How To Factory Reset MSI Laptop in 10 Steps

Eventually all laptops will run into problems, so if you are wondering how to factory reset an MSI laptop then you have come to the right place.

You can easily reset your MSI laptop to factory settings with 10 simple steps that I will outline below. Make sure to backup your data via an external storage device or cloud storage before factory resetting.

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how to factory reset mSI laptop Step By Step

Here are 10 simple steps that you can take to factory reset your MSI laptop.

  1. Plug your MSI laptop into a power source.
  2. Restart or turn on your MSI laptop.
  3. Press the F3 key when the MSI logo appears on screen.
  4. Now you are in the system restore interface. Choose the “Troubleshoot” option and press enter.
  5. Select “Restore MSI factory settings.”
  6. Next, click on “System Partition Recovery.” and follow the prompt.
  7. To begin formatting and resetting your MSI laptop, press “Yes.”
  8. Keep your MSI laptop plugged into a power source as this process could take some time. Do not turn off or close your laptop while in this process.
  9. Once the process is complete, simply press OK.
  10. Press “continue” to exit the troubleshooter and restart the PC with factory settings.

Backup Your Data Before You Reset

A factory reset will completely wipe all of your hard drives and solid state drives on your MSI laptop. This means that any data that you have not backed up externally will be lost.

The easiest ways to backup your data before a factory reset are:

  • Using cloud software like google drive to store your files.
  • Using an external hard drive. (this will take some time to transfer files over)

Google offers 15GB of free storage space and dropbox offers 2GB of free storage space in the cloud. Now 15GB is not that much, so you might want to consider getting an external hard drive which price around $50 and can store up to 1000GB of data.

Cloud storage is a lot more reliable at storing your data compared to a physical drive because a physical drive can have ports that break and the files would be unretrievable.

What does a factory reset do to my MSI laptop?

Factory resetting your MSI laptop will remove all files on the storage drives, any device drivers you have installed and revert the system settings back to the settings that existed when you first got your laptop.

Sometimes factory resetting your MSI laptop can even remove all of the bloatware and extra files that come with the operating system upon purchasing.

This can be done by doing a factory reset in an alternative way which includes partitioning the hard drives.

Factory resetting a laptop is usually a good option when the laptop is running slow due to overuse or too many files. It will give you a clean slate to start on and can improve your FPS in video games.

Another benefit to factory resetting your MSI laptop is that it can fix any driver issues or bugs that you may encounter.

Should I Factory Reset My MSI Laptop?

I think everyone can benefit from factory resetting their MSI laptop.

MSI is known for making great gaming computers with good components. However, they do lack in other areas such as customer support, the operating system, software and build quality.

If you have any software bugs with your MSI laptop, it may be easier for you to try and resolve the problem yourself then to take it up with their customer support.

Also there are times where gaming brands like MSI have had bugs whenever there is a new windows update that conflicts with their current OS and on board software. A factory reset would be a great way to fix an issue like this.

How Long does it take to factory reset an MSI laptop

MSI laptop factory resets usually take around 45minutes or longer depending on the model of laptop.

Older models which are run down and overused could take a long time and may even fail at the factory reset process a few times.

Other factors like the amount of RAM, file sizes, operating system and health status of the hard drives can determine the time it takes to factory reset your laptop.


Factory resetting an MSI laptop is necessary sometimes. The process is very simple and it will allow your laptop to run much more smoothly than it would be otherwise.

MSI laptops can come with a lot of bloatware, so factory resetting it is a surefire way to making sure you can get the most out of your laptop’s performance.

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Grayson is a laptop specialist who writes informational articles and reviews about all kinds of laptops.