How To Screenshot on ASUS Laptop

Wondering how to screenshot on ASUS Laptops? I will teach you many different ways to screenshot on your ASUS Laptop in this article.

The trick is to time the keypresses correctly with the right key combination. There are various ways you can take a screenshot and I will show you the best and easiest methods.

So let’s jump right in.

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How To Screenshot On Screenshot on ASUS Laptop

Method 1: To take a screenshot on your ASUS Laptop, do the following:

  • Hold down the Alt key
  • Then hold down the FN key without letting go of the alt key
  • Then press the screenshot key on the top right of your keyboard whilst holding down these two keys.
  • The screenshot key should say “Printscreen” or have a screenshot symbol on it.

Method 2: To take a screenshot on your Asus, do the following:

  • Hold down the FN key
  • Hold down the Windows button without letting go of the FN key
  • Then press the PrtScr key at the top right of your keyboard without letting go of these two buttons.

Method 3: To take a screenshot on your Asus laptop, do the following:

  • Hold down the Windows key
  • Then press the PrtScr key at the top right of your keyboard without letting go of these two buttons.

Your screen should dim for a second which confirms that you have taken a screenshot. Now it is either saved to your clipboard or is saved to a screenshots folder.

How to Screenshot an Active Window

To take a screenshot of only the current window that you have open on your ASUS Laptop, simply open that window and the npress down Alt + PrintScreen keys together. The image is now copied onto your clipboard and you can paste it in a document or save it by pasting it into microsoft paint software.

How to Take a Custom Screenshot on ASUS

To take a custom screenshot on a ASUS , you must be on Windows 10. You can do this by pressing the windows logo + shift + s at the same time. This will open a snip and sketch app. Then you can crop the screenshot by dragging your mouse.

To find your screenshots it will be in the pictures folder on your computer.

There are various other screenshot programs which can be used to take custom screenshots. These programs are Lightshot, GoFullPage, FireShot, Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder, HTML Element Screenshot and can be found on the google chrome store.

These screenshot programs are browser extensions and can be very helpful when taking screenshots in your browser. These extensions or plugins are usually free and do not cost anything to use.

There are also plugins like this which can be found on other web browsers like brave, opera, firefox, edge browser, UC browser etc.

Plugins are great because they let you customize how you want to screenshot to a higher degree. Some plugins will let you choose the quality, the file size, file type, the format, highlighting, cropping, annotations, blurring and much more.

How to Screenshot on ASUS with Snipping Tool

You can use the in built snipping tool program and then use this to take a screenshot on your ASUS. Other programs like Gyazo exist which will open a new tab on your web browser with the snippet you just took. This is a good way to share screenshots because you just share the URL.

You can find the snipping tool by searching for snipping tool in your windows search bar. Alternatively it can be found under the S folder in your programs list in your windows menu.

I prefer using a snipping tool called gyazo which is a third party software that you have to download. What’s great about gyazo is that you can take a screenshot with relatively no delay and then you will get a link to that screenshot.

It will open up a link your web browser automatically and allow you to share the link to someone or right click and save the image. If you didn’t like the image then it can be used as a preview of what you just took and you can redo it.

Gyazo also stores all of your screenshots in your account which you can access with gyazo premium.

You can open the snipping tool by pressing start and searching for the snipping tool. Then simply drag the frame of which you want to capture on your screen.

There is a delayed response when using the snipping tool as it will delay 1-5 seconds before taking the screenshot of your computer, so make sure if you are taking a screenshot of a youtube video that you pause the video.


Screenshotting on your ASUS laptop is very easy as there are more than 7 different ways you can screenshot on this laptop. There are many key combinations and third party programs that you can use to screenshot on this laptop.

Make sure to time the key presses at the right time otherwise the key combinations will not work. To get a screenshot you have to press down keys simultaneously without letting go of one of them.

There usually isn’t a one button screenshot method on the ASUS laptop, but you can download third party software which might have a shortcut key that you can setup to screenshot in one press.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I screenshot on my ASUS laptop without Print Screen button?

You can use third party software like snipping tool or gyazo to screenshot on an ASUS without a print screen button. You can also use the FN + Windows key + Spacebar combination.

Where do screenshots go on ASUS Laptop?

Screenshots will either be copied to your clipboard or saved in the PC > Pictures > Screenshots folder.

How do you take screenshot in ASUS laptop?

Here are various ways you can screenshot on a Asus laptop.

  • Press ALT + FN + PrtScrn key
  • Press FN + PrtScrn key
  • Press Windows key + PrtScrn key
  • Press Windows key + W key
  • Press shift key + windows key + S key
  • Use the snipping tool
  • Use Gyazo as a third party screenshot software.
  • Just press the PrtScrn button and then paste your screenshot into the microsoft paint program.

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