3 Best HP Pavilion x360 Compatible Pen

The are a few HP pavilion x360 compatible pen options, so which one is best?

In this article, I will explain the top 3 best pens that you can use with your HP Pavilion x360.

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1. Digiroot Universal Stylus

This stylus is very cheap and high quality. It has over 12,000 positive ratings on amazon and averages a 4.5 star rating.

It comes in 3 colors, black, blue and rose gold.

It only weighs 0.64 grams and is made from rubber. It’s a 2 in 1 stylus and perfect for your HP Pavilion X360.

Customers can get a full refund within 30 days with this product or get a new product for free within 1 year due to product quality problems.

The other styluses don’t have directions. But this one comes with one and a screen cleaner. It has really nice packaging and the color is vibrant.

2. Active Pen For HP Pavilion X360

This is another great option, it’s more pricey but it still has great reviews. It comes in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Grey and SIlver.

It is compatible with these laptops:

HP ENVY Laptop 17-aexxx , ENVY x2 12-e0xx , ENVY x2 12-g0xx , HP ENVY x360 13z-ag0xxx , ENVY x360 15-ar0xx ,ENVY x360 15-bp0xx , ENVY x360 15-bq0xx , ENVY x360 15-cn0xx , ENVY x360 15-cp0xx , HP ENVY x360 15-dr0xxx , HP ENVY x360 15-ds0xxx , Pavilion x360 11-ap0xx, Pavilion x360 11m-ad0xx, 11-ad0xx, Pavilion x360 14-dh0xx , Pavilion x360 14m-ba0xx, 14-ba0xx , Pavilion x360 14m-cd0xx , Pavilion x360 15-br0xx , Pavilion x360 15-cr0xx,Pavilion x360 15-dp0xx.

The pen has over 3.5k positive ratings on amazon with a 4.5star average rating. Make sure you check that it is compatible with your HP Pavilion x360 model.

3. SkyMirror Magnetic Digital Pen

This SkyMirror Magnetic Digital Pen is a great option for your HP Pavilion X360. The pen has over 3.5k positive ratings on amazon with a 4.5star average rating. It’s very easy to use.

There is no pairing required and you can just Skip the Bluetooth pairing process.

Just install the battery to start using. It supports erasing and right-clicking functions for your convenience.

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