How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS3? 2 Ways

Want to know how to use your laptop as a monitor for ps3?

Well in this guide I will show you 2 easy ways that you can do that and by the end of this article you will know how to do this easily.

To use a laptop as a monitor for a PS3 simply:

Plug in an HDMI cable into your PS3 HDMI port, then plug the HDMI cable into the Video Capture card input port. Then connect a USB to USB cable into the video capture USB port, then connect USB cable to laptop. Then Plug in your PS3’s power cable and turn on both devices. Open OBS, create a new scene and add the video capture device as a new source.

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How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS3 With HDMI

Firstly you want to check if you have a HDMI input port on your laptop. It should be labelled HDMI-in and you can find this on your laptops manual.

If your laptop has a HDMI in port then you can just use a dual header HDMI cable to directly connect your laptop to your PS3.

If it does not have a HDMI in port then you will have to buy a video capture card to use as an adapter and connect the video capture card via usb to your laptop.

A laptop is a great way to use an external monitor with a PS3 especially if you are trying to save money. Once you connect both devices and start them up you won’t be able to use your laptop until you disconnect the cord or turn off the PS3.

You will need to use a HDMI cord that has a HDMI header on both ends, this way you can plug the cord into both ports. One on your PS3 and one on your video card.

If you can’t do this then you can also use a HDMI to DVI cable. HDMI is better though because it has a higher frame rate and less latency. If you use something like a VGA cord it will be less quality and refresh rate.

If you need sound when connecting your PS3 to your laptop, configure the sound on OBS by selecting USB vide capture and doing it there.

After connecting via HDMI, adjust the resolution settings in OBS on your PS3 to match your laptop.

PS3 Fails To Recognize Output

If your PS3 fails to recognize video output then you should power on your laptop before your PS3. Hold down the power button for 5 seconds and then turn on your PS3.

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS3 Without HDMI

You can also use a TV tuner card or DVI converter. You will have to use a video card or adapter that supports a HDMI connection. Your laptop may have a DVI or VGA port instead of HDMI. Some laptops like MacBooks might have none of those.

You will need to find another cord which you can plug into your PS3 and into your video capture card. Then configure OBS accordingly.


Connecting your laptop to your PS3 can be quite tricky and you will need a few things. You need to get a video card adapter, a USB to USB cable and a HDMI to HDMI cable. Then you need to connect all the equipment, power on your PS3 then power on your laptop and configure a new scene in OBS.

Using a laptop as an external monitor for PS3 can be a good option if you don’t have a TV or want to do file sharing off your PS3 onto your laptop.

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