How to Turn On Camera On Laptop (EASY WAY)

Are you trying to turn on your laptop camera for the first time?

Whether you have a new laptop or an old one, here is how you can easily turn on your laptop camera.

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How to Turn on Camera on Laptop

To turn on your camera, go to the start menu > Settings > Privacy > Turn on “Let apps use my camera.”

Now the camera is enabled, search camera in the start menu and you can use it.

To use your camera with a program such as Zoom, simply go to the Zoom settings and make sure your camera is selected from the device drop down menu.

Camera Not Working

One quick solution to your camera not working is to see if there is a black camera cover on the camera lens which is blocking the view.

Not all laptops come with cameras so make sure to check and see if you can find a lens or check online for your computer specifications.

If no program pops up, then you can follow this method:

  • Click Start
  • Click all programs
  • Open Cyberlink folder
  • Click Cyberlink Youcam

After your camera is enabled you can then adjust your positioning to get your face in frame. Do this by adjusting the laptop’s hinge angle and position. You can also try zooming in or out in the camera settings.

You want your face to be center frame and not too close or too far away so that the camera can focus on your face clearly.

You can also adjust the picture quality, brightness, sharpness, contrast and color in the camera settings.

Some laptops also have a shortcut for the camera and you can activate this by holding down “FN” and pressing a key that has the camera icon on it or the “V” key.

How To Tell If The Camera Is On?

Usually the camera will have a small blinking red or green light next to it indicating that it’s on and recording. You can also check if it’s enabled by looking in the devices menu of your BIOS.

You can also download a program like Skype then go to the camera settings and select your device from the list. If your device is not on the list then it is not connected or setup properly.

Check & Install Camera Drivers

If you are still having no luck, then you will most likely have to reinstall the proper camera drivers on your laptop.

Follow this method to do so:

  • Open Start menu and search device manager
  • Expand the selection by clicking on the arrow next to imaging devices.
  • Click on the Sony Visual Communications Camera. It can be listed under another name.
  • Uninstall the driver and press OK.
  • Open the action menu bar again and then select Scan for hardware changes.
  • Press close and restart the laptop.

Alternatively you can uninstall and reinstall your camera drivers to fix any corruption issues by doing the following:

  • Open the start menu and search for device manager then select it.
  • In the device manager window look for your camera device.
  • Right click on the device and press update driver software.
  • Select this location to browse from: C:\Windows\System32\drivers, otherwise you can let it search online for a driver.
  • Press include the subfolders and then press next, close and restart your laptop once complete.

If your camera is still not working then you should contact your manufacter’s IT support team to resolve the issue for you.


Turning on your laptop camera can be tricky. Depending on what you need to use it for, you can simply configure your camera in the settings of the software you are using.

Most software will automatically register your camera. However, there are rare cases when your camera drivers are not working or have not been installed which I have covered the solution to in this article.

Hopefully now you know how to turn on your camera on a laptop.

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