Is Dell Good? 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy

is dell good
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I was looking for a new laptop to buy and wondered is Dell good as a laptop company? So I decided to do some research and create a helpful article so you can find out as well.

Dell is one of the best laptop manufacturers in terms of reliability, specs, competitive pricing and build quality. The Alienware branch of Dell also offer great gaming laptops that are very high quality. The only downside of getting a Dell laptop is having to deal with poor customer support.

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Is Dell a good brand

According to wikipedia, Dell is the third most selling laptop manufacturer in terms of market share(17.7%) in 2022 Q1. They are close behind HP and Lenovo by around 3% this quarter.

Although Dell do not sell the most laptops currently, they are a well established brand that has been around for a very long time. They also have a wide range of high quality laptops that are well rounded in terms of performance, build and pricing.

Build Quality

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In general Dell has great build quality overall, their Latitude and XPS series are known for lasting years at a time. However, some people expect too much from the XPS line in terms of quality control and dislike the tradeoffs Dell has made.

You can make a fair assessment of the XPS line having slightly less quality control for the sake of a more bleeding edge experience. This means thinner bezels and chassis at the cost of no USBA ports.

This and other possible tradeoffs can increase the risk of quality control problems later down the line.

To contrast, Lenovo known for its great build quality is far more conservative at making these tradeoffs and will potentially last a few more years down the line. Both Apple and Dell are moving to USBC only which is necessary for the future of laptops.

You can see that Dell are really trying to push the envelope in terms of new features over build quality and if they are to keep succeeding they will need to have the same quality care as Apple.

Bestselling Dell Laptops 2022

Here are the bestselling Dell laptops on Amazon. I recommend that you check these out because there are always frequent sales on Amazon for Dell laptops, so you might find a deal.

Does Dell have good reviews

Dell laptops have some of the most reviews out of any laptop in the industry. Two laptops from the Dell Inspiron line has over 50,000 reviews combined. Even with the high amount of reviews, Dell hovers around a 3.8-4 star rating.

This is impressive because out of all the Inspiron models, there are some that have faulty issues and some that are well built. To see this many reviews and such a high rating average is amazing.

Written reviews on Reddit say otherwise but that is because those threads act like an echo chamber of complaints.

You’ll find a lot of problems with the new XPS series laptops on Reddit, but you have to keep in mind that millions of these laptops have been sold and you only hear about the issues with it on Reddit.

How long do Dell laptops last

Dell’s Alienware series can last up to 6 years depending on how fast they become obsolete. If you get a really high specced Alienware then you won’t have to worry about it becoming obselete for many years.

The Dell Inspiron and XPS series can last you anywhere from 3-8 years depending on the model and specs. People even have Dell laptops that are going strong after 9 years.

Dell had a reliability grade of C- for 2020 but they have had much better scores in previous years.

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BrandU.S. Computer Market ShareRESCUECOM Computer Share1Reliability Score2Reliability Grade3
1. Microsoft4.4%1.42%235A+
2. Lenovo15.6%6.2%189A
3. Apple13%8.63%114B+
4. Asus4.4%3%112B
5. HP32.8%24.64%100C
6. Dell26.1%20.93%94C-
7. Acer2.7%2.66%77D+
8. Samsung1%2.53%30D-
Rescuecom Computer Reliability Table 2020

Battery Life

The XPS 15 has a battery life of around 9 hours. The battery works flawlessly for 16-24 months. Expect to have to replace the battery after a couple of years of use. Dell batteries are good quality.

You can expect battery swelling and loss of maximum battery capacity within 2.5-5 years of use. This is to be expected with any laptop manufacturer because batteries can’t last forever.

Batteries can be replaced easily if under warranty and you will still be able to use the laptop for many years after the replacement.

Are Dell laptops high quality

is dell good
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Yes, Dell laptops are high quality and with a large sample size of laptops from all series, you will find that less than 1% will have hardware issues per year.

It really depends on the laptop model, Dell makes some great flagship products and they also make some budget ones too. Quality varies depending on the series. A high end Inspiron will have some really nice specs, but it won’t be as well built as a MacBook.

The mid-range of Dell laptops have very good quality for the price. An Inspiron 16 Plus for example has decent cooling which you won’t expect for a thinner and more stylish design.

My guess is that the chassis is all aluminium but stamped rather than milled for a more premium feel. It’s not your budget plastic laptop but it’s also not as well built as the MacBook’s or XPS’ of the world.

If you want a durable laptop from Dell, ceck out the latitude series. This one guy had 6 latitudes over 14 years which have worked flawlessly. Not sure why he has so many, but it’s because they work well rather than the contrary.

I have heard great things about the latitude series and how they last numerous years. You get the rare problematic one, but in general this series is very reliable.

Problems with Dell laptops

Most laptops from Dell are high quality and last many years. Apart from the battery which wears down over time, they can hold up without any need for repair if you treat them well.

For some years Dell has been making high-quality hardware, but sadly their long-term support is lackluster. As with all laptops, you can expect battery detereoration BIOS problems and hard drive crashes eventually.

Build Quality Issues

Dell makes some great quality laptops, although there are some hiccups which should be talked about.

Lots of Dell fans were excited to get their hands on a new XPS 15 and XPS 17 only to find out there were some issues with it. Anyone looking to get the new XPS was expecting perfection.

One issue with the XPS is the finicky power button which happens after some use. You’ll have to mash to make it responsive. Trackpads can die within the first year and screens can also die a few months down the line.

Get full warranty and accidental damage protection if you are worried about any build quality issues.


The Latitude series can have rare speaker, ram, and CPU failures which can even occur during the first 2 years of warranty. Other issues include motherboard breaking, wifi card burning, loose hinges, ethernet controller failures and SSD failures.

I imagine all these problems that people are getting with the latitude series are coming from the lower-end ones which cost $300-$1000.

On the rare occasion, you could get a dead component upon delivery of your laptop which happened once with the G5 5587 which had a dead webcam. This also happened with the XPS which came with dead fans.

Although the XPS rarely has many hardware faults, the XPS 2in1 can have a bearing fail on one of the fans.

Audio issues with the XPS13 include crackling audio which can happen due to audio drivers.

Thermal Shutdowns

You can expect rare thermal shutdowns on older Dell models like the precision series. This can be fixed by cleaning out the fan and radiators and also replacing the thermal paste.

Thermal performance from Dell is not the best on some models and you may have to repaste the CPU chip yourself.

Dell Software

Dell software can be an issue sometimes especially when it comes to Bluetooth. People say that the XPS just doesn’t receive or send Bluetooth files even though it can connect to Bluetooth devices.

These things are often driver issues and can be fixed with reinstalling Windows.

Another issue is the fan customizability. You’ll find that you are unable to customize fan curves on older Dell models and on new models you are restricted by software which is very basic and lacks features.

Dozens of people on forums share their experience with this problem and get no help from tech support who claim it’s working as intended.

The rare intel software/driver incompatiblity with Windows happens as well.

However, Driver support and regular BIOS updates are a positive for Dell.

A trick to make your Dell run faster is to wipe the HDD and SSD of all partitions and then do a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64bit. This method makes the machine run fast with no issues.

Is Dell good for gaming

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The Alienware branch of Dell is their main gaming laptop series. They also have the G series, but the Alienware series is their flagship gaming laptop.

After reading countless reviews online, the general sentiment seems that Dell does not put as much heart into their gaming laptops compared to Asus, Razer, and MSI.

Although Alienware laptops are designed for gaming and have the best specs you can find in a gaming laptop, Dell charges you a premium just for the name brand and aesthetic.

You’ll find yourself paying $400-$800 more for an Alienware laptop with the same specs as an Asus one.

Don’t get me wrong though, Alienware laptops have insane specs including the newest 12th Gen U series CPUs from intel and the latest RTX Cards from Nvidia. They can also be fitted with DDR5 ram.


The G15 with an RTX 3060 and a Ryzen 7 CPU is a great laptop and performs very well for gaming, although some models do get really hot.

Here’s a different perspective, I have read a lot of discussion online about how high temperatures can be important for contemporary gaming laptops.

This one user had a two laptops that would idle around 60-70 degrees celsius and game around the high 80s for 8 years and they never had a problem with it. They also claim that they had another laptop dying after 2 years which had great low temperatures.

Laptops are built for high temperatures and they most likely won’t destroy your laptop before it becomes too slow from obsolescence. Hearing this testimony changed my perspective because I always thought laptops running hot was a bad thing.

Alienware Aesthetics

The main buying condition for a Dell gaming laptop is if you are going after that “gaming aesthetic.” Most people who have played games before know what this is.

It’s the metallic-looking chassis with RGB LED strip lights and the renowned Alienware logo. Some people are willing to pay for this, and others just want the performance.

So in closing, Dell/Alienware is great for gaming although you will be paying a hefty premium for it.

Dell Customer Support

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Ever since Dell went privately owned many years ago, its customer support has been criticized heavily and said to be “non-existent” by some people. By others it has been praised to be great.

Dell may have competitive prices, but their average customer support experience is slightly lacking.

Some people say that Dell customer support is just a bunch of canned responses and reading off scripts instead of listening to the customer.

When one user had a faulty battery he was asked to purchase a $250 warranty bundle. I’m not sure what his warranty circumstance was, but the cost is about the same as AppleCare.

I think Dell customer support is hit or miss, either you get a team member that understands your issue or you don’t and that determines the experience. To be fair, other big laptop brands like Asus have been criticized for poor customer support.

So far I’m focusing on the negatives to give you an idea of what you could be getting into, but keep in mind some people have smooth customer support experiences.


Dell warranty can be very expensive, such as $250 for a bundle. For a price this high, I’d expect customer service similar to Apple but it’s not as good.

If you have warranty, then Dell customer support can be great. They have shipped replacement fans to people overnight.

If you average out the single payment for Dell warranty over the life of the machine it ends up being not worth it compared to AppleCare. AppleCare is like a combination of all different types of Dell support in one package.

If you add up all the support options from Dell it becomes much more expensive compared to AppleCare. They even charge a monthly subscription for support which can be costly. AppleCare also travels with your machine so buying second hand is good as well.

A lot of people recommend getting premium support with their Dell laptops, especially if it’s an expensive one. This is to prevent the laptop from becoming a paper weight.

Warranty Transfer

You can transfer your Dell warranty but you need specific information and the owner to manually initiate the transfer. This is far more difficult than AppleCare. Even if you move to a different country you have to transfer the warranty.

If you want to transfer your Dell warranty in North America in the case that you sell your laptop, you will need:

  • Service Tag of product to be transferred
  • Name and zip code used at time of purchase
  • Name and address warranty is being transferred to their website.

Consumer law makes it easier in the EU for Dell. However, laptops that are warrantied with Apple can be brought in for service regardless of if the person is an owner or not. They just look at the serial number.


The XPS line is stunningly reliable and if you get a warranty for it then you can really squeeze out the most years you can get from this laptop.

People have even bought refurbished XPS laptops that end up running for 6 years with no issue. On the plus warranty, if you get dead pixels, Dell will give you a lid replacement and if your mic quality gets bad, they will replace it for you.

Dell warranties can be very valuable for some people. Next-day onsite service is said to be good too. On the plus warranty, people have had their warranties still intact and not voided even though they have opened up the computer to fix the problem yourself.

A lot of other manufacturers will void your warranty instantly if you open the case.

Returns & Refunds

Sometimes users have issues with returning their laptops back to Dell after a purchase. Cases have occurred when canceling an order to no avail before it has been shipped out.

Customer support was unable to help and people had to get a UPS contact to redirect the package themselves. In some cases, it has even taken 3 weeks to get a full refund for their purchase.

Although I can speak on Dell refunds, but other big companies like Nike were able to refund me and cancel my order within 1 day.

If you can’t handle poor customer support then you can go with Dell ProSupport which is American-based. If it’s a hardware problem they will walk you through the steps and send out a technician if necessary.

Here’s a common issue with Dell that I have also read about Asus. They can sometimes ship you a defective laptop back to you after you send them a defective one. Customers have spent countless hours on the phone trying to resolve issues like this to no avail.

Dell compared to other brands

Dell is such an established brand that they are being compared to Apple. This is a fair comparison because they’ve both been making notebooks for 20-30 years. However, this means that a lot of Dell customers are expecting Apple level customer support and warranty that Dell does not have.

Apple also has significantly better quality control. You can see this in how great their refurbished MacBooks are. They also have significantly better product support which can be seen in their AppleCare benefits.

Some people feel that Dell cares more when it comes to the purchase and less afterwards, much like a car salesman.

I think no manufacturer has had optimal quality control during the pandemic which increased laptop sales by around 50%.

Is Dell better than lenovo?

Lenovo ThinkPads are known for their great build quality which is the main advantage over the Dell Latitude series. Both laptops are competitors to each other and within the same price range.

Is Dell better than Razer?

Razer has slightly higher prices than Alienware laptops but they also have better battery life, performance, and software. However, Alienware laptops are better for your money because you are buying from a dependable brand that has warranty plans you can count on.

Is acer or Dell better?

Dell laptops are much more durable than Acer laptops and have better build quality. They also have a lower malfunction rate than Acer.

Is Dell Better Than Asus

Dell is a far more established brand than Asus and has many more years of experience creating laptops. Although Dell has higher prices, they also have better customer support and return policies.

Dell Laptop Series

Dell offers a wide range of laptop series to accommodate every type of user. Whether you need a laptop for gaming, business work, or creative work, there’s a Dell laptop for you.

Alienware Series

Personally, I am not a big fan of the Alienware series because of their price point. The components within the laptop are great and the brand is good too, but the price point is beyond necessary.

When I’m looking at buying a gaming laptop I prioritise performance and components within my budget. This means I want to get the most bang for my buck and if Alienware is eating up $400-$800 worth of my budget just on pure aesthetics, then I’d rather go for an Asus.

G Series

Dell’s G series is the more affordable line of gaming laptops within their branch but I still think they are lacking compared to what Asus and MSI have done.

The G series is not as popular as the other gaming laptop brands in terms of performance, reliability and build quality.

Inspiron Series

I have read many reviews on the Inspiron series and they have all been very positive. The laptop seems to last a very long time and the only issue with it is the inevitable battery detereoration.

Since you can’t escape a dying battery due to the laws of chemistry, I think the Inspiron series is a great option for anyone who is looking for a reliable work laptop.

XPS Series

This is the flagship series from Dell and when a product has so much hype around it, it also gets a lot of criticism. A lot of people love the XPS series because of it’s dual functionality with gaming and work.

However, you’ll also find critiques on the build quality and hardware issues of the XPS. Most hardware issues on the XPS seem to be upon arrival such as a broken fan or unseated trackpad.

Since this is covered by a base warranty, it shouldn’t be more of a problem than just an annoyance.

Latitude Series

The latitude series are great for work and not so much for gaming. They are extremely durable and people can use them for up to 10 years if you take care of them right.

I would recommend this series to anyone who just does document editing, emailing, or browsing at work. This laptop is more than capable of doing all those things and then some.

Which Dell Laptops are best?

Here are our top picks of Dell laptops that have the best performance and quality.

Dell XPS 15

Capable of holding up to 64GB of ram and a GTX 1650 Ti, the Dell XPS 15 is great for running demanding programs in the creative field. This laptop comes with a beautiful 500 nit display and an intel i7.

Dell XPS 17

The XPS 17 will be the go-to option for any business professional or creative student. It comes with Intel’s 12-generation processors and a powerful RTX 3060. This build is capable of high-end gaming as well as fast browsing and anything in between.

It has a very long battery life and a stunning design.

Alienware M15 R7

The M15 has been crowned the best laptop for gaming from many of it’s consumers. It hosts an i9 12 generation CPU from Intel and an RTX 3080 Ti. This laptop is stronger and sturdier than most gaming PC builds.

It can have up to 4TB of storage to store all of your favorite games and it comes with a 15.6 inch display.

Dell XPS 13

With an 11 generation Intel processor and integrated Iris graphics, this laptop is more of a work than entertainment system. You’ll find that this laptop has a great display and excellent performance.

On the more affordable end, this laptop has a smaller 13.4 inch display and up to 32GB of ram.

Alienware M17 R4

For anyone looking for a bigger version of the Alienware m15, you should look at the m17 R4. With a huge 17.3 inch 144hz display, this gaming laptop is great for watching movies and playing games on ultra settings.

It can be kitted with an intel i9, 32GB of DDR4 ram, and an RTX 3080. This laptop is capable of running any game on the market with great performance and high graphics settings.

Where to get Dell laptops and computers

Where to get Dell laptops and computers

Dell laptops and computers can be found in most electronic retailers worldwide. In the US you can purchase Dell laptops from BestBuy, Amazon, and Walmart to name a few. You will most likely be able to find these laptops at your local shopping center.


In closing, Dell is a good company that manufactures reliable products. They have some of the most popular laptops in the world such as the XPS and Latitude lines. Dell offers great build quality and performance at a competitive price. The only things that they lack is a good customer support experience and affordable warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Dell a good computer brand?

Dell is the third best and most selling computer brand in the world as of 2022 Q1 according to wikipedia. They have been established in the industry for a good 20-30 years and have ample experience when it comes to making computers.

Are Dell laptops good quality?

Most Dell laptop series has good quality and will last you a long time. The more dependable series are the Latitude and XPS lines. The XPS being their flagship model will last you around 5-6 years.

Is Dell good or Lenovo?

Dell manufactures some of the best consumer-grade laptops in the market, however, Lenovo have slightly better build quality than Dell because they are more conservative with changing design.

Do Dell laptops last long?

Dell laptops last 5 years on average, but this will depend on the model you buy. Your Dell laptop can have an even longer lifespan if you take care of it correctly and use extended warranty.

Are Dell laptops worth it?

Dell laptops are great for value as they provide excellent build quality at competitive prices.

Grayson is a laptop specialist who writes informational articles and reviews about all kinds of laptops.