Are Asus Laptops And Computers Good? 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy

is asus good

While I was considering buying a new laptop, I wondered if Asus laptops were good. So I did some research and this is what I found.

Asus is a good brand that manufactures high performance laptops that have powerful components for an affordable price. The quality of Asus laptops and computers varies depending on the price and series. Cheaper Asus laptops generally have worse build quality than the more expensive ones.

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Is Asus a good brand

As of 2022 Asus the 6th top computer vendor in terms of market share(7%) according to Wikipedia. Lenovo, HP, and Dell take the top 3 positions with around 20% each.

Although Asus is not the most computer selling company, they are still the most popular gaming laptop brand.

Build Quality

Asus laptops have great build quality the more expensive you go, but this depends on what series you buy from.

Asus laptops on the cheaper end like the Tuf line have worse build quality than the more expensive Zephyrus line.

You can expect their cheaper laptops to last just past the warranty period before they start having problems. You can also expect their premium laptops to last as long as 6-7 years with minimal issues.


This is one facet that Asus excels in compared to other laptop brands in the market. Asus laptops are packed with fast processors and strong graphics cards.

I believe the reason that Asus focuses on having really good processing power is because they put less of an emphasis on build quality.

Most Asus laptops are great for running next-gen games and using GPU-demanding software. The Zephyrus G15 is one great example of Asus’ powerful performance packed into a laptop. It comes with 32GB of Ram and an Nvidia RTX 3000X card.


Many people ask why are Asus laptops so cheap? and the answer is that Asus’ main focus is packing the most performance into a laptop and thinking about the build quality later.

Asus also doesn’t focus too much on a brand aesthetic such as Alienware which charge significantly more because of the brand label.

Don’t be fooled though, some of Asus’ cheapest laptops are made from very cheap materials which break down over time and cause issues such as overheating, motherboard shorts and unresponsive keyboards.

Customer Support & Return Policy

Customer support and return policy is perhaps where Asus lacks the most.

You can just open one reddit thread about a review on Asus and realize that there are countless stories of bad interactions with their customer support team.

These bad interactions mainly consist of difficulty getting their laptop repaired, difficulty having their problem understood, having to wait many months for repair and receiving a repaired item that now has other issues.

Bestselling Asus Laptops 2022

Here are the bestselling Asus laptops on Amazon. I recommend that you check these out because there are always frequent sales on Amazon for Asus laptops, so you might find a deal.

Does asus have good reviews

Asus has great reviews on their laptops. The Asus Zenbook, TUF, ROG Strix and ROG Zephyrus both have over 1000 reviews averaging a 4.5 star rating. Even their cheaper options like the E410 averages 4.5 stars with 1000 reviews.

As for Reddit, that’s a different story. The reviews are quite mixed and people also review the entire experience including customer support.

Some Reddit threads are in favor of a specific range of Asus laptops like the Zephyrus series, others criticize the lackluster build quality of the TUF series.

How long do asus laptops last

Some people have had their Asus ROG Strix G15 laptops last over 7 years and the only issues with it are regular windows problems, overheating and battery life.

Some people have had their ROG laptop last over 8 years with no need to use the warranty. So the build quality varies depending on the model.

The top pick for Asus’ most durable laptop from businessinsider is the Asus Vivbook 15

According to rescuecom, Asus is B grade in terms of computer reliability. For the last two computer reliability reports, Asus have been hovering around the middle range of brands and not being able to crack the top 3. Here is a table with data from rescuecom.

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BrandU.S. Computer Market ShareRESCUECOM Computer Share1Reliability Score2Reliability Grade3
1. Microsoft4.4%1.42%235A+
2. Lenovo15.6%6.2%189A
3. Apple13%8.63%114B+
4. Asus4.4%3%112B
5. HP32.8%24.64%100C
6. Dell26.1%20.93%94C-
7. Acer2.7%2.66%77D+
8. Samsung1%2.53%30D-
Rescuecom Computer Reliability Table 2020

Are asus laptops high quality

I think the quality of Asus laptops can vary and this depends on what series you buy.

The Zephyrus and zenbook line from Asus are high quality. Most Asus laptops under $1000 are made from cheap materials and have poor build quality. All of the aluminium zenbooks are great quality.

The Zephyrus G15 is a popular model with very little to no problems with build quality and hardware quality. This model most likely won’t develop problems until many years down the line. The only issue I have seen with this model is mild speaker issues.

Another model with great build quality is the UX550VE. This thing is built like tank and can be dropped multiple times on the floor. The body is full aluminium and the only main issue with it is the fan noise if not set to quiet mode.

Cheaper asus laptops Have Lower Build Quality

Some models from have manufacture problems like coil noise, which is a low humming noise from electric currents passing through the motherboard.

The TUF brand is entry-level or budget level from Asus and will have poorer build quality than ROG.

The Strix line can be hit or miss, the GL503VD model is quite good and does not have many issues running under heavy load for multiple years.

Most laptops from other brands that are cheap have low quality as well so this is not just about Asus.

Although one great thing about Asus is that you can find some really good components even in their cheaper laptops. They also have laptops such as the Chromebook Detachable for as cheap as $350.

The cheapest laptop models from Asus which may have lower build quality are the:

  • Asus Chromebooks
  • Asus VivoBook Flip 14 2-in-1
  • Asus VivoBook 17
  • Asus ExpertBook 14
  • Asus TUF 17
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus 14
  • Asus TUF Dash 15

Trackpad issues can be a thing depending on how much of a budget laptop you get, this includes lagging and mouse jumping all over the screen. As well as opening random icons on the taskbar. This can happen as early as 3 months of use.

Problems with asus laptops

Laptops can fail due to several reasons, it could be because of the age of the device, how people use it and if you just get an unlucky model.

I think the failure rate with Asus is generally the same as the other brands, however, some models may have more occurrences than others.

If you are looking for a laptop that has great build quality around $1000 I would stray away from Asus and go for the Huawei Matebook X Pro instead.

Build Quality Issues

Asus’ quality control dropped significantly and they used to have much better build quality than they do now.

Asus ROG don’t have many build quality issues unless you count the backlight bleed from the Zephyrus G15 or G14.

This issue can be found on a lot of MacBooks as well. Another issue with ROG is that sometimes the laptop will shutdown on restart. It will show the logo and the keyboard backlights will turn on and then the whole system will shut down.

The Zephyrus GU502GU can develop issues with the keyboards after a couple of years of use.

If this happens then Asus most likely will charge you to replace the entire keyboard deck which can be up to $200 if you don’t have a warranty. However, this is rare and not a widespread issue.

TUF Line

This line from Asus has the most problems due to how cheap they are price-wise and material-wise. The TUF A15 5800H 3060 had super high temps until Asus dropped a BIOS update which decreased the temps but also the performance down to a 3050 level.

I know of some issues with the TUF series and their thermals in the older models, however, the 2021 and 2022 models have been significantly improved.


Some models have heat problems and no fan control unless you use turbo mode. On idle, some models can end up hitting 60c even using the battery. You would have to alter the chassis and repaste the CPU to fix this.

Most gaming laptops and zenbooks from Asus are good, however you might run into the GL702VS which has cooling issues and can’t keep up when idling.

Asus Software

Hardware and build quality issues are few and far between compared to Asus software problems. The Asus software and BIOS are not spot on and cause a lot of issues with their laptops.

One time there was an OS update to windows that made Wireless ac 9560 cards malfunction and the repair team did not know how to fix it. It was a driver compatibility issue and you would have to wipe the entire drive and install a different version of windows.

Wifi bluetooth card problems with Asus software can also be fixed temporarily by resetting network settings.

The Wifi adapter seems to be a bit of a problem with some series of Asus, the most common problem with the adapter is randomly failing and disconnecting very frequently. Buying a dongle is a quick fix to this problem but it will cost you a USB port.

Is Asus good for gaming

Here is why Asus is good for gaming.

The Asus Zephyrus line is very good for gaming due to the laptops’ high-powered CPUs and GPUs. The cost of the Zephyrus line is also very cheap compared to its competitors and the build quality is decent for the price.

Even older models like the ROG series from 2016 with the 960s can run Cyberpunk which is very impressive.

Asus is probably the most popular brand for gaming laptops because they are so cheap for the components they contain and you can find them at most retailers.

Asus makes slight compromises in other areas such as build quality and customer support, although lots of Asus users don’t find any problems with their laptops for many years.

Asus gaming laptops under $1000 have the very cheap build quality and feel like toys. The higher-end models however feel great and sturdy.

Another reason why Asus is good for gaming is because you don’t have to pay such a premium price like with the Alienware or Dell G lineups. That’s why Asus laptops sell so much.

Some models like the Rog Strix GL731G are not good for the really demanding VR games.

Gaming Laptop Aesthetics

If you’re a gamer you know how important it is to have a gaming system that looks cool as well as performs well. Asus laptops do just that, they have a really good brand aesthetic on their gaming laptops which mainly consists of red LEDs.

LEDs are important in the visual effect of a gaming laptop, most laptops in the Asus gaming line have LED backlit keyboards and a nice looking chassis with the ROG logo.

Asus Customer Support

The biggest weakness of Asus compared to HP, Lenovo and Acer is their customer support and return policy. There are many accounts of poor customer support from Asus that you can read on reddit.

I have read different accounts of customer support accidentally telling people the wrong BIOS to install and not finding the cause of an issue once sent in for inspection.

A lot of users have been unable to get their laptops accepted for repair or even successfully repaired once sent in. It also takes a lot of time to get your laptop back from repair.

I think they have a great range of laptops, but if you were to get one of the lower end laptops you may want to consider how their poor customer support can affect you in the future.

Don’t expect to get your Asus laptop replaced with a new model as I have seen many requests be turned down, usually they will want to just inspect your laptop for any issues and see if they can fix it.

I was able to get one of my headphones from JBHIFI replaced instead of repaired. I had to go into the shop and show the problem.

I don’t expect Asus customer support would be so lenient with the encounters that have been written up online.


Any laptop from Asus under $1000 is usually very poor in build quality because that is their main compromise to get their insane performance.

If you end up buying a low-end Asus laptop, make sure you are covered with a proper warranty and send in your laptop for any problems before the warranty is over.

If your warranty runs out and your battery has deteriorated it’s lifespan, then you will most likely not get a replacement.

I even read an account that Asus customer support claimed that the battery is not included in extended warranty.

A lot of accounts I have read were about how people’s warranty would expire before they could get it in for repair. This is because it takes a long time to get your laptop in for repair and returned sucessfully.


It’s very hard to get an estimate for work from some Asus customer support teams even if you describe the problem with a lot of detail.

Regardless of what you do they often want an engineer to look at it before a quote which they will charge you for. They will also charge you for postage and return postage.

I suggest going with higher end Asus laptops because then you will have a lesser chance of having to deal with customer support. If you get a good Asus laptop it can last you a very long time with no issues at all.

Cost of repair is also very expensive, some people even claimed that they had to pay 80% of the laptop’s value to get it repaired.

There was this one account that someone sent in a laptop that had a broken wifi card only to receive the laptop back completely dead.

After returning it back for repair again, they were requested payment for a dead motherboard which was caused by the repairshop.

It took another two times of sending it back to the repair shop before it came back with no problems. This took many months and the warranty expired during that time.

Some people have had their laptops repaired but eventually all the problems come back again.

Asus compared to other brands

Asus has some of the lowest failure rates in the industry depending on the study you look at. They have great build quality but in terms of how well the composition of components are will depend on the model.

Is Asus better than lenovo?

Lenovo laptops are a great alternative to Asus because they also have great components for an affordable price. Lenovo laptops are also known for their great build quality.

Although that being said, some Lenovo laptops are known for bad hinges that fall apart. I don’t think this is a widespread issue though.

If you want MacBook-like dependability then the ThinkPad line is for you. Asus is great as long as you avoid the EeePC line.

Is Asus better than razer?

Asus laptops have much better batteries than Razer. There are significantly high battery bloat cases with Razer and the failure rate is probably around 5% compared to Asus which would be around 0.005%

Is asus better than HP?

Asus has more affordable laptops with better components than HP, however, HP generally has great build quality and customer support. The Asus Zephyrus and Vivobook are great options and the HP Omen is also a great affordable option.

Is acer or asus better?

Asus laptops have more bang for your buck compared to Acer. The Zephyrus and Vivobook line have great build quality, faster performance at a more affordable price than Acer laptops.

Is Asus better than dell?

Dell has significantly higher market share than Asus and sell more laptops. However, Asus is a much better choice for gaming as they offer cheaper laptops with faster components than dell. Dell does have better customer support and return policy than Asus.

Asus Laptop Series

Gaming Series

The Asus gaming series is one of the most popular laptops in the industry. You can choose from the TUF or ROG lines and each has its benefits.

The TUF series are known for their affordable price and decent components but lacklaster build quality.

The ROG series is known for their great build quality, powerful gaming components and cheaper pricepoint than other premium laptops like Alienware laptops or MacBooks.

ZenBook Series

There are three different tiers to the ZenBook series: Low tier, mid tier and high tier. Each has different levels of build quality and hardware.

Each year there are around 10-15 ZenBooks in total. Currently the ZenBooks are the best value ultrabooks and are great for work related purposes.

These laptops are super well built, thin and light. You can also run some good games on there if you would like. You can also expect great battery life from the ZenBooks, most likely hovering around 7 hours depending on the model.

StudioBook Series

StudioBooks are great for people who use demanding software such as blender. These laptops come with high end RTX cards and powerful CPUs which are great for intensive photo and video editing.

The StudioBook is a great choice for any digital creative endeavor.

VivoBook Series

The Vivobook is a great affordable mid tier laptop option which you can still experience great performance. These laptops focus less on aesthetics and more on performance, so don’t expect them to look very sleek.

The Vivobook is an entry level laptop that can have intregrated graphics and IPS displays.

ChromeBook Series

Chromebooks are great if you want to get a laptop under $400. These are often the cheapest laptops you can get thanks to the lightweight OS from Google. Don’t expect to play any games on these laptops, but you can use them for regular everyday use.

These laptops are great if you want a temporary laptop or do not require much performance to do your daily tasks. Chromebooks are great for travel as they are cheap enough to give you peace of mind.

ExpertBook Series

The ExpertBook is perfect for the workplace. These laptops come with large storage space and high amounts of ram.

The GPUs in this laptop are great for browsing but not so much for gaming. Expect a sleek and sturdy build quality that is durable for the workplace. ExpertBooks also have great battery life.

Which asus Laptops are best?

ROG Zephyrus G15

The ROG Zephyrus is one of the most popular laptops from Asus due to it’s incredible gaming capability and suprisingly low price. It offers top level build quality and design with it’s sleek chassis.

The G15 comes with a powerful Nvidia RTX 3000 card which will give you enough performance run the top games for many upcoming years. This model is built specifically to tackle the most CPU and GPU demanding games on the market.

The battery life on this machine is very good and so is the display being a 165hz 1440p 15.6inch panel. You can get this laptop fitted with up to 32GB ram and 1TB storage to make it the ultimate laptop ready for many years to come.

ROG Zephyrus M15

The ROG Zephyrus M15 is the little brother of the G15. It’s still a powerful laptop but it comes in at a lower price which makes it a mid-level system for anyone on a budget.

The build quality on this device is very good, it’s thin and lightweight while also packign a punch.

This laptop is great if you don’t have a big budget but would still like to play some of the better contemporary games. This system has excellent battery life and an option for 144hz which is crucial for gaming.

You can get this laptop fitted with an RTX 2070 super, 16 GB of ram, and a 1TB SSD for storage.

Asus Chromebook Flip

The Asus Chromebook Flip is the perfect option for any chromebook fan. The OS is lightweight and the specs are great. This device is perfect for someone looking for economic pricing and a laptop that they can do work on.

Although the system is not built for gaming, it still comes with excellent build quality and a compact design which makes it the perfect laptop for travel.

The Chromebook flip has amazing portability and a touchscreen display. Not to mention the tablet mode.

Asus ZenBook 13

The Asus ZenBook 13 comes with AMD Radeon graphics and a AMD Ryzen 7 CPU for it’s incredible processing power.

The highlight of this model has to be the interchangable LED numpad display on the trackpad. This is one of the most unique features on any laptop is very helpful for productivity.

Although lacking in the graphics department, this laptop is more than capable for everyday work, browsing and entertainment. It comes with a 1080p display and can be kitted with a 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM.

VivoBook S15

Fitted with an intel i7 or i9 and Intel UHD 620 graphics, the VivoBook S15 is a great all in one laptop when it comes to work or entertainment. It only weighs 1.8kg which is similar to premium MacBooks. It’s small, lightweight and can handle light gaming.

The S15 is a great laptop if you don’t want to pay premium. The battery life and screenpad are the only downsides to this model. It has a vivid screen and a wide 15.6inch display that comes with IPS level wide view technology.

Ram options are 8GB, 12GB or 16GB of 2400Mhz DDR4 ram and this is one of the more affordable laptops on the market.

Are asus computers any good?

Asus desktop computers are affordable and well designed prebuilt PCs. The ROG and ROG Strix series are great for gaming and the ExpertCenter series is more for the workplace.

With any desktop PC brand, you can save a significant amount of money if you were to build it yourself.

Asus Desktop Computer Series

Gaming Series

The Asus ROG and ROG Strix are great gaming PCs that look great and are prebuilt for a decent price.

These desktops have great reviews and few problems. If you are looking to play the best modern games on steam, then Asus desktop computers in the $2000-$3000 price range are perfect for that.

All in One Series

The Asus all-in-one series is a space saver because the computer is integrated into the monitor. These systems can be quite expensive but are orientated more towards a family computer or home computer because of their lack of portability.

The all in one series are also great entertainment options because of the focus on the display.

Mini Series

The Asus Mini-series offers great microsystems that are like portable desktops. Most people opt for the other Asus series as this one does not have much of a use case.

ExpertCenter Series

The ExpertCenter series is Asus’ workstation. These systems are not built for gaming, instead the focus of their components is more geared towards large storage, good processing power and lackluster graphics.


A chromebox is a desktop version of the Chromebook laptop from Asus. These are desktops that run on the Google OS and are the size of a gaming console. Chromeboxes are very lightweight and have intel core processors.

Which asus computers are best?

Asus computers come in different levels:

  • All in one PCs
  • Tower PCs
  • Gaming Tower PCs
  • Mini PCs
  • Workstations

The Asus ROG Strix desktop PC is a great option. It has over 1100 reviews and averages a 4.2 star rating.

It comes in a variety of models each with varying levels of components and price. Some models have Ryzen 7 5800X CPUs coupled with an RTX 3060.

Other models opt for an intel i5 processor and RTX 3060 combo.

These desktops frequently go on sale and you can save as much as $750. Before purchasing I would recommend looking at the reviews of certain builds because each of them are different.

Some Asus computers also come in bundles that include a keyboard and mouse. Asus provides pretty good peripherals so this can be a good option too.

Where to get asus laptops and computers

Asus laptops and computers can be found in most electronic retailers worldwide. In the US you can purchase Asus laptops from BestBuy, Amazon, and Walmart to name a few. You will most likely be able to find these laptops at your local shopping center.


Asus is one of the most popular laptop brands in the world and the most popular gaming laptop brand. They offer affordable laptops with a premium range and a budget range.

Depending on the model, Asus generally has great build quality, durability and longevity in their laptops. The main downside of Asus is their poor customer support and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ASUS a good computer to buy?

Asus is one of the best computer brands in the world and the most popular gaming laptop brand. Asus computers are great for people that are on a budget or are after performance.

Which is better HP or ASUS?

HP has better customer support and software than Asus. However, Asus provides better-performing laptops at a more affordable price. Both brands have models with superb build quality.

Is ASUS a trustworthy brand?

Yes, Asus is a very trustworthy brand, they are the sixth most selling PC vendor in the world in 2022 according to rescuecom.

Which is better ASUS or Lenovo?

Lenovo provides better build quality, customer support, and return policy than Asus for a slightly higher price. Asus provides better hardware and performance than Lenovo at a more affordable price.

Which is better Acer or ASUS?

Asus manufactures laptops that have better components than Acer for an affordable price. Acer is not as popular of a computer brand as Asus.

What are Asus computers known for?

Asus computers are known for their affordable price and high-powered components. Some models of Asus like the ROG Zephyrus line are known for great build quality and performance and other series like the TUF series are known for their cheap price and poor build quality.

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