How To Turn On MSI Laptop

Wondering how to turn on MSI laptops? In this article I teach you how to turn on your MSI laptop and what to do if it won’t turn on no matter what you do.

So let’s dive in.

how to turn on MSI laptops

Step 1: Plug in the power cable. Plug in your power cable to the laptop and into a power outlet. Make sure your laptop has charge before pressing the power button.

Step 2: locate the power button. Open the lid and look for a power button. The location of the MSI laptop’s power button depends on the model and series that you use. Sometimes it can be located above the keyboard or around the sides of the screen or even the back.

You can check your laptop’s manual for the location of the power button.

Step 3: press the power button once. After you have located the power button, press the button once and let the machine start up. If this does not work then there is something wrong with the power button.

I have some solutions for a faulty power button below.

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MSI laptop wont turn on

The simplest way to fix your MSI laptop not turning on is to take out the battery and hold down the power button for 1 minute to release all the static, then put the battery and charger back in and turn it on.

To access the internal battery, you can unscrew and carefully pry open the palm rest. Once the palm rest comes off you can use a plastic tool to detach the ribbing cables and then take out the battery.

Sometimes laptops don’t turn on even if they have a fully charged battery. This could be because your power button broke or something is wrong with the BIOS configuration.

You can try turning on your computer by connecting the charger and removing the battery after removing the static.

If all of these do not work then you can try the below solutions or send in your laptop for repair.

Here are some ways that you can turn on your MSI laptop without using the power button.

Reset the CMOS Battery on your Motherboard

The CMOS battery is a small coin sized disk on your laptop motherboard. You can access it by carefully unscrewing and prying open your laptop palmrest. If you are under warranty then do not do this because it will void your laptop warranty if you open it.

Once you locate the CMOS battery you can unplug your laptop and use a small plastic tool to pry off the CMOS battery out of it’s socket. Wait atleast 1 minute before placing the CMOS battery back on the motherboard and plugging in your laptop.

Then after this is complete you can try to start your laptop again.

Here are the steps to reset your CMOS battery:

  • Unplug your laptop from the A/C adapter and the wall.
  • Unplug any peripherals connected to your laptop including chargers and USBs
  • Unscrew the base of the laptop and pry it open with a screwdriver to reveal the inside motherboard and components.
  • Disconnect the battery from the inside of the laptop or eject it if it is removable.
  • Locate the CMOS battery which is a small disc coin shaped silver battery located on the motherboard.
  • Remove the CMOS battery and then hold down the power button for a good 60 seconds then release.
  • Reconnect the CMOS battery, laptop battery and your A/C adapter/charger.
  • Turn on the laptop.

Check For Any Status Lights

Firstly you need to check for status lights before proceeding with the other methods. To do this simply plug in your A/C adapter and look for a power status light which is located somewhere on the adapter or the laptop.

If you see a status light then the power outlet is not the problem.

To see if your laptop is being supplied with power you can look for a light on the tip of the charger cable. This light might be in a different location depending on the model of laptop charger you have.

To see if your battery is being charged, look for a light that is active on the body of the charger.

If only the light on the tip of the power cable is active then it means that the laptop is not being provided power from the power adapter. However, if both lights are active and your laptop is not turning on, then it could be a problem with the battery.

Remove the battery and plug in the A/C adapter and test if it will turn on. If it does turn on then the battery is dead and must be replaced. Batteries generally only last 4 years before they need to be replaced and can have issues before then.

Check Display

Sometimes the display could be off but the computer could be running. Look for any system lights or listen for any fans starting up to diagnose if this is the issue.

This means that either your graphics card, hard drive or display is faulty.

You might need to send it in for repair if this is the case.

A/C Adapter Method

Another method is to unplug the A/C adapter and remove the battery. Then hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Once this is complete you can plug in the A/C adapter again and press the power button. Then reinstall the battery.

Battery Only

You can try to start up your MSI laptop without using the A/C adapter and solely relying on the laptop’s battery. Make sure you have some charge in your laptop first before doing this.

Reset Button

Similar to the Novo button, there is a small 1mm hole on the back of your MSI laptop which is a reset button.

Use a paperclip to press this button and reset the CMOS. This is the emergency reset hole and cuts power to the system.

After pressing this button, try to start your laptop again.

Faulty Power Port or A/C Adapter

Maybe you have a faulty power port or A/C adapter. Change the power outlet that you are using and try to power on your computer. Then try a different A/C adapter and power on your computer.

Sometimes a power port can become damaged if there has been too much power being pulled from a single source.

Replace Battery

Laptop batteries have a lifespan of roughly 4 years. Every year they deteriorate and get worse. if your laptop is not starting up then this could be the issue. You will need a replacement if this is the case.

Check the battery by:

  • Plugging in the laptop and looking for any status lights for power indication
  • If there are no lights then the battery is dead
  • If there are power indicator lights but the laptop won’t turn on then try holding down the power button for a few seconds
  • If the laptop is still not turning on then your battery is most likely dead.
  • Remove the battery, plug in the adapter and try turning it on. If it turns on then you need to replace the battery.

Power Button Flashing

If your laptop power button is flashing this means that it is in sleep mode. If the laptop is stuck in sleep mode then you can hard reset it by holding down the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off.

Inspect RAM

If the RAM is not properly seated in your motherboard then this can cause your laptop to not turn on. Carefully unscrew and open up your case to access the RAM. Look for one or two ram sticks that are inserted into the motherboard and reseat them.

You can unlatch them and take them out then reinsert them and try turning on the computer that way. If the RAM slot itself is damaged then the entire motherboard will need to be replaced and you should send it in for repair.

Remove Excess Dust Build Up

If there is an excess dust build up inside your laptop then it won’t turn on. You can use compressed air to blow out all the trapped dust through the vents or open up the case and blow it out that way.

Dust traps heat and heat causes problems with your laptop components. Especially on an MSI laptop which is most likely a gaming laptop, you will need to have cool temperatures most of the time when running video games.

You can also use a hairdryer set to cold mode and only blowing cold air to blow out the dust trapped inside the laptop.

Use a Cooling Pad

There are cooling pads that you can get to keep the base of your laptop cool and reduce the temperature. This will prevent overheating and maybe allow your laptop to start up again. I suggest trying all the other methods first and using a cooling pad as an extra feature but not a fix.

Cooling pads are great for laptops like MSI ones that are overclocked because overclocking will make the components hotter than what the laptop is made for. It also allows the heat to dissipate evenly throughout your laptop which makes it perform better.

Cooling pads will prolong the life of your laptop simply by keeping temps low and making sure components do not get heat damaged.

BIOS Recovery

BIOS recovery on your MSI laptop can help you fix any internal software issues and reset the system back to it’s original state before it had the problem of not turning on.

You can do this via the use of an MSI boot menu key to access the BIOS recovery screen. You can do a full factory reset of your system as well to get an even better effect if your laptop still won’t turn on time to time.

A BIOS recovery can be done by the following:

  • Restarting or booting up the laptop and spamming the F11 key when you see the MSI logo on screen to get to the BIOS recovery mode.
  • Selecting the startup tab and the boot from file option
  • Select the USB drive which has the BIOS recovery file on it and press Enter.
  • Begin the BIOS recovery process and wait for it to complete

Factory Reset

Factory resetting your MSI laptop can be a great way to fix the startup problem. I have written an article here on how to factory reset an MSI laptop.

Factory resetting your MSI laptop will remove all files on the storage drives, any device drivers you have installed and revert the system settings back to the settings that existed when you first got your laptop.

Sometimes factory resetting your MSI laptop can even remove all of the bloatware and extra files that come with the operating system upon purchasing.

This can be done by doing a factory reset in an alternative way which includes partitioning the hard drives.

Factory resetting a laptop is usually a good option when the laptop is running slow due to overuse or too many files. It will give you a clean slate to start on and can improve your FPS in video games.

Another benefit to factory resetting your MSI laptop is that it can fix any driver issues or bugs that you may encounter.

Here are 10 simple steps that you can take to factory reset your MSI laptop.

  1. Plug your MSI laptop into a power source.
  2. Restart or turn on your MSI laptop.
  3. Press the F3 key when the MSI logo appears on screen.
  4. Now you are in the system restore interface. Choose the “Troubleshoot” option and press enter.
  5. Select “Restore MSI factory settings.”
  6. Next, click on “System Partition Recovery.” and follow the prompt.
  7. To begin formatting and resetting your MSI laptop, press “Yes.”
  8. Keep your MSI laptop plugged into a power source as this process could take some time. Do not turn off or close your laptop while in this process.
  9. Once the process is complete, simply press OK.
  10. Press “continue” to exit the troubleshooter and restart the PC with factory settings.

A factory reset will completely wipe all of your hard drives and solid state drives on your MSI laptop. This means that any data that you have not backed up externally will be lost.

The easiest ways to backup your data before a factory reset are:

  • Using cloud software like google drive to store your files.
  • Using an external hard drive. (this will take some time to transfer files over)

Google offers 15GB of free storage space and dropbox offers 2GB of free storage space in the cloud. Now 15GB is not that much, so you might want to consider getting an external hard drive which price around $50 and can store up to 1000GB of data.

Cloud storage is a lot more reliable at storing your data compared to a physical drive because a physical drive can have ports that break and the files would be unretrievable.

Reasons Why Your MSI Laptop Won’t Turn On

Your MSI laptop could be not turning on for a variety of reasons which range from hardware to software issues. You could have a bad power source, a damaged port or a dead battery.

If your laptop is over 5 years old, you might want to send it in for repair or get a battery replacement as laptop batteries generally last around 4 years.

Check your wall socket to see if it is actually powering your laptop. Sometimes you might be using a laptop on a dead wall socket and it won’t be receiving any power. To check this simply plug in a different device like a phone charger and see if it powers your phone.

You may have a damaged charger. If your charger is damaged and or very old then this might be the cause of your problem. You can try using a different laptop charger to see if the charger is the root of the issue.

Perhaps your laptop has a lot of dust built up inside the system. If there is a lot of dust inside your system it can cause hardware issues and overheating. When a laptop overheats it will shut down automatically so this could be a sign of too much dust.

You can use cans of compressed air to remove the dust from the vents and I have an article on how to clean the dust out of your laptop here.

Symptoms of MSI Laptop Not Turning On.

Your MSI laptop which is not turning on might have some symptoms such as

  • Black screen but fans are running
  • Black screen with no power indication lights
  • Black screen with power indication lights only on the A/C adapter
  • Random shut downs and freezes
  • Laptop won’t turn on unless the charger is plugged in.
  • Power button blinking but the screen is black.

If your MSI laptop has a bad power source this can be why you are having these symptoms. Examine the power source and see if your laptop is getting enough power from the wall in the first place.

It could simply be because your laptop is not getting enough charge to even start up. The charging port can be damaged, the wall socket could be damaged or even components on the motherboard could be damaged.


MSI laptops are great gaming computers but sometimes can run into problems when starting up the system. If your MSI laptop will not turn on, then there are several checks and troubleshooting methods you can do to fix the issue.

This issue is quite common and has a relatively large amount of fixes which you can perform to solve the issue. These include: resetting the CMOS battery, cleaning the dust out, reattaching the power button cable, doing a BIOS recover and inspecting RAM slots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I do if my MSI won’t turn on?

If your MSI laptop won’t turn on then you can:

  • Reset the CMOS battery
  • Unplug the battery and try turning on the laptop with just the A/C adapter
  • Remove any dust build up inside the case
  • Do a factory reset
  • Do a BIOS reset
  • Replace the battery
  • Release all the static build up

How do I wake up my MSI laptop?

You can wakeup your MSI laptop by:

  • Pressing a key on the keyboard
  • Moving the mouse on the trackpad
  • Pressing the sleep shortcut on the keyboard
  • Press the power button once

How do I turn on MSI with keyboard?

You can turn on your MSI laptop with the keyboard by pressing CTRL and ESC at the same time.

Where is MSI power button?

The MSI laptop power button can be located above the keyboard, on the side of the palmrest or even on the top of the laptop monitor.

Why is my laptop screen not turning on?

Your laptop screen might not be turning on because:

  • A graphics card issue
  • The battery is dead
  • There is no charge in the lapotp.
  • Corrupt system files
  • Excess dust build up inside the system.
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