spend no hours trying to figure out program compatibility with your system
  • Be able to keep your laptop running for long periods of time without slowing down.
  • Spend zero hours fixing the BSOD

Windows users have to fend for themselves when it comes to viruses and if you don’t have the right antivirus or don’t run regular scans then you are in trouble.

I think the Air M2 is great if you are not a tech-savvy person, the learning curve on the operating system is much less than on Windows.

Productivity also gets roadblocked if you have to restart your computer towards the end of the day because of performance slowing down. On a MacBook, you won’t have to worry about this.

You also don’t have to spend any time trying to fix the bluescreen of death.

It’s a well-packaged product that is designed for productivity and takes care of most of your problems for you.

Build Quality

The design of the MacBook Air M2 has been upgraded to even better build quality. We get a model that is thinner without that teardrop shape and it’s completely flat.

It’s ridiculously easy to slide into a backpack and light enough that you barely feel it.

It comes in four colors this time: starlight, midnight, space grey and silver.

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Although the back of the laptop is a fingerprint magnet, it looks really good and changes appearance in ambient lighting.

On the keyboard you also get a full sized row of function keys now.

Apple has also introduced a better webcam, this time it’s a 1080p upgrade from the much complained about 720p version of the M1.

Saves Money

You can save money with the MacBook Air M2 because of it’s durability over the years.

This has been proven by the number of companies that spend a lot of money and resources replacing their Windows laptops for their employees.

I have read many stories onlien of companies that have to use a large tech team to fix the problems of the Windows laptops and replace them year after year.

However, people that tend to go with the MacBook will see their product lasting a good 6-7 years.

After that your model will stop receiving updates, but you can still use it if you do not care about small feature upgrades.

If you want to save time and money, consider the M2.

IBM says Macs save up to $543 per user.


The MacBook Air M2 is a great options for those that are doing regular tasks on a daily basis such as coding, watching youtube, writing documents or emailing. There is no need to upgrade to the MacBook Pro unless you are someone who does intensive video editing or uses creative programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is MacBook Air M2 good for college?

The MacBook Air M2 is great for college because it is powerful enough to run lightweight tasks such as emailing, studying, browsing and writing documents.

How long will a MacBook Air M2 last?

The MacBook Air M2 will last a good 5-7 years depending on how well you treat it.

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